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  1. ZhivagosGirl

    How long will I be off of work?

    I'm somewhat better and a little bit better every day. I'm still using pain meds at night for sleeping. I had my first post op check up today - I drove myself. They said everything looked good. The post op pain (pulling/burning) was/is normal for bypass - 1 to 2 more weeks of pain is also normal (according to the doctor). I still have no regrets. I am glad the days I've accomplished are behind me.
  2. ZhivagosGirl

    How long will I be off of work?

    I'm 2 weeks post op from my bypass today - I took a shower yesterday, it took it out of me, I unloaded the dish washer today, it still took it out of me. I still feel weak and tired most of the time. I can't imagine being back at work full time at this point. But like they say everyone is different. Best of luck to you.
  3. ZhivagosGirl

    Considering a bypass advice please

    I had the bypass 10 days ago. I wouldn't say recovery is easy and pain pills just make me sleepy. That being said I still would do it again - and I was self pay. There are no obese elderly people plain and simple.
  4. Got home from the hospital this afternoon - stayed 2 days. Not gonna lie, still feel pretty rough. Surgery apparently went fine, did the bypass and fixed a hernia. The stay in the hospital wasn't great. My IV infiltrated twice so my right arm is blown up like a balloon. I'm up 12 pounds from all the fluid in me. Sporting my stylish compression stockings for the next 2 weeks. Looking forward to getting through Sunday when I can finally have some soup. Still no regrets. Sent from my LM-Q730 using BariatricPal mobile app
  5. ZhivagosGirl

    Pre-op diet weight loss

    I'm on day 9 and feel like I'm hungrier and in worse shape today than I've been the whole first week put together. I'm about to have my last "meal" of the day - thank goodness because I'm HANGRY. One more day down is one less day to go...
  6. ZhivagosGirl

    Pre-op diet weight loss

    Hi, I lost right at 10 lbs my first week too but now this morning - first day of week 2 I've only lost a half a pound so I assume the loss will be slowing down now. @stephanie2393 - my date is 7/7 too! Lara
  7. ZhivagosGirl

    July Surgeries??

    My surgery is July 7th. Had my pre-op visit (blood draws) and Dexa scan today. I was also told to stop taking multi vitamins. I will get a shot in the hospital and then will resume taking them 2 weeks out.
  8. Had my pre-op appt this morning along with the Dexa body scan - also did blood work. Fingers crossed everything is a go for next Wednesday the 7th! I'm the first procedure of the day so I have to check in at 5:30 am. It will all be worth it tho. I'm plugging along on my liver shrinking diet - lost 10 lbs the first week. Haven't been too hungry. All in all everything has been going pretty well. Lara
  9. Hi, I've seen this product mentioned several times in the forums however I can't seem to find it on the CVS website. Are people still able to buy the chewables of this product? This is all I can find (tablet)... https://www.cvs.com/shop/cvs-health-spectravite-adult-50-tablets-value-size-365ct-prodid-1170337 Any direction you can offer would be appreciated. If you aren't taking this product but are taking a chewable - what are you taking? (Please don't say Flintstones) Thanks, Lara
  10. ZhivagosGirl

    June Surgeries

    Got my surgery date this morning. It's 2 weeks from today! June 23rd. Had to hit the liver shrinking diet full force right out of the chute. Thankfully I had some "supplies" on hand and will do a run to the grocery store in the morning. I still can't believe this is happening. Lara
  11. ZhivagosGirl

    Exercise Evaluation

    Well - lots of worry for nothing... It really wasn't an evaluation. It was more of a "how to" exercise class for about 20 mins. Then my second meeting of the morning was the nutrition evaluation which was like an hour of drinking from a fire hose! Again - not really an evaluation, but tons of information as to what to expect starting with the liver shrinking liquid diet through all the phases to maintenance. Thankfully they gave me a book with everything we talked about. Next week is the psych eval and then hopefully I'll get my date for surgery (well, after we write them a big fat check). Hopefully the end of June/beginning of July.
  12. Hello Everyone, I'm a newbie in the pre-surgery, evaluation/checking boxes stage of things. Tomorrow morning I'm having an exercise evaluation and frankly this is stressing me out more than any other test or evaluation. I worry that my knee is gonna buckle going up and down the stairs at my house much less put me through my paces at a gym! Has anyone had one of these evaluations before? What should I expect? They didn't tell me to dress to work out or anything (but I am) but I have no idea what's going to go on. Can I fail this? Obviously I'm not an "exerciser" or my bmi wouldn't be 45! Anyway - just trying to vent some nervous energy. If anyone can offer any insight it would be greatly appreciated. TIA... Lara

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