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  1. MiamiMama

    May Surgeries - check in!

    Im currently 8 lbs off of my goal, my weight seems to fluctuate 1-3 lbs which is frustrating but normal... Just can't focus on that too much. Im excited to get into maintenance mode!
  2. Thanks to this forum I hit ONDERLAND today!!! 173 Days Post Op I had been hovering around 202 and boom today 199.8!! I haven't been under 200 since high school and honestly thought it was impossible. I really don't have anyone to share this success with since only my boyfriend knows I had surgery but wanted to thank everyone here for your help in getting here. This forum has been a huge help to me and am so excited to be only 15lbs from goal!! 7E228463-1FFF-4391-AB20-278FB61EBAE0.heic
  3. MiamiMama

    Food Before and After Photos

    Green Giant I also sometimes get birds eye but green giants firms up better and is thicker Hope this helps!!
  4. MiamiMama

    Food Before and After Photos

    Its delicious Ive completely taken potatoes out of my diet since April and have found them to be great substitute. I buy the premade frozen ones and the key is after heating them up to let them sit for 5-7 mins to thicken.
  5. MiamiMama

    3 Month Update

    3 months post op to the day 11/14/17 Highest Weight 292lb 1/12/21 First Dr Appointment 274lb 5/3/21 Surgery Day 256lb 8/3/21 Todays Weight 212lb My goal is 185/190lbs since Im 5'8" and athletic/broad shouldered build (college athlete) Im optimistic to be under 200 for the first time since I was in high school... maybe middle school. I also feel like I have had a few weeks here and there were I was at a total stand still but still stayed on track. Ive been on 6 trips during this time which I was worried about and still am able to go out to dinner and enjoy food but with a whole new appreciation (granted I can only eat a bite or two but still enjoyable)
  6. I will admit I will have a bite or two (max) of ice cream or a cookie or something sweet. I factor in the calories and keep my intake at what my nutrionist has said was where I should be. Do what you need to do just be careful of the slippery slope it can create Best of luck in your journey!!
  7. My doctor told me I will never be in the proper BMI for my height since Im somewhat athletic and broad shouldered. He literally said to me I would like sunk in and sickly. Im 5'8" and he suggested 180-190 to be my goal consider the amount of muscle I have ( residual from being a collegiate athlete) but my bmi would still be in the obses range and he is okay with that. You need to do what is right for your body!!
  8. Thank you for your kind and supporting words!!! Im glad I made the choice to keep it to myself. I feel like there is so much stigma to having surgery from people who dont understand. When I went to my first in person meeting with my doctor it was like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders when he said you have weight to loss but its okay to need help and thats what we are here for, you never have to do this on your own. When I got home I cried and cried because Ive always been told my weight is my issue....one that I need to deal with and now I have a team helping me. Its life changing and motivating.... although scary too!!! Reading everyone elses story is really helpful and of courser I will tell strangers but its different when we are all on the same path. Thanks!!
  9. Even though this wasn't directed at me- I still apperciate your input!! I told no one (except my boyfriend) and am glad I made that decision- im only 3 days post op but feel like certain friends would judge me and I don't have time for that bs.
  10. MiamiMama

    May Surgeries - check in!

    Hi Surgery twin!!! Thankfully nausea hasn't been an issue for me. My stomach is definitely sore but I've been making sure to take all the medications they suggested. The idea of food is definitely daunting Also no bowel movement since Monday early morning - the nurse called today to check in on me and said its normal but to take some miralax just to be safe. Im a little curious as to how I could have a BM with literally less than 150 calories daily....lol But I know we got this!!!!
  11. MiamiMama

    Hospital Bag

    I just got home from the hospital on Tuesday. I packed an overnight bag with two changes of clothes, toothpaste/toothbrush, deodorant and shampoo/conditioner. I put on pants and underwear after surgery not to feel so exposed. I was super cold after surgery so was glad to bring a sweater. And definitely bring chapstick- my lips were soo dry after Don't forget your phone charger and anything you want to read or keep you occupied. The nurse told me she was surprised how many people don't pack their own toiletries even though they have them what they have is nothing compared to what you usually have.
  12. I can completely relate to this!! I just had surgery on Monday the 3rd (sleeve) and only told my boyfriend since we live together and obviously I need his help. I tried talking to my best friend about it and she came across judgmental saying why not just do it on my own and how I don't need it and basically implying its the easy way out - which it definitely isn't. The moment she started talking I knew right then and there that my "skinny" friends just wouldn't understand. So its my secret and my decision to keep it to myself. Its your journey to share with as many or as little people as you want. I just found this group today and am excited to have others to relate to!! Thanks for sharing your experience.
  13. MiamiMama

    May Surgeries - check in!

    Hi all!! Just found this group and definitely excited to have others be there on the journey with me. I had my surgery on Monday the 3rd and everything went great!! Im on clear liquids until the 10th and than 2 weeks of liquid diet after that.... than pureed diet than mashed diet and than food...lol. Im starting to overthink stuff in my head and worried that my mental health is a little off.... I'm working off of less than 200 calories a day and I think its messing with me. Any tips or words of encouragement are much appreciate!!! Im also super surprised that Im not hungry at all.

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