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  1. I have my consultation on Thursday. I’m excited but nervous! My insurance requires a 6 month program before surgery so that’s a bummer. 

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    2. ChunkyCali


      Like you I was so disappointed to have to wait 6 months for my surgery. Now I'm a week away from surgery though I'm not going to lie - there were times I really resented the 'delay' during the last 6 months. Even though I thought I was ready, knew all I needed to, didn't need to take that time to figure things out or make changes... that time actually was well spent. Time will pass, and soon you'll be a week out and thinking you just need a few more days to get things ready! You got this.

    3. Dhana Jeane

      Dhana Jeane

      My consultation went great The surgeon said I am a perfect candidate for Bypass but not the sleeve due to Acid Reflux. They scheduled every single thing I need to do during this six months. The journey starts now!

    4. Kikikayaker


      You’ll be happy with the bypass and it will correct that acid reflux. I had it... it is a great surgery... I am 6 months post op. Went from 240 to 145 now. Very happy and no reflux! Use the 6 months to learn all you can about your body and diet for afterwards! Congrats on your new life!


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