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  1. This may have been asked before but I dont know how to search topics on here, just the general topics but not specific subjects. Anyway how long is the average people need off of work. I am considering the surgery. No real planning yet, just still debating it. One thing I debate is the time off work. I work for a very small company so I could not take that much time off. I have a desk job, I do walk back and forth through the building quite a bit but that is as strenuous as it gets. Thank you for your replies.
  2. I have debated wls seriously for a couple years now. I have not talked to a doctor about it, though because of my weight I'm sure they would recommend it. I am 5'3 and weigh about 285. I haven't had any problems with my health yet due to obesity. I have been fighting my weight all of my life. I remember being in 2nd grade being on diets. I know what I weighed at every significant day in my life. I was just a few pounds overweight up until I met my husband. After that it was no longer a few pounds overweight I was obese. I gained 140 pounds since we met 15 years ago. I have lost weight several times, my biggest around 50 pounds, but mainly i lose 20 then gain. This has been a trait of mine my whole life even as a teenager. I would weigh 140 lose to 120 then gain it all back. I have read several posts on here the last six months. I go back and forth on surgery. My insurance won't cover it so it will be all out of pocket which will be a big chunk of my savings. Also I hate going to the doctor. And i know a lot of doctor appointments will go into it. Also, and probably my biggest reason is fear of it not working. The reason I am this big is I can't follow a strict diet. I have tried over and over. I know like most of you I've CICO, keto, atkins, and many other diets. I love sweets. And I am a very emotional eater. At least when I'm bored. And I think about food way too much. After reading several posts on here and watching some of the shows on WLS, my biggest question is...if you still have to stick to a diet of low carb and high protein diet or at least follow a strict diet, how do you do it with the surgery, when you couldn't without? Is there a big difference in hunger, even if before you weren't really eating because of hunger but feeling? Thank you for any advice.

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