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  1. Tomorrow is my official week since having gastric bypass and I’m struggling. I’m only down to my ore surgery weight and I don’t understand why. I also have right side pain that makes it hard to do things. I was doing great on just liquids and getting about 40-50 ounces a day and my surgical nurse called and was not happy I was getting that much and told me I might stretch my pouch out. She also told me I needed to add in the yogurts and creamed soups so I get 24-30 ounces of full and then 24-30 ounces of clear. I started adding in more full items and I can barely get any ounces of either now because I feel so full/sick. Is this common? Am I doing something wrong?
  2. mandya84

    May Surgeries - check in!

    Hey all I had my gastric bypass on May 19th and have been home since Thursday afternoon. I have really bad pain on my right side and even struggle getting up by myself. Do you think this is gas pain or should I be worried?
  3. mandya84

    May Surgeries - check in!

    Had my surgery on Wednesday May 19th. I felt really good in the hospital no nausea and just the gas pains-they are real and hurt badly when they come on. I came home Thursday afternoon and last night the nerve block I got before surgery wore off and definitely needed the pain meds-I was hoping not to use them. At the hospital I was good to keep everything down but at home I’m struggling. I will say that everyday when I wake up I have no heartburn and don’t get it through out the day. Before surgery I was maxed out on all heartburn meds and still had horrible heartburn so I am so excited about that. I know with each day it should get better and it’s for a better life for me and my boys so I’m hanging in and being positive
  4. mandya84

    May Surgeries - check in!

    I’m tomorrow as well. I just got the call to be there at 9 am!! Like you my boys are going all out for food and it’s so tempting-especially when the nurse was surprised I’m on a liquid diet and said I could eat anything up until 11. Talk about temptation. I won’t do it though! Good luck tomorrow!!
  5. mandya84


    My surgery is May 19th as well and I just got my covid test. I was told that I didn’t have to quarantine but to follow social distancing guidelines and where a mask where required. I was also told if I had been vaccinated for over 2 weeks I wouldn’t have even had to do a covid test.
  6. mandya84

    May Surgeries - check in!

    I am May 19th as well. I’m not sure what your liquid diet consists of but mine is 5 protein shakes, broth, and sugar free jello. I have to do 3 weeks worth of it and I found if I time things in every 2 hours I’m okay. I also made jello with flavor free protein powder and that helps a lot as well. Hang in there and the sugar free jello is great when I feel like I need to chew something.
  7. With my doctors office they gave me a list of all the shakes I can use. Premier isn’t on my list for pre op as they startled they were realizing their clients weren’t meeting the protein goal while keeping cards and other things lower. I’m using the slim fast high protein pre-made shakes and I really like them.
  8. I also have to do a 3 week liquid diet-5 protein shakes a day and can have limited broth and sugar free jello. I am on day 6 and reading what others had to say helped me. The first day I was fine but day 2-5 I struggled with not feeling well. Today turned a corner for me and while I'm not 100% I feel a lot better then the past few days. For me it was knowing that I want this as a tool to help change my life. If I can't do the liquid diet then I will struggle with the changes later and I wanted to give the surgeon the best liver I could for surgery. Its not easy but I made up my mind and thats what I keep reminding myself. I still want food and its hard as a single mom to get my kids their food while knowing I have a great protein drink waiting. I was also limited to what shakes I could use and so I am using the slim fast high protein shake and I actually really like it.
  9. mandya84

    May Surgeries - check in!

    Same! How are you doing with it? Are you all liquid or are you able to eat some things? I’m all liquid and struggling. Hoping that I get over the hump to where it gets easier.
  10. Im almost 37 and 5'11 and my starting weight is 294. When I was given my goal weight it was 185. Like you I just wanted to be 199! Im surprised our goal weight is so low. I have surgery on the 19th so Im still pre-op but every appointment I go to my goal weight has never changed. They figured it out for ma based on a math equation. Good luck.
  11. mandya84

    Liver shrink Diet

    My surgery is May 19th and I’m on day 4 of a liquid only diet for 3 weeks. I’ve really been struggling yesterday and today. I’m extremely tired and only want to sleep and have a hard time waking up in the mornings. Is this normal? Does it go away? Thanks!
  12. mandya84

    Liver diet pre-op

    That’s really good to know! I woke up today for day 3 feeling horrible. Monster headache, upset stomach, mind fog, and I just want to sleep. I’m hoping this goes away.
  13. mandya84

    Liver diet pre-op

    I am scheduled for surgery on May 19th and have started the 3 week liquid only diet that my surgeon required due to my BMI being higher. I am on day 2 and am already over it! I just know that it will be worth it but I can’t imagine doing this one day more then I have too.
  14. mandya84

    May Surgeries - check in!

    I totally agree! It’s great having someone going the same day! Yes, we will do fantastic!! Yes all liquid! I guess it’s a good start for the post op diet! You’ll do great on the pre op diet!
  15. mandya84

    May Surgeries - check in!

    I’m excited as well just anxious I guess! I started my liquid diet today. Not going to lie I had a hard time drinking the 5 protein shakes as I wasn’t hungry. Thinking that’s not going to last! I’m jealous of the fact you can eat! I’m all liquid and had to do 3 weeks.

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