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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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  1. That’s for sure. Me too. I’ve had to work twice as hard since then and progress is slow. If anyone ever tells you that surgery is the easy way out…deck ‘em! (Well, not really, but…)
  2. I just had the gastric sleeve surgery three months ago. I tend to find myself being really concerned about stretching my stomach or doing something that will cause a downfall. For those preparing to have revision surgery, is there any advice you can give regarding what led to having to have revision surgery? What wisdom would you pass on to those of us who just had our initial surgery? Thank you. Very very grateful.
  3. dennydenco


    I took two weeks off and that was about right for me. I work a desk job from home, so it was easier. Actual mileage may vary.
  4. Has anyone had trouble being out in the sun during warmer weather since surgery?
  5. dennydenco

    Guys - Calories Per Day?

    At 400-500 calories per day, did you have issues with fatigue?
  6. dennydenco

    Guys - Calories Per Day?

    Excellent insight. Thx.
  7. dennydenco

    Guys - Calories Per Day?

    This was excellent insight. Thanks so much, Tek.
  8. For the guys - How many calories a day do you consume? I'm in my late 50’s and about 5 weeks post surgery. I hit about 800-900 calories a day, heavy protein, low carb. The last few days, I seem to be able to eat a little more before satiety than I have in the last couple of weeks. I’m concerned about stretching my sleeve, over eating, etc. Probably not being logical, but still wondering. I know everybody is different, but is there a calorie range you try to stay within? Thx.
  9. I had the sleeve. Mine took 60-90 minutes. My surgeon said that’s the norm.
  10. dennydenco

    Hit goal

    You look fantastic! Very, very inspiring. Go Bills! (Even though I’ve been a KC fan for 50 years) 😁
  11. dennydenco


    Just curious - Do the staples used in the sleeve surgery trigger the alarm in an airport scanner when you pass through? Just wondering if anyone was questioned by TSA or anything like that. Thx.
  12. dennydenco


    Thank you, All. Very grateful for your responses. 🙂
  13. dennydenco


    I’m two weeks post surgery. I’ve been told to expect fatigue for up to a month. Been feeling rather fatigued as predicted. Has anyone else had fatigue after surgery? How long did it last? Thanks.
  14. Are any of these family members overweight?
  15. dennydenco

    Trouble standing up straight

    I’m on stage 2 until May 18th. My stage 2 is yogurt, shakes, soup broth, and occasional very thin cream of rice. During pre op, my dietician was lousy and didn’t give any useful guidance. 20 minutes before being released from the hospital, the hospital dietician came in and laid out everything perfectly. Yes, coughing or clearing my throat is extremely painful as well. India? Are you recovering in India?

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