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  1. I’m still pre op and after reading some the posts from people who have lost almost 100 pounds in 6 months but aren’t happy, I’ve decided to skip all these many wt. loss goals and just lose weight. Too stressful. I’d be jumping for joy if I ever lost 15 in one month.
  2. Just didn’t psyche evaluation yesterday. Was nervous but it was a pleasant experience. Now just have to get through seeing the nutritionist then 4 months of a medically supervised diet. Hopefully surgery by February. Fingers crossed. So glad I won’t need the liquid pre op diet just no more than 1400 cals a day for 2 weeks before surgery. Can’t wait. Good luck to you all.
  3. My program is very organized and upfront with all information. You see the nurse practitioner first after attending a seminar first. I was given a packet with everything I need to know. Vitamins protein shakes,post op meds,activity ,diet and meal suggestions. A total rundown on my insurance and what they require. And much more. I feel very fortunate to be in this program. Feel well informed.
  4. Ladidi

    Dietician visit and pre op diet

    I’m just starting the journey. Physical therapy appt next week. Don’t see dietitian till next month. My plan only requires that you eat 1400 cal or less diet for 2 weeks before surgery. I was so thankful it wasn’t liquids only
  5. Ladidi

    What fears did you have?

    I haven’t had surgery yet but have had them in the past and having someone there when you wake up is nice but other wise you will just sleep off and on and more than likely won’t even care.
  6. Looking forward to not having to buy plus sized clothes. Fitting comfortably in an airplane seat. Just feeling good and proud about myself.
  7. Wow I got my lap band in 2008 also. Just starting the revision process. Am prepared to self pay but hoping my insurance will cover surgery. My weight loss center staff is very good with working with insurance companies. Keeping my fingers crossed and doing a lot of praying.
  8. I finally scheduled my initial visit with the nurse practitioner. Had to have UGI and submit revision paperwork from my lap band I had years ago. This was all done and turned in May 3,2021. So I am at the very start of my journey. Trying very hard to be patient.
  9. Ladidi

    Initial consultation

    I’m really at the beginning of the process. Did a required zoom seminar and having my required barium swallow Monday. It was required because I have a lap band that will be removed. The X-ray will complete all my pre consultation requirements. Know it’s a long process and I’m not a patient person. But I will be fine. Monday’s not coming fast enough. Congratulations and good luck to all.
  10. Thanks. Very encouraging. Can’t wait to start this journey.
  11. Thinking hard about getting bariatric surgery but I’m 67 years old and worried I’m too old. Had lap band unsuccessfully in 2008. Just wanna feel good about myself again. Has anyone had surgery over 65 years old.

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