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  1. I didn't know about the diarreah, I will definitely keep lots of under ware available just in case!!
  2. Thanks so much for all the tips! taking notes!!
  3. Gummybearqueen thanks so much for the info! I am so happy to get it done and start loosing weight! I gained so much weight in the last 6 years that I am ready to look nice and healthy again!!
  4. Thanks everyone for all the tips! I will have clear protein drink handy in case I can’t tolerate the regular shake
  5. Thanks for your advice!!
  6. Lilianagv

    No Pre Op Diet Ordered?

    I have mine on 6/24 and I have to do 3 day liquid diet
  7. Lilianagv

    June Surgeries

    Mine is on 6/24
  8. Lilianagv

    June 21 2021 surgery!

    Thanks so much for the advice! I will buy from both!!
  9. Hi, I have my gastric sleeve, hiatal hernia repair and gallbladder removal on 6/24. I've been so busy leaving everything at work ready for my absence, house, kids and pets ready that I haven't do any research on any tips you all might have for pre-op, post-op. I have the list of recommendations from my doctors but I would love your advice on better protein shakes, dos and don't dos that are not included in the doctors list. Thank you!!
  10. Lilianagv

    June 21 2021 surgery!

    I will have mine on 6/24. I am still checking for the best protein shakes. Are Premier Protein the best? I really haven't get the time to really research for the best protein shakes/tips post surgery, any suggestions?
  11. Lilianagv

    Houston Psych. Eval

    Wow that’s amazing Crick! Who’s doctor?
  12. Lilianagv

    Houston Psych. Eval

    I am happy for you! I am crazy to do it! I am tired of the fat and been hungry!
  13. Lilianagv

    Houston Psych. Eval

    Perfect! Thanks so much for your help!! I will definitely contact them. I know it’s been only 2 week after your surgery (based on your previous messages). Are you loosing weight already?
  14. Lilianagv

    Houston Psych. Eval

    I will definitely ask for Yovonne. Did you get gastric sleeve done? I didn’t ask you!!. Are you happy with the staff? I read so many bad reviews about staff been rude and doctor’s only taking 15 min to talk to you that I actually got scared. And bad service at the hospital. I am also interested in Dr Yu.
  15. Lilianagv

    Houston Psych. Eval

    Really!I I called 2 months ago and the girl told me $17,000! Hmm I need to talk with the person you talk!!

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