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  1. 12 days post op, only six pounds down. Trying so hard to keep depression away. I would have lost a lot more weight pre surgery on the same diet. Why is this happening to me?

    1. Aysura


      Take a breath and try to reframe your perspective. Your surgery experience is not going to be the same as what other folks have gone through, so the only benchmarks that you have to work from are your own past weight loss experiences. Six pounds in less than two weeks is a decent amount of weight lost in a short period of time, surgery or not. It's likely that things will pick up over time, especially as you get moving and adapt back into a routine diet.

      Don't lose heart. You've got this!

    2. Suzi_the_Q


      Everyone loses at their own pace. It's a process, just stick with it.

    3. Suzi_the_Q


      I gained about 10 lbs of water weight from the iv fluids and it took a week or two to shake it off. Your body just had a HUGE trauma to it and there's a lot of internal swelling. Plus, your body is in shock and it can take a little while for it to get with the program. FYI most have a stall around the 3 week mark- it's totally normal. And 6lbs in 12 days is a lot! Esp considering the above. It's not a race, it's a journey.