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    KateinMichigan reacted to leebick in Hiatal hernia after already having the sleeve?   
    Hi! I just thought about checking this thread yesterday, to see how everyone's doing. I am doing GREAT! It is SO NICE to be able to eat without vomiting, lie down/sleep without being awash in stomach acid, and to basically live like a normal person again. My daughter (she's almost 28) and I took a quick trip to Disney before she started grad school and it was wonderful! I could eat and drink in all our favorite places and not be sick! I'm eating less than I had been and slowly losing weight, too. I guess the surgery was enough of a change to my insides that it was like a "reset" or something- but I have that obvious "full" feeling again and am doing better with my weight management. NOW I have to get back into the gym regularly, something that ended when Covid hit and I just haven't re-established the habit yet. Hope you all are doing well!
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    KateinMichigan got a reaction from leebick in Hiatal hernia after already having the sleeve?   
    Happy Birthday!!! Nachos and a beer without a side of Acid - lol. Sounds glorious.
  3. Congrats!
    KateinMichigan reacted to jasj65 in Have you had the “Hiatal Hernia Surprise” Fix?   
    Had my HH fixed as well and I really have done well. 6th of July was my surgery and dr noticed it in the OR and fixed. Happy with it too !
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    KateinMichigan reacted to Creekimp13 in Have you had the “Hiatal Hernia Surprise” Fix?   
    Yes, I was about 250 pounds when my horse refused a jump and I sailed off, flipped end for end....and landed like a sack of potatoes with a massive thud. Had the wind knocked out, a concussion, shock, the works. Very tall draft-horse cross. Ouch!
    When your doctor described that coorelation, he might have been talking about people who develop hiatal hernia from chronic overeating....already having behaviors that are difficult to change. And this might have been a *part* of why my diaphragm gave up...because perhaps I'd weakened it with chronic overeating....BUT, the extent of my hernia was much more likely to have been caused more by the trauma.
    You CAN give yourself hiatal hernia from chronically overeating. It makes perfect sense that if you routinely continue to eat past an uncomtortable "full" sensation, that might coorelate with reduced success.

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    KateinMichigan reacted to leebick in Hiatal hernia after already having the sleeve?   
    My surgeon is a GREAT bariatric surgeon, as far as doing the surgery, but she isn't on top of much regarding the nutritional aspects of the program. I finally called one of the nutritionists associated with the bariatric program. She said it's not uncommon for people to have more issues eating after the HH surgery than after the initial VGS surgery. She said that she thinks it's because when having VGS, there is that long internal suture line from forming the sleeve, but it's not connected or stitched to anything. With the HH repair, I've had my sleeve "tacked" to something internally, as well as mesh stitched into my diaphragm. Every time I breathe or swallow something, that all gets "pulled on" and that's what she thinks the pain is from, and also that the mesh repair narrows the opening in the diaphragm through which the esophagus passes. I don't know... I'm not a doctor and I don't play one on TV, hahaha, but it seems kind-of a reasonable explanation!
    It's still a guessing game regarding eating. I eat Soup for dinner at least half the time; not so much fun in the middle of summer, but it's food. I make sure the veggies in it are really soft and I can mash them up. Sometimes I can tolerate crackers in the soup, also. No Pasta unless it's well mashed in sauce, but even then it's questionable. I mash up the macaroni in macaroni and cheese and it's OK, but when we had stuffed shells I only ate the filling and the cheese from the topping. No rice, no breads, even with a lot of butter. I had Cereal recently (Lucky Charms) but had to wait for it to get soft in the milk. eggs are OK, as is tuna salad and egg salad, but chicken salad today was disastrous. It's a different kind of pain than from the HH, more like a line of pain across the top of my chest. Salad is a no-no, has been all along, but right now I still struggle with ground meats (burger, turkey burger, etc). I do OK with corn on the cob, though, which is a gift as it's one of my favorite summer treats! I honestly never know what's going to sit well, although anything that is smooshed up in a gravy or sauce is usually OK, or meat that is fatty. I still have to take small bites and chew, chew, chew, but once it goes down, it STAYS down, which is a plus, and still NO GERD! Also no PPI, no tums, etc. I'm still not sure how any of this is supposed to go, but I am glad I had the HH repaired. I was tired of drowning in acid every evening and of vomiting up food daily.
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    KateinMichigan reacted to SleevedK in Hiatal hernia after already having the sleeve?   
    You are absolutely correct that the shape of the sleeve stomach makes developing a hiatal hernia more likely later on than with a normal stomach. That is exactly what one of the research articles I found talking about hiatal hernias after sleeve surgery said.
    I think the issue with people being surprised by a hernia repair during sleeve surgery is that sometimes sliding hernias are not detectable on the testing before surgery and are only discovered once the surgeon is actually looking at the stomach during the operation. I had no hernia repair during my sleeve surgery (which was in Dec 2016). I really don't think I had a hernia until about December 2020 (when I first noticed some weird symptoms that at the time I didn't understand but now in retrospect believe were from the hernia).

    Your surgery must be coming up soon, so best of luck. Please do update us on how it goes.
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    KateinMichigan got a reaction from Lily66 in Hiatal hernia after already having the sleeve?   
    the new stomach is lighter and thinner, slides into the esophageal area because the new shape allows it to.
    The seasoned docs now realize that the sleeve surgery actually causes this, so after they create the sleeve, they tighten the diaphragm so a hernia can’t slide up right away. (HH repair has a large fail rate).
    why not be upfront about this? Why are so many waking up to the “hiatal hernia surprise!”
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    KateinMichigan got a reaction from SleevedK in Have you had the “Hiatal Hernia Surprise” Fix?   
    In recent years I’ve noticed a spike in the “Hiatal Hernia Surprise surgery” stories shared on the forums. That’s when you wake up to your surgeon telling you he fixed a “surprise hernia” while doing your sleeve. What gives?
    My 15 years of suffering with GERD after VGS, (I never ate a Tums before sleeve) has lead me to extensive research on this topic. I’ve read ever medical paper, report, blog I can get my hands on. I’ve met with and spoken to MANY surgeons on this subject.
    I have a sneaking suspicion that the sleeve surgery itself leads to a hernia in many patients. (See stats about De Novo GERD and VGS).
    The new stomach is lighter and thinner, with more internal pressure and can now easily slide into the esophageal area past the diaphragm to create a HH because the new shape allows it to.
    I wonder if VSG surgeon don’t want to scare patients with the stats (30-40% chance of GERD without HH repair), so they just throw in the “hernia surgery surprise” to skirt the conversation.
    if this happened to you, please share the details- so many would benefit from your story. Knowledge is power!
    For those who haven’t had it yet - have the convo with your surgeon- let’s eliminate the “surprise”.
    I’m also sharing my journey to find a solution for those currently suffering from GERD after VSG.
    Not sure why post VLS GERD is still the “Wild West”. So many different opinions on how to fix it - sheesh.
    What I’ve been told to do by different surgeons over the years, and what I’ve learned:
    1) “convert to rny”
    This was an instant turn off, but I get why so many do it. The pain is that bad for some.
    A seasoned WL surgeon recently told me the conversion to RNY is problematic long term (yet many still recommend it). He doesn’t do it anymore. He’s fixed hundreds of these HH post sleeve with a basic HH repair, no- and only had to covert 1 stubborn case.
    He said the conversion often leads to gas, malabsorption, vomiting, exhaustion, nausea, with many converts still ending up with GERD!
    If you’ve had the conversion and are a few years out - please share your experience.
    2) “go with a partial wrap”
    This particular Doc said he’d “figure out what was best to do once he was in there.” I lost all confidence in him with that last statement, but I didn’t even realize this was a possibility if your fundus has expanded.
    3) “get the LINX”
    I’m allergic to fake metals (I get hives), yet this particular surgeon was ready to slap this metal puppy around my esophagus. Luckily, the maker ( J&J) posted a warning on their site for sensitive skin types: “do NOT, under any circumstances, put this in your body”.
    I might have considered it if I didn’t have the allergy, although it seems very problematic for some.
    4) “get the ligamentum procedure with repair”
    This is an old surgery for GERD that involves using your internal umbilical cord. Because it’s so new for WLS GERD, I asked the surgeon if one of his success stories could call me. He obliged. A very sweet women called me, and went on and on about how great the surgeon was. But then she told me she was still on PPI’s and now had chronic diarrhea and dumping syndrome…sooo…back to the drawing board.
    5) “Get the basic HH repair”.
    I’ve consulted with 3 seasoned WLS surgeons who are all on the same page (finally). These 3 say that they pull my stomach back into the right spot, tighten the diaphragm, and call it a day. One uses mesh, but the other 2 sited a recent research paper saying there is no advantage to mesh.
    They all said I’d have a 80-90% chance of being able to go off the PPI’s. Sorta a fantasy promise- but I’m liking those odds.
    Of course I’ve done my research and discovered the fail rate over the long term is high (30-40%) after 10 years. and I might have minor swallowing problems, and bloating- yea! But I can have it adjusted if it gets bad, so that’s reassuring.
    So I’m going in with my eyes wide opened and doing the basic repair, I hope it works. The recovery is long and difficult, but my alternative is PPI’s that are cancerous.
    Wish me luck and thanks for reading my rant:) I hope it helped a few of my Gerdy sisters, and if you’ve had the “surprise”, please share your experience!

  9. Congrats!
    KateinMichigan reacted to Ready21 in Have you had the “Hiatal Hernia Surprise” Fix?   
    Yep…just this past Thursday. After the doc came to visit me in recovery he said that I had a HH near my esophagus that they “saw” and repaired
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    KateinMichigan got a reaction from Lily66 in Hiatal hernia after already having the sleeve?   
    the new stomach is lighter and thinner, slides into the esophageal area because the new shape allows it to.
    The seasoned docs now realize that the sleeve surgery actually causes this, so after they create the sleeve, they tighten the diaphragm so a hernia can’t slide up right away. (HH repair has a large fail rate).
    why not be upfront about this? Why are so many waking up to the “hiatal hernia surprise!”
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    KateinMichigan reacted to leebick in Hiatal hernia after already having the sleeve?   
    My doctor did use mesh to repair the hernia opening, but didn't say how many stitches. I am not taking any PPIs, only took Tums once since the surgery (so almost 3 weeks). There is nothing in the surgical note about her having done any kind of touch-up on the sleeve. It's like the first few weeks when the sleeve was new in that I was on full liquids, finally worked up to a soft diet, but I can only eat a little bit before I get the "too much" signal from the sleeve. I have no GERD, no vomiting, no acid fumes, no block-like feeling in my chest, nothing. It's amazing. I have to pay close attention when I eat, take tiny bites, chew a LOT, and eat slowly. I can eat 3 bites of something and then on the 4th bite I am TOO FULL and it hurts; I definitely can feel the restriction from my sleeve again, which was something I was worried about. I was just out of town for a week at a family gathering (wedding and a memorial service, both postponed from originally scheduled due to covid) and I was able to eat much of the food being served. We were in New Orleans, so that is saying something! I just followed the rules for the soft diet and for mindful eating and it was OK, most of the time. Biggest challenge right now is staying hydrated, but that's always been an issue for me (even before having the sleeve surgery). I'm kind-of in awe how easy and life-changing this has been. All week I'd eat something and think WOW, I'm not throwing this up, it's staying down where it belongs!
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    KateinMichigan reacted to Lily66 in Hiatal hernia after already having the sleeve?   
    So sorry to hear you ladies are going through this, can totally relate. I had RNY 3/20, had never had a hiatal hernia in my life and now one was discovered during an upper endoscopy earlier this week, 16 months post RNY. I’m totally baffled as to how this happened, not sure what my next steps can and will be. Right now Omeprazole every morning, being very careful. Hernia measures 2cm. Wish you all the best!
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    KateinMichigan got a reaction from JustMom in Potential Gastric Sleeve Poll   
    See my post on My sleeve experience - it’s long and detailed. The pluses - weight loss to goal, no Vitamin deficiencies. The negs - GERD!!!
    Do it again? Tough to answer, because it’s been 15 years and I don’t know where I’d be if I didn’t have it. Dead? Massive Stroke? Or maybe a healthy, but fat 51 year old? Who knows? Lol.

    Quality of life is severely diminished with GERD, but my friends have had the bypass, and that’s a tough road too. My advice? If your happy, healthy, but fat - don’t do anything. Wear beautiful clothes, don’t take yourself too seriously, laugh, enjoy your friends and your life!
    If you’re suffering and the future is looking bleak, grill your doctor about GERD and find a surgeon that understands it and mitigates the risks. See my post for all the right questions!
    I’d do the sleeve, but find the right surgeon. The ones who’ve been doing for over 20 years are the best - they know some tricks to avoid GERD, and they test you for GERD before surgery. If your surgeon doesn’t mention GERD or downplays it - RUN!

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    KateinMichigan reacted to leebick in Before and After Pics   
    I had my surgery almost 5 years ago. The "before" picture was taken about 6 weeks before surgery.

    The "after" was taken about 5 days ago.
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    KateinMichigan reacted to leebick in Why can I eat some things like I used to and some things I can barely nibble   
    It's so weird, everyone is SO different. I LOVE pizza and can't eat it. When we have pizza, I'll eat the topping off of one slice and then maybe 2 bites of the crust, and I am DONE. I have a lot of issue with carbs: No rice, no Pasta, almost no bread. I can eat crackers, and cheese and crackers has become almost a stand-by meal; I can eat 6 ritz crackers with two Bonne Bell cheeses sliced up on them (so each BB cheese is cut into 3 slices). popcorn? No problem, except for the quantity (it is SO easy to eat handful after handful while watching TV!). Can't eat ground beef at all, it comes back up. I do best with fish, although I can also eat about 2/3 of a chicken thigh or fattier cuts of pork. Chicken breast is not so good, it's too dry. Sometimes I can eat 2 or 3 pieces of chicken wings, sometimes not. eggs are also good for me. And salad... I SO MISS SALAD- and nobody can believe I'd ever have said that. I can eat about 4 bites of salad and I'm done. GONE are the days at Olive Garden when my daughter and I would eat 2 or 3 bowls of salad along with several breadsticks and two bowls of soup... each...
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    KateinMichigan reacted to leebick in Hiatal hernia after already having the sleeve?   
    Thanks for the support!!
    I'm not eating a whole lot- pudding, Soup, Protein Shakes, cottage cheese, but not much else. Today I made chicken salad and pureed it. Gross... but it helps to have something different to eat, and so far I've had no acid issues. The weather isn't my friend right now. I live in north-central Maine, about a 4+ hour drive north of Boston, and we are having a heat wave! It's 92F outside with a heat index of 102F. The thermometer on my family room wall says 88F. Of course we don't have a/c in our home- hardly anyone does up here. I'm sitting with the fan blowing directly on me but it's so freaking hot!! I'm making my Protein shakes with Water and pouring them over ice so I get my fluids in. It's so hot I don't really want to eat much anyhow- although popsicles or fudgsicles sound pretty good right about now!
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    KateinMichigan reacted to leebick in Hiatal hernia after already having the sleeve?   
    Day 5 Post-op... I am still doing OK. I overdid it a bit yesterday (I did NOT move furniture, my husband did, but I helped by supporting on occasion and it was too much) so took 5mg oxy before bed and I'm so glad I did. I could feel my body relax and the pain dissipate. Today I am feeling better. I spent a good part of the day sorting out papers and such from our bookcase and desk. I am frustrated with eating. I am on a soft diet but am struggling to eat much more than pudding without chest pain (diaphragm pain, actually). It's too hot for Soup. I'm sip, sip, sipping my drinks so I don't have to worry about dehydration. I guess I hadn't realized what my post-surgical diet would be like, so I didn't stock up on anything. Tomorrow I'll go to the grocery store and see what I can find. Who knew I'd wish for cottage cheese!
    I am doing my breathing exercises but progress is slow. I can inhale 1500mL without coughing, but when I do to 1750mL it makes me cough. Tonight my chest/diaphragm is sore... not sure if it's from "working" today (seriously, all I did was sort papers out of the desk drawers) or just post-surgical pain. It's hot and I want to eat something and my chest hurts and it doesn't help watching my husband have a sliced chicken sandwich with lettuce and Tomato on a lovely roll, with chips, for his supper. Grrr... I must be getting better as I'm getting cranky! I'm going to give it another hour to see if I feel any better and can relax, and if not I might take another 2.5mg oxy to help me sleep. I seem to be OK during the day but start to really run down around 8pm. Oh well... I still feel like I am making progress and am SO GLAD my surgeon did this hernia repair instead of revision to a full bypass.
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    KateinMichigan reacted to Girlfriday70 in Hianal Hernia Surgery   
    Post-op week 1 of Hianal hernia surgery. Day 1 of surgery body had 5 tiny 1/2 incisions just under breasts. Sent home 1 hour after surgery. Took a percocet ahead of pain and never needed another pill . Took Tylenol every 4 hours rest of day but had 0 pain , slept in separate room so I wouldn't disrupt husband and stay comfortable. Day 2 - 0 pain, no meds . Incisions healing already. Only 1 massive bruise from the blood clot shot in stomach.
    Days continued on with nothing but success. Facts : 0 heartburn or acid at night in throat, 0 choking to death at every meal. No more protonix medicine for heart burn. Ate regular food after day one even spicy. I suffered 3 years longer than I ever needed too.
    Next step is gastric sleeve in 4 weeks. So, stay tuned !! [emoji106]
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    KateinMichigan reacted to SleevedK in 5 years post op and have huge REGRET!   
    I am so sorry that you are suffering with all these awful complications and having trouble getting help, but I hope that now that you know what needs to be done to fix it at least it helps to know there is hope that things will get better. Thank you for telling everyone about this so that people realize that this surgery is not something to take lightly. Everyone talks about how the sleeve is such a safe surgery, but the truth is that it CAN have life-altering complications.
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    KateinMichigan reacted to Napua in 5 years post op and have huge REGRET!   
    Barimelts works great for me. Good luck you all.
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    KateinMichigan reacted to Sunshine41! in 5 years post op and have huge REGRET!   
    Ohh thank you for this!!!! I really needed to hear this!! For real. 💛
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    KateinMichigan reacted to colormehappy in 5 years post op and have huge REGRET!   
    I hope you end up feeling like the surgery was a positive thing! I’m not quite 3 months out and had complications as well. I had a gastric bleed, needed a second surgery and blood transfusions, plus had a full liter of blood just sitting in my abdomen.
    I’m down 45 pounds today with no lingering issues and feel great. I’m able to do intense exercise in a way I haven’t for years. My complication was super scary and I initially had some regrets, but looking back I’d do it again in a heartbeat.
    Hang in there! Best of luck to you.
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    KateinMichigan reacted to tarotcardreader in 5 years post op and have huge REGRET!   
    I actually think its good that the poster shared because everyone should be aware there are risks plus poster should be able to have support too! Just my thoughts 🧸
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    KateinMichigan reacted to tarotcardreader in 5 years post op and have huge REGRET!   
    Look it sounds really awful so i hope you get to feeling better but everybody has to do their own due diligence prior to surgery choice and gerd is more common in sleeve than rny in all the data. You got the sleeve having known the risk for that particular one. I really hope you feel better!
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    KateinMichigan reacted to Pandemonium in 5 years post op and have huge REGRET!   
    I was just noticing this morning the complete and total silence from him yesterday and how pleasant it was. This just made my friggin' day!

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