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  1. Elahnen

    June Surgeries

    NewMe_2021 I feel the same way!!! I just hope the liquid diet goes quick! It will all be worth it!
  2. Elahnen

    June Surgeries

    Shrink&Grow good luck to you!! The times already flying by!
  3. I am starting mine 5/24. In order to prepare I am reducing sugar and carbs and portion control. I figure this will help to not shock my system all at once with the changes. I am hoping to stay busy so I have less time to think about food. We will see how it goes.
  4. Elahnen

    JUNE Surgery Buddies!

    Yay!!! I’m June 8! Let’s do this journey together!
  5. Elahnen

    June Surgeries

    It’s getting sooo real! Good luck and keep us posted on how it goes!
  6. Elahnen

    June Surgeries

    Sooo exciting!! I’m right there with ya with all the feels lol!!! I’m like I can’t wait then like omg what am I doing lol good luck!!!
  7. Elahnen

    June Surgeries

    Hello! That’s great! Maybe you will get lucky and get May ;) I know what you mean! Keep me posted! Good luck to you also!
  8. Elahnen

    June Surgeries

    It will come quick! I know I’m so nervous about the pre-op testing as well! Yes, me too!
  9. Hi Everyone, I finally got my surgery date for June 8!!! It’s really strange to me how excited I am about this! I would love to share this journey with others scheduled in June! I think it would be so helpful if we can help each other through this experience!
  10. Elahnen

    Surgery tomorrow

    Good luck!!!!
  11. Elahnen

    Upcoming Surgery in May!

    Hi! I also have PCOS and I am going to go with the sleeve hopefully soon! My surgeon explained that for PCOS the sleeve is a better option bc they remove the stomach hormones and if for some reason the sleeve doesn’t get the desired results then can always do a bypass down the road. Something I just learned is dairy is not good for PCOS. I thought I was doing good drinking premier protein shakes and the dietician said to reduce dairy and do plant based protein with almond milk fit shakes( Vega protein powder is sooo good) bc dairy cause inflammation and other trouble for pcos. Hopefully once you learn more and your test results come back you can make the best decision for your self! Keep me posted on your journey!
  12. Elahnen

    Self Care Binge Pre OP

    @GreenTealael doesn’t it!! I’m just thinking it doesn’t have to be such a loss and as miserable as it could be!
  13. Elahnen

    Self Care Binge Pre OP

    @blackcatsandbaddecisions such good points that you made! I am going to remember this throughout my journey! Thank you for such great insight!
  14. I keep hearing about food funerals and I know before I start my 2 week liquid diet I will indulge in at least one of my favorite foods, but I’m thinking about trying a self care binge instead of food! I think I’m going to get my hair colored, toes done, get a little sun, and maybe a massage. Whatever makes me feel good. I have always had food in my life, but not enough focus on me! I think it would be good to start the journey in a positive way rather then think of it as an ending when it comes to the food aspect. Replace food with self care!?!?! Has anyone else done this or had this kind of mind set before getting ready for surgery?
  15. Elahnen

    First Visit Complete!

    So exciting! The process seems to go quickly once it gets moving along! It’s good that you have access to the Cleveland clinic! I was actually just looking into weekend getaways in Ohio! I’m about 40mins from Erie PA. I’m hoping to be scheduled for May 🤞. Keep us posted on your journey!