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  1. HeatherE

    Any March Surgeries?

    I want 2-3 ounces of protein and some fruit too! So jealous. Is your 2-3 ounces weight or mass?
  2. HeatherE

    Pants vs. dress right after surgery

    Pants are fine. I brought sweatpants but the staff all told me my pajamas looked like an outfit so I just wore them home (haha). Wear what you’re comfy in. If it wasn’t a dress before, I doubt it will be a dress now.
  3. HeatherE

    One glass of wine....

    Oh my goodness. Wine.. that’s a lucky thought. I’m also six weeks post-op. I begged for a couple whole grain goldfish pretzels rather than drinking coconut water to get my required carbs. I got back a two page email from the dietician guilting me into not having them. I can’t even imagine the response I’d get if I requested wine. Makes me laugh thinking about it!
  4. I had surgery in March. I told my husband initially. I eventually told my parents and was surprised they were supportive. My husband agreed that he expected my dad to tell me just to eat better and exercise more like him. My father was not kind about my weight gain. I didn’t tell any other friends or family. I’m six weeks out and still haven’t told friends or family. Only my manicurist knows, and my son’s head of school figured it out (she’s considering the same procedure with the same doctor). My coworkers, neighbors, and some friends knew I was having hernia surgery (which was true since they repaired my hernia at the same time). A couple people asked me if I was doing weight loss surgery when they figured out I was on a liquid diet. I was shocked because I didn’t think I was that big to even need surgery. I just told them it was hernia surgery. If I choose to tell people down the road, that’s ok; but, I’m not offering it up. I just tell people I’m on a diet,
  5. I just tried on new shoes yesterday. I’m two sizes smaller and didn’t need wide width. Is that common? I’m back to the size 7.5 I was my whole life until I gave birth; from then until now I was a 8.5 wide. Remembered your above post when I was shopping last night. Glad you mentioned it or I would have thought I was nuts.
  6. HeatherE

    Any March Surgeries?

    Thanks for your post. I can relate. According to the nutrition plan I received, I get one ounce (mass, not weight) of protein and 1-2 tablespoons of vegetables 3x a day. The surgeon said I can up it to 5x a day. That was fine initially, but 6 weeks out, I’m having more like 1.5-2 ounces of protein (maybe more). A one ounce medicine cup of chicken seems like almost nothing. I also had two turkey sausage links for a meal. Is that more than one ounce? in order to get in my protein and carb goals I have to have a protein shake(s) and I’m supposed to have Gatorade or coconut water for the carbs. I would rather eat than drink my protein/carbs/calories. This week I didn’t get my carb goals. I asked if I could have a few whole grain pretzel goldfish rather than Gatorade or coconut water, but I got a big no, I thought it may be ok since it is very similar in calories and carbs to the drinks. What does everyone else do for carbs? Is anyone else allowed fruit or grains six weeks out? What is your suggested quantity of food? I know my bariatric practice is stricter than most. I considered another plan that was different, but I preferred this surgeon. Meeting with a bariatric dietician from another practice tomorrow to get her advice. I don’t want to stretch my pouch, like you said, but I don’t know that this is sustainable for the long term. Other bariatric plans allow small quantities of fruit/grains after protein and vegetables and the patients are successful, Also, I’m usually ok without liquids when I eat, but when it’s super hot out and I’m walking or at my son’s soccer game, I sometimes find myself counting the minutes until I can rehydrate. Sorry for the long email. Appreciate everyone’s thoughts on this.
  7. HeatherE

    NSV of sorts

    Proud of you!
  8. HeatherE

    NSV of sorts

    Proud of you!
  9. HeatherE

    Any March Surgeries?

    We’re surgery twins. My surgery was March 22nd also. Like you, I’m following the plan and trying to trust the process. I’ve only lost 20 pounds post surgery which has been frustrating; although my doctor seems ok with it as long as I’m losing. I lost 33.4 pounds from January until surgery. The good news is, I’m half a pond from being halfway to my goal. My doctor calculated that I could get to 150 pounds , but my goal is 120 which the RN at the practice said is very doable. I’m 5’1”. I wish I was further along, but at least I’m losing, not gaining weight. I’m so proud of everyone losing 30 pounds and someone said they lost 70 ponds I think. Way to go!!!
  10. HeatherE

    Any March Surgeries?

    The ProCare chewable tropics is good.
  11. HeatherE

    March 2021 Surgery Dates

    So glad to hear your positive feedback about your experience . I had surgery March 22 in Maryland. Doing well also. Wish I was losing weight faster, but I understand it’s a process. I keep asking my husband if I’m invisible yet... haha.
  12. Definitely take it to the hospital. You are required to have it there, especially for surgery. That said, I kept mine plugged in next to the bed but didn’t put it on. The nurses didn’t enforce it. Granted, I stayed in the orthopedic wing rather than the bariatric wing. Not sure why.
  13. You may want to get a second opinion from another bariatric surgeon. I very much trust my surgeon, but before I underwent surgery I got a second opinion from another practice to confirm I was doing the best surgery for my situation.
  14. I hope so. Perhaps you could see if you could get the one that’s a cushion under your nose. There’s no way I could have tolerated a full mask!!!