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    I have heard of a few people on here that had robot assisted surgery. They all had good things to say about it. I think of it as another tool in the surgeons toolbox and if they are Comfortable using it I’m sure it’s a positive.
  2. ShoppGirl


    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
  3. Everyone can tolorate foods at a different pace. I didn’t have any problems with any food at any point. I just followed the plan And I was fine but some have a very fussy pouch. The only advice I would give is to not eat anything for the first time on vacation. No need to find out what doesn’t sit well during your trip.
  4. I think burgers are okay if they are made a home from lean beef. And either without bread or on a thin low carb roll. I can eat a whole one but my husband makes it on the grill and it’s on the small side. Anyways, I think lizonaplane has a good suggestion to try medications if you are still struggling.
  5. Your weight can fluctuate by a couple pounds. Weighing in the same clothes (or lack thereof) and at the same time of day with an empty bladder will produce the closest weight but tiny fluctuations will still occur sometimes.
  6. ShoppGirl

    Time to surgery

    It took me about 6 months. I had already satisfied one month of my weigh ins so I had to do 5 of those and then about one more month till my surgery date.
  7. I did feel tired for a couple weeks post surgery but I think it had more to do with the surgery recovery itself. After that I was still on pretty low calories but I was fine.
  8. ShoppGirl

    Losing weight except Belly!!

    You are still pretty early out so it will take a while to start to lose your belly but just so you know As we get older we carry weight more around our midsections so even if you are a size you have been before, assuming it has been a few years, your belly may be bigger this time that it was before.
  9. Are you allowed sugar free popsicles. Those helped with my urge to chew something.
  10. ShoppGirl

    June 23

    Congratulations on your surgery date.
  11. ShoppGirl

    Out of surgery

    Yay!! Sounds like you are doing good so far.
  12. ShoppGirl

    Blurry vision after surgery?

    Yea I had one and I had blurriness which cleared up about that time too now that you say it.
  13. ShoppGirl

    6 weeks post op depressed

    You can get the multivitamin without iron to take in the mean time so you don’t develop deficiency in the other stuff.
  14. I wasn’t required to lose a certain amount either. Some people are depending on the doctor and their unique case. Higher BMI may be required to lose to make the surgery safer.
  15. The hospital should call you a day or two prior to your surgery. I would ask them what options they will have for you. I know all I had was broth while I was in the hospital. I don’t think they even offered me jello now that you mention it.
  16. ShoppGirl

    I’m Back

    Absolutely it’s okay. You weren’t ready before that’s all. I have heard a few stories of people who were on the fence and backed out for a while and then finally decided that surgery was the next step for them. It’s major surgery. You have to be certain. Nothing wrong with taking your time with that at all.
  17. ShoppGirl

    Caffeine After Surgery

    I didn’t drink coffee regularly before surgery so I declined it, but was offered coffee in the hospital. The surgeons opinions are all over the place about caffeine though.
  18. ShoppGirl


    awesome. Congrats.
  19. ShoppGirl

    took first step

    I’m not sure if it’s the same but I had to watch an informational video about the different surgeries. It was pretty helpful when I talked to the surgeon I wasn’t totally clueless at least.
  20. ShoppGirl

    May Surgeries - check in!

    Is it a pill? Many of us are able to swallow pills pretty soon after surgery but if not ask the pharmacy if it can be crushed. Not all pills can be safely crushed though, so be sure to ask.
  21. ShoppGirl

    Caffeine/ coffee

    Surgeons tend to vary drastically about this. Some people are offered coffee for breakfast in the hospital and others aren’t allowed any until months out. Best to check with your team on this one.
  22. ShoppGirl

    Best Vegetables To Start Eating

    I did a lot of zucchini and yellow squash. But carrots sound like a good idea too.
  23. ShoppGirl

    Frustrated with being unable to eat

    Doesn’t sound silly at all. You are going through so many changes in such a short time. It’s a lot!! Good news is it sounds like you are healing as expected so you are free to work on some new behaviors. I agree that a therapist would be a great deal of help in identifying when and why we turn to food and finding other ways to deal with those situations.
  24. ShoppGirl

    Sleeping Upright Post Op

    I have an adjustable bed and I slept with my head elevated. Not because of gerd it was just easier to get in and out of bed that way since I was already halfway up.
  25. Mine wasn’t but between the cost of gas and the wasting time driving to and from I guess it could be a good thing.

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