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  1. ShoppGirl

    Backing out

    It doesn’t sound like my doubts were quite as much as yours but we all have them to some degree. I have been on here for over a year now and I have seen many posts like this and some that even cancelled their surgery. So far as I know they all ended up going through with it eventually but only you know if you are really ready. Just know that this is a major surgery and anxiety is perfectly understandable and common.
  2. You should be able to get a sooner appointment with the surgeon. I was told to call if I had any issues and needed to be seen sooner.
  3. ShoppGirl


  4. Maybe ring your surgeon and tell them you are struggling quite a bit and maybe they can pull some strings with the teams therapist to get you in sooner. Maybe not but it’s worth a shot. And even if the appointment is a ways away make it. You may feel better by then and cancel but you may not and will be glad you have it.
  5. Works great for steamed veggies too. That’s all I have done so far.
  6. Just seen this on Amazon and thought it could be of use for people who are earlier out and having a difficult time tolerating lettuce. It looks kinda like a double pizza cutter with a big bowl but it is designed to chop salad down to much smaller pieces that would be easier on our tummies. Well it won’t let me copy the link but just search salad chopper. It’s called salad chopper blade and bowl. Actually there is another lettuce chopper that comes up too that’s only ten bucks that may be sufficient too and even salad scissors. Has anyone tried any of these? Or do you have any suggestions for favorite kitchen gadgets that make prepping healthier food easier??
  7. ShoppGirl

    Eating and Drinking 30 Minute Rule

    Idk if I should admit this but I have always drank up until I ate. At first it was on accident most times but they when it didn’t cause me any issues I just stopped trying to remember. I never really understood the rule since I have also been told that liquid goes right through. I am not saying that this is the best idea because I don’t understand the reasoning behind the rule, but…. Now afterwards I have forgot and drank and it still doesn’t hurt but I can feel that it’s heavy feeling so I assumed that’s bad.
  8. ShoppGirl

    Really this many pills!?

    I had the sleeve and I just take 3 pills a day. One multivitamin and two calcium tablets. Most doctors have their own guess as to what we will be low in and it does vary from person to person so it’s best to listen to your doctor and see how your labs go.
  9. ShoppGirl

    No BM since surgery

    This is a very typical issue. You just have to figure out what works for you. They have suppositories that seem to be the most powerful option according to what I’ve read on here. Once you do go you may want to do something daily to keep you regular at least until you get to more normal serving sizes. I took benefiber daily (Walmart has a generic powder that is much cheaper and worked fine for me).
  10. Why did they take you off your antidepressants? Some people find that they are able to wean them down as they lose and even go off of them but that’s not usually just a cold Turkey without discussing why sort of thing. I would question if there is a reason you can’t still take it. Regardless, you have just been through major surgery. Even without the tolerance issues you are having many of us have mild depression or are just emotional post surgery (hormones are all out of whack). Please contact the suicide hotline if you have those type of thoughts again, though. That’s not a typical response to surgery. The moodiness and depression usually balance out as you are slowly able to tolorate food and yes this will happen but if you need that antidepressant you may just be clinically depressed so that’s something to talk to your doctor about. Either way, please let them know that how you are feeling.
  11. ShoppGirl

    Bariatric Cook Book?

    You can find tons of recipes online for free but if you like the idea of a recipe book go for it. Maybe your nutritionist can suggest one so that it is in line with your teams plan.
  12. ShoppGirl

    10 weeks post op

    Sounds like you are doing great. Keep it up.
  13. ShoppGirl

    WHAT does religion have to do with me having surgery??????

    No. I said he was NOT a medical doctor but still a doctor which I typically assume requires a certain level of common sense.
  14. ShoppGirl


    I didn’t have much direction when it came to fruit either. I just stayed away from things with seeds like strawberries and tougher skin like apples in the beginning.
  15. ShoppGirl


    I see many people who have buyers remorse at least until they are back eating normal. Your hormones are out of whack too. If it gets too bad reach out to a therapist.
  16. ShoppGirl

    WHAT does religion have to do with me having surgery??????

    Many people think the surgery is cosmetic. I’m sure that’s what it was. I had a doctor (not a medical doctor but still a doctor) ask me why I just didn’t ask them to just take more out or whatever when I told him beforehand that I worried I wasn’t going to lose all my weight as if he thought they just scoop all the fat out of you or something. I just scratched my head and laughed.
  17. Immediately post surgery you will probably want the one that gives you more bang for your buck in terms of protein for a while but that doesn’t have to be powder. There are numerous brands of premade shakes you can try. I only say this if you have a hard time getting your protein down. Some people don’t have any issues (I was one of them) and can drink anything fairly easily. Honestly what will really most likely dictate this is which you can stand the taste of as post surgery for many of us our taste for sweet changes a bit and some of the shakes are just disgusting. That being said if you choose to stay on shakes long term uou will probably want to go with the lowest calorie one you like.
  18. I just searched it and watched the video for the new primo version. That looks pretty cool. I would have to get rid of my instapot so I would have somewhere to store it though. Still haven’t figured that one out. It supposedly makes really good tender meat too but I just haven’t played with it too much. Wonder if anyone has tried them both.
  19. Not everyone has loose skin. So many factors play into it. I do not have any. Now in all fairness my goal is above normal BMI so I may Have some if I lost a great deal more but still it couldn’t have been much. I’m not saying don’t prepare yourself mentally for the possibility but it may not even happen.
  20. As catwoman said, They only reverse a bypass for severe medical issues. When you say you want the stomach acid and nutrition back, can you explain this a little more. Do you have some type of absorption issue now that you are hoping to correct? I would think that converting to a DS may be an option for you to lose the weight regain but if you already have absorption issues with sleeve they could get even worse (I would talk to a surgeon about that).
  21. ShoppGirl

    My taste buds are weird now LOL

    Your lucky. My only real change wasn’t a good one. While not literally a taste change, I crave sweets more.i used to like salty more than sweet. Luckily it can be satisfied with sugar free stuff but even still it’s empty calories. That was my only real change though. Ooh that and I like fish more than i used to. It is weird.
  22. I read your post and wanted to cry for you. What an amazing milestone. Keep up the good work. You’ve got this!!
  23. ShoppGirl

    blood pressure changes

    They refer to that elevated pressure as white coat syndrome. The official or professional look of the white coat is said to make us slightly anxious.

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