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    I’m sorry if that seemed offensive or something. I just honestly had no clue the calories were so high and thought I would share it with you in case you didn’t either.
  2. ShoppGirl


    Ooh yea I know and that’s why I said just be careful when you can actually eat more because a half rack is a normal serving which eventually you will get closer to most likely. A half rack is only 4 ounces of meat according to what I read online.
  3. Can you get some protein shakes shipped to your hotel via Amazon or something?
  4. ShoppGirl


    Just be careful with the pork ribs as you are able to eat larger servings. I recently learned just a half rack of ribs was like 688 calories and 45 grams of fat BEFORE the sauce. And that’s baby back which are the leanest cut. The same amount of chicken breast is 190 calories. Ignore if you already knew this but I had no clue and was totally floored by the calorie and fat content.
  5. ShoppGirl

    Eating too much? 3 - 4 weeks Post op

    I was able to eat more than expected through every phase of recovery. I just had to measure and only eat what I was supposed to be eating but they said it would be fine and it was. The main goal is for you to eventually get to a relatively normal serving size and to stay there. At almost 16 months out I am still eating about a serving of most things.
  6. ShoppGirl

    Plus sized spray tan???

    Aha. Good call. That would be quite embarrassing cause it’s at a public pool. I don’t have a pool but we do have chlorine so I could add a bit to a bucket of water to sorta simulate.
  7. ShoppGirl

    Plus sized spray tan???

    I had a malignant melanoma about five years ago so I am not supposed to go into the sun anymore which when I was heavier I always wore long pants so it didn’t much matter that I was ghostly. As I am losing weight I am starting to wear shorts and my pasty white legs are hard to miss in south FLORIDA where everyone else is golden bronze. I am starting to look into spray tanning but I am just wondering if there are any things to consider or tips and tricks to doing this with a plus sized body? The salon near me has mystic tan booth if that makes a difference. I am pretty sure my larger bust is going to be my biggest challenge but are there others??
  8. ShoppGirl

    Plus sized spray tan???

    Ooh and I used the build a tan version on my face but apply it like twice a day to make it darker. It’s still lighter than my body but not gleaning white so I am happy.
  9. ShoppGirl

    Plus sized spray tan???

    Update. I still don’t want to splurge on the professional spray tan and have tried the Jergens build a tan a couple times but didn’t get enough color (I used the fair to medium because I have fair skin). I finally bought the instant Version by Jergens in LIGHT bronze from Amazon (they carry it in Walmart just not mine apparently) and so far I love it. I was able to do it all myself but my back and my hubby did that part for me. It dries pretty quick and this morning I woke up to a light glow. It says if you want more color to do it again the next day which I may try just to see but I think the darker you get the more you will be able to see the darker patches that are inevitable with fake tan. I have a pool party to go to next Saturday and I am hoping to perfect this by then. The one thing I regret I didn’t do was to apply lotion to my dry spots beforehand because they didn’t get dark with the build a tan so I thought I was good but my knees and ankles did get a bit blotchy. Hubby uses fake tan and says to just rub off with a wash cloth in shower and do a light second coat allover so I will try that tonight. Anyways for those afraid of being too dark or Orange this light bronze should be good option for you too.
  10. ShoppGirl

    Chips and salsa and bad eating day

    I am over a year out and in maintenance. I still choose to have a shake for breakfast daily 160, one of a handful of lunches that I know are around 300 calories, a choice of dinners under 500 and a couple of snack options right around 100 calories each. I have never eaten a ton of variety because I am pretty picky so this works for me. Someone with a lot of variety this totally wouldn’t work for. I can keep a pretty rough idea in my head. I basically just know if I ate to plan yes or no for my meals and how many snacks I have had and then I know if I’m on track for the day or not. (I know how many I can have after working it out actually logging for quite a while though). Some days my dinner may be less calories but other days I am super hungry and I have an extra snack so it balances out. Basically I semi log my food at this point but I do it in my head counting by 100’s. But I agree it is very good to do it in the beginning and do it for a good while because we first need to figure out where our calories need to be to lose and to maintain but also because there are foods that we just really don’t know how many calories are hidden in them. For me a big one was baby back ribs. Odd I know. I guess I just assumed it’s a meat. It’s innocent. It’s not a desert or a dreaded carb, right? And I knew the sauce was bad but the meat itself doesn’t have sugar so when I found a descent sugar free BBQ sauce I thought I had this meal all figured out. Well, did you know a HALF rack of baby back ribs has 668 calories WITHOUT sauce and 45 grams of fat!! That’s only about 4 oz of meat so a comparable chicken breast is only 190 calories sans the sauce. I am in my 40’s and I just learned this about ribs. I had never logged them because I don’t eat them often enough but I had a couple ribs on Father’s Day and I’ve been craving them ever since so I researched them a little. Guess I may just have to wait till next time i can have a couple off someone else’s plate, lol Anyways, my point is logging foods helps you to learn what is in most foods so you know if they are totally safe (green light), sorta pushing it (yellow light) or a total splurge (red light that you can run on occasion if you are in maintenance and have budgeted for it). Logging also helps you to learn little tricks you can live with for your favorite meals like the sugar free sauce, veggie substitutions, lower carb bread options, etc to make them a little better for you. Once you learn these things about most foods you will encounter day to day, a more “intuitive version of eating” seems more doable in my opinion. For me the ribs are a definite non runnable red light as I have gained 3 pounds above my happy weight I am not allowing myself ANY red light or yellow light foods until I drop these three pounds (I have also cut back on my snacks for the time being to make it go a bit faster). At almost 16 months out now this is the first time I have gained past my happy weight so I am making this up as I go but so far I have lost a pound and a half with this plan so it seems to be working for me. A lot of people like to use apps like my fitness pal for logging. Like anything else It takes a while to get it set up but once you do they say it’s goes pretty quick. I did it the old fashioned way which allowed me to keep a page of frequent meals so I could quickly add those. It’s just whatever works for you. Some people on here say they take a day off each week from logging or they only log on weekdays, etc. just commit to what you can because anything is better than not logging at all.
  11. ShoppGirl

    Chips and salsa and bad eating day

    Oh really. I was thinking it could work If the salsa doesn’t just run right off. Guess you may sorta have to balance it a bit. Then again I guess you kinda do with tortillas too. Maybe put just a bit of salt on the cucumber if you miss that salty taste?? Idk sounds kinda good to me.
  12. ShoppGirl

    I can’t drink enough liquids

    They have those one ounce cups on Amazon. But the hospital actually gave me medicine cups to use. The one ounce is good to use later to measure sauces too though and to take dressing with you. One ounce is the same as two tablespoons. So when you want to count calories for salad dressings and stuff they come In handy as well as when you want to take your own lower calorie dressing with you.
  13. ShoppGirl

    I can’t drink enough liquids

    Lizonaplane covered all the suggestions of ways to get more down. If you can’t and you do start to see signs of dehydration your doctor should be able to arrange for you to get fluids as an out patient. Still Not ideal but at least it’s better than another hospital bill.
  14. I didn’t have it but from hanging out here I have learned that the pain medicine doesn’t do anything for the gas pains anyways. I have heard that heating pad and gas ex can help some but the only thing that really helps is waking.
  15. ShoppGirl

    Elite sweet doughnuts.

    Has anyone tried these protein doughnuts. I found them on Amazon?? They are pretty expensive, but… does anyone know how they figure out the net carbs? I googled it and it’s something about the sugar alcohol they use being subtracted but I’ve never heard of this.
  16. Yea. I had a doctor tell me to take Alieve (I think it was Alieve) for something post op roght after we discussed my surgery. I was like I’m not allowed to take nsaids he was like ooh yea. So even doctors make mistakes so I would just say I just want to clarify cause I was told no before.
  17. ShoppGirl

    Chips and salsa and bad eating day

    I wonder if celery dipped in salsa would be any good? Or cucumbers?? I do know that they sell baked tortilla chips at Publix that o can’t taste the difference. Still not great but better. Or you could make your own using low carb tortillas.
  18. ShoppGirl

    Pre-op diet day 1

    Yay. I remember how exciting that was for me too. This is the beginning of a life changing journey. So excited for you.
  19. ShoppGirl

    gastric bypass for reflux

    If you feel you need to see the surgeon sooner I would just call their office and tell them you need an appointment. Your paying for it so they shouldn’t care. You may also benefit quite a bit from seeing a nutritionist.
  20. ShoppGirl

    Sore shoulder?

    It’s been a day, did the pain at least ease up a bit?
  21. ShoppGirl

    Elite sweet doughnuts.

    Ooh i bet those welches ones are good. Have you tried the Albanese brand in the no sugar? I am not a huge gummy bear fan but I thought they were okay. My husband eats them often. They sometimes carry them at Walmart so you can try just one pack at least. But if you like them they are easier to find on Amazon. Just be careful cause the regular sugar ones look exactly the same it just says no sugar on one corner of the package.
  22. Don’t be nervous about missing a day, as lizonaplane said it takes a while to create a deficiency. Think about it, we get stomach flus and don’t eat right for a week and we are fine. And some people can’t take their vitamins for a couple weeks post surgery and they are fine. I agree with taking something if you can’t but don’t get too stressed about it.
  23. ShoppGirl


    As long as your allowed caffeine it should be just a matter of taste. Unless your pouch is extra fussy and doesn’t like some coffees. I like iced coffee as an afternoon pick me up which I’m sure is a little easier on the pouch than straight coffee. I drink it with Splenda and almond milk. I don’t milk except for coffee and love that almond milk has a much longer shelf life. I just tried truvia yesterday and it didn’t dissolve? I think the trick may be to dissolve it in the hot coffee before putting over ice because I have heard of plenty people using it in coffee.
  24. ShoppGirl

    Bowel Movement after Sleeve

    Like catwoman said, once you do finally go many people choose to be proactive and take something everyday to keep them moving. I took benefiber (the generic powder at Walmart is much cheeper) daily until I got closer to a normal portion size and then I weaned off of it. I never had any issues after I started the fiber. Some of us have to stay on something preventative for life.
  25. It shouldn’t matter but it did for me. Even post COVID with virtual visits so it made no sense but according to the insurance coordinator they would not accept my psychologists very detailed documentation because he didn’t weigh me each month. He documented my weight but didn’t weigh me himself. I am hopping It’s different for the OP but this was my experience.

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