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  1. Happy 39th Birthday AprilE!

  2. Happy 38th Birthday AprilE!

  3. 3 years has passed since you registered at LapBandTalk! Happy 3rd Anniversary AprilE!

  4. AprilE

    7 months, slow losing, definite progress

    I am a slooooowww loser too. Getting burned out on Curves, had to go back on birth control, and my insulin resistance med. I am hoping the Actos will counteract the weight gain from the Junel. Last visit to doc I had GAINED 4 pounds upped my fill to an 8 now. Now the doc is talking about weight loss meds. Damnit, I mean if I knew I was going to have to go on Adipex or something else, what was the point of banding? ARRRGHHH!:smile2:
  5. AprilE

    Long and slender or tiny and powerful?

    I got mine at my local xxx. shop, but I am sure they are on the internet somewhere. JT's Stockroom - Dynamo Bullet Vibrator, Micro this is a nice guide to beginner shopping, highly recommended. Ultimate Beginner's Sex Toy Guide for Women @ VibeReview
  6. AprilE

    Long and slender or tiny and powerful?

    Oh my goodness, I feel like the total macabre mistress here. I have a REAL toolbox filled to the gills with everything you can imagine.lol Some hum, some stroke, some do nothing, some have a curve, nubs, bloops, suck, spin, blow up. lmao:drool::rolleyes2: Anyways, I have two favs... my Hitachi Magic Wand...and my frosted glass gspot dildo. I also love my bullet, it is TINY, about a half size bigger than a capsule...yowza it does wonders.:girl_hug::tt1:
  7. AprilE

    PRGW NSV Thread!!!!

    What a wonderful thread. To gain your self esteem is worth its weight in gold...congratulations girls:girl_hug::rolleyes2::girl_hug::girl_hug::girl_hug::girl_hug:.
  8. AprilE


    That looks really nice SHmom! I would have thought you did it freehand!:thumbup:
  9. First of all, congratulations for making it to the surgery, think of what all you have been through to this this far...yoyo dieting, tons of get slim quick schemes, wasted money, heartbreaking failures, all for the purpose of getting YOUR life back. I know it seems like you are waving bye to eating, you really aren't, you are beginning to get yourself back, to let go of the web that has tangled your life like so many of us on here. Once you see some progress, you will NEVER want to go back to binge eating again. You just have to make a few adjustments till you get the surgery, you don't want them having to close you up and not have the band because your liver was obstructing the surgeons view right?Keep your chin up, you are SO VERY CLOSE NOW!:tt1:
  10. AprilE

    Nipple piercing

    I had inverts too, it DID help them. I preferred the barbells they were more comfortable, and were less likely to get snagged on something. I took them out for surgery, I wish I still had mine, they made my nips look great.
  11. AprilE

    who am I --help-

    First of all, congratulations on your weight loss, you have much to celebrate! I would suggest going out with friends, that way there isn't so much pressure to "find someone."If you happen to see some hottness well then that is a fringe benefit! Other support will give you the boost of confidence you need, and will also love you enough to be honest about your apparel, in the meantime, perhaps you might buy a personal type of item to keep those action moments at bay till you find the real thing!lol.:cursing:
  12. AprilE

    Ahem...very personal :)

    I would have went in with you D .I also suggest a different approach, there are plenty of DVDs out there that specialize in tantric sex, if you haven't heard of it, it falls into more of the spiritual side of sexuality. How to focus your mind, tune your body in with your mind and really explore a different kind of enjoyment. Kind of along with what Fanny is talking about where it isn't so much about the O as the journey getting there. You will also explore a deeper relationship with your partner and through a united connection you both receive pleasure. Some of them look a bit like tree huggers, but give em a chance. I have even seen seminars out in beautiful places with other couples, I would go in a heartbeat, but they usually are expensive.Just google tantric sex. :cursing:
  13. AprilE

    In memory of Denyell

    Thank you for keeping in touch with us Peter. I am sure you know that she deeply struggled with the decisions she faced. She faced her uncertainty with courage, grace, and dignity. There isn't a day I don't think of her and realize just how blessed I am. I sincerely appreciate your open mindedness about the surgery and hope that you will be able to find strength in her spirit because she lives on in this forum as a reminder to everyone what we all face. Thank you for all your time to post Peter.
  14. AprilE

    Is it selfish?

    She sincerely thought that what she was doing was for the best for her family and herself. She died and that is a horrible tragedy, but it could have been ANY of us. We can't allow uncertainty to pave our paths for us. We all know that our health is at risk the sizes that we are, choosing to lose weight by any means necessary is the most pro-active step that we can take. I pray that her family might somehow piece together the events and know that she is one of the bravest people I have ever known. She will be deeply missed and I think about her every time I log onto the site.
  15. AprilE

    Please Help!!

    It seems to me what we banders call "sliming" nice huh? Perhaps you are a bit swollen from the surgery still and everything is extra tight. Try to take it easy with soups and brothy type eats until the swelling goes down. I stress calling the doctor also. Be extra careful as to not irritate your band by eating foods you are not ready for,forcing the band or vomiting could cause slippage. I hope that you are better soon, and keep us updated.:smile: