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  1. Congrats!
    TravelerBabe reacted to abandster in Weirdest None-Scale-Victory - I'll go first   
    1. Who moved my car seat back? Oh, nobody. My butt is smaller and I'm sitting further back.
    2. What? Do gold necklaces stretch? Oh, no. My neck just got smaller and now the chain looks longer.
    3. Painting my own toenails.
    4. Fitting in most any chair.
    5. Not worrying about getting stuck in chairs with arms.
    6. Not worrying about a chair breaking (mostly outdoor chairs). Been there, done that.
  2. Congrats!
    TravelerBabe reacted to Jnfinney in Weirdest None-Scale-Victory - I'll go first   
    Wiping my own butt without breaking my back trying to reach 🤦🏼‍♀️
  3. Congrats!
    TravelerBabe reacted to sharonelaine in Coughing up Blood   
    Update: My husband went back to his doctor and he said he had a sinus infection that was causing this.
    He has lost 22lbs now and doing a lot better.

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  4. Haha
    TravelerBabe reacted to Shouldhaveknown in October surgery friends??   
    I’m having the sleeve and hernia repair done this Friday 10/1! I wasn’t nervous until probably a few days ago. The 3 week liquid diet has kept me pre-occupied with misery. Lol. I know it’s for the right reason, I’m just over the same flavors for so many days. Well, and I’d like to chew again. I’m in Wisconsin.
  5. Congrats!
    TravelerBabe reacted to LyricalWarfare in October surgery friends??   
    I’m having surgery on the 8th. Gastric sleeve and hernia repair. I’m terrified! I was approved for the lap band many moons ago and chickened out the night before. Here we are again and I’m going to need some positive reinforcement in order to go through with it, which sucks because I want this surgery so badly.
    Mine is being done by Dr. Robert Marvin in Houston, TX. ❤️
  6. Like
    TravelerBabe reacted to Elidh in Sleeve is tomorrow morning and I’m terrified   
    Jazaysha, congrats on taking this big step! You are young and have a wonderful, exciting life ahead of you! Many of us wish we had done this at an earlier age, and your courage is an inspiration to many! I was super afraid of being nauseated. I cannot take many of the common pain meds because they make me throw up. I expressed my concern to the surgeon and anesthesiologist, and they found other methods of pain management. They will give you meds for nausea before you get nauseated. Make sure you stress this ahead of surgery. Follow your bariatric team's post op nutrition plan. Your staples won’t fall out! Good luck, God bless, and let us know how you’re doing post op!

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