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  1. First of all, good luck to you! I stayed 2 nights only because it was covered for self-pay. I could've gone home the next night (yikes, not the same day) but I preferred being given meds to taking them myself. I'm not usually a pain med person but oy the nausea and thank goodness for Zofran. Walking around the hallways was key because it eased the pressure I felt from the gas. I didn't fart or burp a lot but walking did the trick. I threw up brown bile after gagging but surgeon checked and said it was normal. The worst part was the feeling in the recovery room and the vile crap they make you drink before the throat or swallow test. The rest was discomfort.
  2. I believe it was 5 months post-surgery when I craved pizza. I bought a frozen Marketplace pepperoni pizza from Sam's and cut it into 8 or 9 slices, threw each in a Zip lock bag and put it in the freezer. I could eat about 3 or 4 bites and then I was done. I still have the pizza slices in the freezer and now if I bake one, I just eat the topping. Maybe a bite of crust but mainly pepperoni and cheese. I also bought a Margherita pizza from Sam's but it's still in the box.

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