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  1. sassy pantz

    Quitting Vape/Smoking

    Our state health department offered free “quit tobacco” help with patches or gum. You might do a google search
  2. sassy pantz

    What am I doing wrong?

    Girl- you are not everyone else! I lost 30 # in my first 30 days post-op. I am a very slow loser but here I am at my 1 year surgiversary down 115#. I am 16# away from my goal and it’s ok, I’m dang proud of where I am and just try to keep ME in perspective and not focus on others.
  3. sassy pantz

    Skin question

    For me no, I only recall one shot and my rash was covering my abdomen. The only relief I got was using aloe Vera gel with lidocaine in it, it’s for bug bites or sunburn. I keep it in the fridge so it’s nice and cold.
  4. I am hypothyroid and losing slowly as well. RNY 1/21/21 and am down 22.2 since surgery. I average 1.5-3 pounds per week and wondered why it was so slow. Also had no idea about spacing out my Synthroid so thank you for sharing!

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