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  1. NSV, sex is so much better for a variety of reasons. Ha ha 😂
  2. Orig Ironman

    February 2021 bypassers?

    Hi, I went back to Tae Kwon Do for the first time in A year now that I have my Covid vaccination. I can't believe how easy it was to do the stretches. My stomach used to be in the way but now that it is so much smaller I seem more flexible. I had a bit of a stall this past month because of deadlines at work and deviating from the eating plan. Getting back to TKD should help with the exercise and I will just have to be better about avoiding carbs.
  3. Orig Ironman

    February 2021 bypassers?

    Where did everyone go? I hope everyone is doing well. I'm 8 weeks out at this point down 30lbs. I had a few stalls but just checked my diet and got back on track with protein and water intake and a few more walks. I got Covid as well and was not feeling well for a week thankfully it was pretty mild. I went for a couple of 1 mile runs for the first time since surgery this week as well. Feeling good and looking good. I'm still craving bad foods especially at night. I tried to fast from 8pm -8 am and that lasted a day to try to keep from snacking. So I'm just trying to have better snacks than my go to chips. Greek Yogurt or apple and peanut butter or the jello sugar free pudding cups. But definitely craving salt and crunch.
  4. Orig Ironman

    February 2021 bypassers?

    Hi, how is everyone doing. It's been a few weeks. I'm a bit frustrated. I got down to 282 and then bounced back up to 286. I'm not eating a ton but I have had bits of bread here and there. I'm trying to focus back more on protein and water but it is difficult to pass up on simethimgs my family is having or I just didn't get to the grocery this week to get the right snacks. What is everyone else doing?
  5. Orig Ironman

    February 2021 bypassers?

    I dont mean to imply that anyone should exercise prior to everything inside is healed I'm 6 weeks post op at this point.
  6. Orig Ironman

    February 2021 bypassers?

    How is everyone this weekend. Anyone having trouble staying motivated to exercise. Any tips or suggestions? My tip that I'm having trouble with. I was at a wellness retreat for three weeks. The trainer gave me a very simple total body workout 4 exercises in a circuit 4 sets with 1 min rest between sets 10-20 push exercise( push up or shoulder press) 10-20 pull exercise( some kind of back row pull ups) 10_20 ab exercise( twist or crunch) 10-20 leg (squats or step back lunge) 1 min rest repeat It only takes 10-15 minutes gets some strength and some some cardio all in one.
  7. Orig Ironman

    February 2021 bypassers?

    Oh man I think I got the flu or something, I feel like crap. I got a covid test but still waiting for results. I hope everyone else is taking advantage of the warmer weather.
  8. Orig Ironman

    February 2021 bypassers?

    I had same concerns and felt like I was going to be able to eat everything. Liquid moves through pretty quick. Even most of the puree I did moved through pretty quick. The soft food week was rough trying to gage how many bites would fill me. It is still rough, trying to figure how much food will fill without giving me a lump in my chest for an hour. When you eat real food you will notice the limit of your stomach. I had surgery 1/28. Been eating solid for a few weeks. Everyman I have to remember to eat slow and stop when you start to feel even a little uncomfortable.
  9. Orig Ironman

    Major stall!!

    Thank you everyone this helped me get through my stall. Between 3.5 and 5 weeks post op I wasn't losing any weight. I was transitioning from puree to real food. Upping protein and water is what I think helped the most. The body has to adjust. Thanks everyone.
  10. Orig Ironman

    February 2021 bypassers?

    Think 22 I hope everything goes well. I had surgery 1/28. I had a stall last week and a half as I transitioned in the diet stages to regular foods. Body has to adjust to all that new food after 2 months of protein shakes I guess. Luckily yesterday and today I dropped a few pounds. Notes in other posts on upping water and protein intake helped alot. Good luck to all of you and there is light at the end of the liquid diet tunnel.
  11. I am 42 M and had similar thoughts. I put off even considering surgery for 3 years. I tried a bunch of dieting and exercise medications testosterone etc. I was pretty healthy at 29. I did sprint triathlons t try to stay in shape but couldn't really lose the weight. Then at 40 I had high blood pressure, borderline cholesterol issues, sleep apnea, tendonitis in my ankles, which got worse with more weight, knee problems. I was not going to become diabetic like my parents etc. I am only 5 weeks past surgery but I'm down 55lbs from my heaviest weight and down 23 from my surgery weight. I feel great. I'm down 2 pant sizes, my blood pressure is so good I don't need the meds anymore, my tendinitis is way better. My wife and I are happier if you know what I mean. Yes I miss eating big portions of food and I miss some foods that I won't be eating for quite a while, but everything I have gained in the last two months is way more valuable to my quality of life than the bites I am not taking. I can speak to long term effects but the short term now is well worth it. Maintaing the diet is some work but it is a relief that I don't have to worry whether or not I'm going to see results this week. There are challenges to navigate but the benefits to your lifestyle are so much better. Plus we are saving a decent amount of money on groceries and there is always leftovers for lunch.
  12. Orig Ironman

    February 2021 bypassers?

    Hello everyone, I had my surgery 1/28. So today I started my soft food phase, eggs for breakfast, turkey slices for lunch with apple sauce. Dinner was some chicken strifry. It was great to eat again and funny to be full after 8 or 10 bites. Just reminding everyone that the restricted diets do end and things return to slightly normal. The end result is worth it to be down so much weight. Good luck on everyone's upcoming surgeries.
  13. Just to be clear, employers cannot require you to provide a reason for any leave time. Just say peace out, see you in a few weeks. I am aware that many friendly bosses or HR people will ask where you are going on vacation or if everything is OK. But the answers to those questions are up to you.
  14. I tried alot of different things the last three years nothing stuck. I didn't understand WLS and thought it would be dangerous, and that it was some kind of easy way out. When I decided to learn more about WLS I thought I would never make all the lifestyle changes required and that it would be dangerous and I was going to hurt myself not following diet restrictions. My point is this was not any easy decision to come to, this was a difficult process that takes committment and strength and sacrifice to improve my health so I can enjoy my life and be as active as I want. I was ashamed and didn't tell anyone before surgery, but the more I go through I realize I'm Strong AF. I will tell people if they ask and if they want to talk bad about me they can kiss my size 14's. I'm not ashamed anymore.
  15. Orig Ironman

    Sugar Free/fake sweeteners drinks

    I was a 2 liter or more a day diet coke drinker and I don't like coffee either. A few months before surgery I had stopped drinking Diet Coke it was so hard. But aspartame did alot of weird things to my digestion and I felt so much better when I stopped. Now I like hint water which is fruit infused water no calories available on Amazon, I like raspberry, blackberry, peach. Green apple has a kick and I do not like the watermelon. After surgery diluting the apple or can grape juice is nice. Squeezing lemon in the water is good. Also drinking the chicken broth is satisfying as a drink. I had a couple of rootbeers before surgery but that won't be happening again.

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