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  1. My gastric sleeve surgery journey has been far from easy. Since having surgery on December 14th , I contracted COVID-19 which made me very sick for a week. At two weeks post op I began to experience chronic nausea and vomiting endlessly day and night. It was so severe to I could not drink anything regardless of its contents or temperature. Simply being awake would evoke a violent episode of vomiting which turned into stomach acid as I was unable to consume liquids. This episode lasted for 2 weeks before I had to go to the hospital as I was deteriorating . I was admitted into the hospital for 7 days and was also diagnosed with acute pancreatitis along with my Covid-19 positive test which confirmed my suspicions early on. I ended up being sent home on a PICC line with TPN for 5 days to gain the strength to eat and drink again. Currently I am off TPN and have been drinking and eating foods with no issues. However, I still physically feel off . I feel tingly and numb throughout the days. I feel disconnected from everything , not mentally but more so physically. My body just doesn't feel grounded. My head always feels tense. I am not sure what I should do to feel "normal again." I know its allot to take in information wise , but any insight or suggestions would be greatly appreciated .