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    I am married, have 2 teenage boys, live in Nebraska
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    I love to crosstitch, go to movies and watch reality shows
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  1. billiesosilly

    My only worry

    I am getting banded this Tuesday and my only worry is that my Liver will be too fatty for the Dr. to perform the band. I don't know why, I mean my last liver enzyme test came back fine but when I went to see my surgeon in my last visit before my surgery he told me I went up in weight but I did lose 3 lbs on the slim fast 2 week diet I did until tonight. Tomorrow I am clear liquids and then surgery Tuesday. Has anyone had this problem?
  2. billiesosilly

    I'm a Cornhusker!

    The lap band is reverseable if needed but what keeps the weight maintained is that there is a port implanted under your skin and you get waht they call a "fill" every so often like at first, 3-4 per year and then after that about only 1 per year and what it does is it cinhes up that band so that you feel fuller faster each time they fill it otherwise over time it would stretch out a little at a time.
  3. billiesosilly

    I'm a Cornhusker!

    I think Dr. Hung charges a total of around $16,000-$18,000 total for the entire surgery and then if you are self pay, you will also have to pay for your fills.
  4. billiesosilly

    Insurance Rejection!

    Hi Kellbelle, Don't get discouraged...........fight fight fight!!!!!!!!!! I have written an appeal letter and had 2 of my Dr.'s submitt letters for me. I will fight until they approve me! I have Midlands Choice Insurance. If you need any help or advice let me know. It is cool that you are a Dr. Hung patient too. Why Dr. Hung and not an Omaha Dr.? I was told that there is a female Dr. in Omaha that is awesome, I can't think fo her name though. Talk to ya soon ~Billie~
  5. I have been denied by my insurance company b/c they say that it is NOT medically necessary and that I have not done enough "physician controlled dieting". I have done almost every diet imaginable but b/c I did them on my own it is not good enough. I have a BMI of 52! I am 340 lbs however otherwise, pretty much healthy. I am NOT diebetic, nor do I have high cholesterol, I do have sleep apnea though. I am at my wits end with them, any advice? Thanks!
  6. billiesosilly

    New and scheduled.....

    HI Kat, I am a newbie here too. I am not scheduled yet but I am waiting on insurance to respond and then I am all set. I am a 31 year old mother of 2 teenage boys, ages 13 & 14 and I weigh 340. I am SO EXCITED about this surgery it is unreal BUT I am also SO SCARED and worried. I am sure we will both do fiine and be happier healthier women whan it is all over! Billie from Nebraska
  7. billiesosilly

    I'm a Cornhusker!

    I live in Lincoln, Nebraska and have gone through all of the preliminary procedures for lap band surgery. I am just now waiting on insurance approval. I started my journey this past February and had a bad experience with a psychologist here in town who did not approve me for the surgery. My surgeon then sent me to a different one who was wonderful! Other than that, I have had no problems and I regularly attend pre-op and post-op support groups at a local hospital here in town. I am so excited, I can't wait! My surgeon is Dr. Benjamin Hung here in Lincoln. If there are any fellow Nebraskan's who have questions or just want someone to talk to about it, let me know, I am here for ya! Billie:)
  8. billiesosilly


    My primary insurance carrier did not offer WLS coverage either however my secondary does. For people who do not have insurance coverage here in Nebraska, the surgeon I go through sets you up as a self pay patient and gets you a loan through a bank and then does not keep you overnight, just shy of it so that you are not charged so much for the surgery. Talk to your surgeon about other options, don't give up hope, there is always a way! Billie
  9. Hi. I am getting ready to have lap band surgey in April. I am very excited to have this done. I have been overweight since I was 9 years old. I am now 31 and weigh over 300 lbs. I have a BMI of 48-50! I have tried SEVERAL diets and other things to lose but nothing has halped like I know this will. I am scared of how much of a change it is in your life but I know that I can do it! I have the support of my husband, my 2 boys and my mother. I am looking forward to getting to know alot of you and your expieriences with lap band surgery and how each of your lives have changed since you have had the surgery. Sincerely,

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