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  1. @Lussa I was in your shoes last year with surgeries being postponed. I ended up having to schedule a couple months out and by then I was able to get it. Honestly I am a believer that things happen in the time they are supposed to happen and usually go better than I could imagine! Praying this for your surgery!
  2. When is your surgery?
  3. Have you ever lost that much in less than a month? I’ve had to learn to keep perspective too 😊
  4. Did you lose anything in the pre-op liquid diet? I lost about 15 and then like 10 the first week. After that it was 2 weeks before I lost anything. I called crying. They told me to just trust my body because it had just went through trauma. It is like what in the world did you just do to me?!? It will come off! Stay off google and don’t compare to other people. Stress can affect weight loss too. It gets easier!
  5. I second the PB2!!!! I put it in a fairlife chocolate protein drink! It is like a treat! I’m going to try a little instant coffee once I get to the store and blend it.
  6. Here is me just shy of my heaviest of 365 lbs. I started my Weight loss journey June 2020. I lost about 35 pre surgery which was January 4, 2021. I also have had to have a revision due to a perforated ulcer mid July. I am now down a total of 120 lbs. it’s amazing the difference I feel. My 5 year old can actually sit in my lap… because I have one now! I can see my feet when I weigh myself. I don’t have to lean against a wall to wipe after using the bathroom, or to clean myself in the shower. I can buckle my seatbelt with out getting out of breath. I now consider myself ‘normal’ fat because I actually blend in with a crowd rather than standing out as the largest in a room! I’m sure I could go on but I am so glad I did this!
  7. I had my rny in January. Only a couple months later I started to develop ulcers. Last week I went to the ER with increased pain to find that even with treatment I had one ulcer that had perforated. I had to have an emergency revision. I can totally relate as I dropped 10 lbs in one week and the pain has definitely been more intense. I also had some constipation issues so they gave me magnesium citrate which helped. This has been hard because I was just feeling like a normal human after 6 months and I literally am starting over 😂 I hope you have a speedy recovery!
  8. I’m just curious to see if there is anyone from Omaha on this forum.
  9. I had a gastric bypass in January of this year. After that one of my most favorite snacks were the quest protein chips! They have almost 20 g of protein and 150 cal. So so so good! I just had to have a revision last week due to a perforated ulcer. My new favorite is cottage cheese with powdered peanut butter, or cottage cheese with some sugar-free Jell-O sprinkled over it!
  10. CKmommy

    slowwwww weight loss

    When my weight loss slow down, my nutritionist actually recommended increasing my calories. It’s possible you are not feeding yourself enough with all the physical activity you are getting.
  11. CKmommy

    Surgeon Disappointed 😞

    I only lost 15 my first month. I am 6 months out and have lost 85 total although 10 of it is after a revision last week as an emergency. I had a perforated ulcer which is rare. Do you still work with a nutritionist? If not I highly recommend it. Mine has been awesome! Especially when I had stalls and felt really down like you. They kept telling me that my body has had significant trauma from surgery and is trying to figure out what the heck just happened. I agree with a comment above about it being a marathon. I thought I was losing slow but to see my total weight loss after 6 months I feel better. Maybe put your scale away and weigh in once a month. Also track your NSV’s. I had 6 weeks of no weight loss but I went down a whole pant size!
  12. Yeah they told me I will probably need a revision.
  13. Yeah I actually had a successful fundoplication 21 years ago and as bad as my reflux was then I never had ulcers. The bypass is usually the next step after a fundoplication if it’s just for GERD so I shouldn’t be having issues. I guess it’s really rare. I am on a PPI and also carafate which we just switched to the liquid today because I’m getting worse and not better. If this doesn’t work I’m not sure what they will do as far as the actual ulcers go.
  14. CKmommy

    Pork and Ground Beef

    Interesting enough I tolerate pork and ground beef way better than chicken! I was able to start trying different meats within a couple months

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