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  1. CapK

    6 Months and Stalled

    I hit Onderland today!!!
  2. CapK

    6 Months and Stalled

    Wow! That's really low calorie. By 6 months out I was expected to hit 1000-1200 per day. These days a "high day" is 1300 cal and a low day is 1000. I find if you eat too little, your body stalls faster too because it thinks you are starving. I try to vary each day by at least 100 calories when I am paying attention and actually loosing. So glad to hear you are going down again this week. That's wonderful! And yes, I agree. On a longer stall, I have totally slipped into the mindset of "Oh well, guess that's it for weight loss. At least I weigh less than I have since I was 19!" I mean, I wouldn't even mind stopping loosing weight at 180. At my height that's still way too much but 102lbs down would be such an amazing thing regardless.
  3. Congrats!! How wonderful! I am almost at onederland too. Hoping to loose the final pound to hit it this week.
  4. CapK

    6 Months and Stalled

    I broke my stall and lost 5lbs at the end of June. Then I stalled again and lost nothing for the longest time. A couple weeks ago, I had a rough patch and started snacking on junk thanks to some meds I was put on making me constantly hungry. I saw the scale go up by 4lbs. This week, I decided to go back to "the beginning". I am doing 2 shakes a day and then really good dinner and snacks. I lost that 4lbs and am down almost another lb. SO CLOSE to 199.9. I have been itching to get below 200 as well. Sitting at 201.0 this morning. Are you counting your cal/carbs to see if you are above or below your target? I noticed when I stopped counting, I slacked on eating as well. Edited to change the month from July to June. I stalled for SO long!
  5. CapK

    Cap Progress Photos

  6. CapK

    6 Months and Stalled

    Suddenly this week I started dropping again. 4lbs in 5 days. Woohoo!! Stinking stalls 😕
  7. CapK

    6 Months and Stalled

    LOL! Right? I had to sweep before vacuuming to save my poor vacuum too.
  8. CapK

    6 Months and Stalled

    It was breaking and at tons of different lengths so I had to cut it and some spots are looking super thin! Since Ontario is still locked up, my husband attempted a cut... I had to shave it pretty short to save that. LOL! I am sorry to hear you are in the same boat as me. I am starting to use Diet Doctor's meal planning so hopefully just really watching what I am eating will help. I hear you. To be fair, I stopped right around the same time as we moved and I stopped tracking my intake. I might have bumped my count into maintenance. I am starting to track again this week. I don't feel like I was overdoing it, but I might have surprised myself as I am more careful when I actually see the numbers. Photo below showing off the haircut I had to resort to and a massive change in fit on one of my favourite sweaters from before. First photo was the day I made the top and how long it was, right around my heaviest weight. Second photo was a couple days ago. Lol, I might have shrunk in height cause its a dress now!
  9. I have been stalled for about 6 weeks. So, from about the 5.5 month mark until almost 7 months out from bypass. I don't know what to do to break this stall and it's starting to feel like maybe this is just the end of the weight loss from surgery? I am down 73lbs which I know is a lot, but I still have a lot to go. At 5,2 I should be 110-130 and that's 80-100lbs away. Any suggestions? Encouragement? Also, I am loosing horrendous amounts of hair. Have been for almost 4 months! I thought that was supposed to end after 3 months or so of loosing hair.
  10. Hope your protein intake gets easier soon! I couldn't do protein shakes and had a lot of nausea with meat for a while. At one point I was surviving on sugar free jello, greek yogurt and Fairlife (high protein) milk. If you can't handle meat, back off of it and get protein other places for a bit. Then try again when you are a bit further out.
  11. CapK

    NSV: Shopping

    Awesome job everyone!! I ordered 16's and was expecting them to be way too small. Almost cried when they fit perfectly! Skipped the 18s, hoping to skip 14's and not buy again till 12s.
  12. Chicken Fajitas, sans wrap... Tasted amazing!!
  13. CapK


    Congrats!! I also got my surgery in December (the 17th) and am 58lbs down. It's crazy to see the difference in such a short period of time! You look gorgeous in that top
  14. CapK


    Hope you are doing better today? I ended up in the ER with dumping once. Thankfully I haven't had such a severe attack since. Sadly, it can last a long time. Mine was about 12 hours of pain. If you can find what triggered it, avoid that food for a while and try it again in a couple months. My ER visit was New Years Eve/Day and now I can have the food that made me sick. Other's I had that day just bring back the memory and I can't even stomach them though.
  15. Ate a piece of broccoli before taking the photo. Oops! 1 oz basmati rice, 3.5 oz chicken teriyaki, 2.5 oz veggies. I ate it all! Love when it looks like a huge plate of food, but it's a small desert plate that I used. lol

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