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  1. 43 minutes ago, Jaelzion said:

    Hi there!

    I had my surgery in March 2019 and I've never regretted it for a second.

    Your post-op eating plan will be up to your surgeon but almost everyone is back to a regular diet by the six week mark. For me, it was one week of Clear Liquids, one week of full liquids, then two weeks of soft food and then to regular food, as tolerated. "Regular" is relative though, my surgeon's eating plan is moderately low carb, so no bread, rice, Pasta or sweets.

    I can't lie, the pre-op liquid diet sucked. It was tough but I powered through it (with one slip along the way). The post-op liquid diet wasn't hard for me at all because I had no hunger. I didn't even want food in those first few days.

    I'm not sure about the Protein Shake, I buy ready-to-drink, LOL.

    I've lost 124 pounds, my health is much better, I have my mobility back, I can shop anywhere, I was able to have the knee replacement I needed, my overall quality of life is improved in every way. For me, it's more than worth it.

    Only you can weigh the pros and cons to decide if it's worth it for you, but it's rare to hear anyone say they regret having the surgery. I wish you well in making the best decision. Hugs. 🤗

  2. Hi! I’m scheduled to have sleeve surgery on 12/29, & I’m having serious 2nd thoughts!
    Has anyone who has had sleeve surgery regretted it?

    How long until you can eat “regular” food?

    Was the 7 days of liquid diet terrible?

    I have clear, unflavored Protein Powder - what do I mix it with to make a Protein Shake?

    is it worth it in the end?

    Your responses will be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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