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    Thank you so much! Your words brought me so much comfort! And, you are right - this first week is rough, but definitely seeing the small improvements each day. Best wishes to you! I'm rooting for you, too! I hope your first month is going really well! 🙂
  2. mamabear_2_2


    Hooray we’re surgery twins! 😀 when do you start your Pre-op diet?
  3. mamabear_2_2

    Any August 2021 Bypassers?

    So excited to be joining you all! My surgery is scheduled for August 23rd. It’s been a long six month wait but now seems like it’ll be here any day!
  4. Hello friends! I'm feeling a bit devastated this morning. I just went to my fifth of six required appointments for my insurance. I had gained four pounds 😭. I am two days from "that time of the month" and am SUPER bloated. I can go up 7-10lbs this week of the month easily due to bloat. My previous few appts had been phone visits, so this is my first recorded weight in the office since Feb. I asked the doctor if she thinks I will get denied by insurance. She said maybe. She said she does see them take into account the final weigh in and compare it to the first, but they could deny me for this one weigh-in. She did note that my weight on my scale at home was lower than theirs and I was bloated. She said she couldn't make any promises. Don't get me wrong, I do blame myself 100% for this. I am just frustrated because I have been making positive changes. I have been being careful about not overeating and choosing healthier foods, I walk 15-30 mins each day and have been tracking about half the time (I need to work on this). I've been cooking healthier dishes, swapped to a smaller plate and utensils, dropped almost all of the sugar out of my diet, but the scale just doesn't like to move for me unless I go to extreme measures. This has always been the case for me. I have been making food and non-food changes to set myself up for success - ex. - I recently changed jobs to take a less stressful position because I recognized my previous job was allowing no time to think/act on healthier changes (was working 60 r weeks). I am in the second week of this new job. So, I am just feeling incredibly disappointed in myself and really sad that all of this work the last five months may come down to these stupid four pounds. Again, I own it - I'm not blaming anyone but myself. This is just hard. And it SUCKS. So, I've cried my eyeballs out and now am trying to move forward and make this last month really count. I am determined to drop 10-15lbs before my next appt. Has anyone else gone through this? I have Premera BCBS through Amazon. I am in NC. If my end weight is lower than the first do you think I will get denied? Come hell or high water I WILL weigh less next month! Thanks for listening ❤️
  5. mamabear_2_2

    I "snuck" having WLS

    This. I am still pre-surgery, but I think a lot about this. I am planning on telling NO ONE but my husband (he already knows of course). Not even ONE other soul will know. So, I feel like I will avoid part of the rude comments, etc from family whom have made my body the focus of scrutiny and conversations since I was a kid. I do worry though how I will react to the potential compliments and praise I may receive on weight loss. I’ve been both skinny and fat and I can say with out a doubt when I was thin I was treated WAY better by family, friends, co-workers, etc. it’s a really messed up thing. I worry how cynical I may become and almost spiteful to my family over any positive comments. Def considering working with a therapist before and after WLS to help.
  6. Hi everyone! I’m early in my journey - just completed the required seminar yesterday and spoke to my insurance company today to confirm wls is covered - it is! Hooray! The surgeon I am planning to meet with Is Dr. Bauman in Concord, NC. Has anyone been a patient with him? I know things are a bit different with COVID, but curious how long it takes to get an initial consultation after the seminar? My insurance (BCBS) said they would not require anything special in addition to the surgeons requirements, any thoughts on what Dr. Bauman requires and how long the process may take? Thanks! 🙂

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