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  1. Oh no! I’m sorry you’re going through this, too! Did your dr mention anything about the weight affecting your approval? Crossing my fingers and toes for you! Keep us updated!!!
  2. I feel you! Jumping through hoops gets old!! Best of luck to you! June 4 will be here before you know it and then you’ll be off to the races! 😃😃😃
  3. mamabear_2_2

    Update On Me (Surgery: 5/19/21)

    So glad things are going well for you! ❤️Please keep us updated! The details are incredibly helpful for those of us per-surgery! Take care!
  4. mamabear_2_2

    No more boobs

    I was trained as a bra and mastectomy patient fitter while I was in grad school. Please don't be shy or embarrassed! Fitters truly do see it all! It made my heart so happy each time I was able to help a woman, cancer patient or not, walk away with an undergarment (and/or prosthetic) that not only fit well but helped them feel better, too! Most fitters take a lot of pride in being of service and helping women feel great about themselves and know how important well-fitting undergarments can be! 😊
  5. mamabear_2_2

    Aetna denial

    JaysWife - how did things turn out for you? I hope you were able to get your approval!
  6. Thank you lizonaplane! I appreciate the encouragement. You are right - at this point I've got to get my head in the game and focus on eating clean. Just had steamed veggies and grilled chicken for lunch w/ an apple and tracked in MFP. I recently started reading A Pound of Cure by Dr. Weiner and am determined to adopt this style of eating now and after surgery (fingers crossed!). Best of luck to you at your next weigh in! My dr.'s office has consistently shown me 5 lbs higher than my scale at home. I weigh myself before I go w/ the same clothes, etc. to compare. I hope things go well! Looking at your ticker it looks like you've made some amazing progress!Congrats!!! 😃 Do you have a surgery date yet?
  7. Hello friends! I'm feeling a bit devastated this morning. I just went to my fifth of six required appointments for my insurance. I had gained four pounds 😭. I am two days from "that time of the month" and am SUPER bloated. I can go up 7-10lbs this week of the month easily due to bloat. My previous few appts had been phone visits, so this is my first recorded weight in the office since Feb. I asked the doctor if she thinks I will get denied by insurance. She said maybe. She said she does see them take into account the final weigh in and compare it to the first, but they could deny me for this one weigh-in. She did note that my weight on my scale at home was lower than theirs and I was bloated. She said she couldn't make any promises. Don't get me wrong, I do blame myself 100% for this. I am just frustrated because I have been making positive changes. I have been being careful about not overeating and choosing healthier foods, I walk 15-30 mins each day and have been tracking about half the time (I need to work on this). I've been cooking healthier dishes, swapped to a smaller plate and utensils, dropped almost all of the sugar out of my diet, but the scale just doesn't like to move for me unless I go to extreme measures. This has always been the case for me. I have been making food and non-food changes to set myself up for success - ex. - I recently changed jobs to take a less stressful position because I recognized my previous job was allowing no time to think/act on healthier changes (was working 60 r weeks). I am in the second week of this new job. So, I am just feeling incredibly disappointed in myself and really sad that all of this work the last five months may come down to these stupid four pounds. Again, I own it - I'm not blaming anyone but myself. This is just hard. And it SUCKS. So, I've cried my eyeballs out and now am trying to move forward and make this last month really count. I am determined to drop 10-15lbs before my next appt. Has anyone else gone through this? I have Premera BCBS through Amazon. I am in NC. If my end weight is lower than the first do you think I will get denied? Come hell or high water I WILL weigh less next month! Thanks for listening ❤️
  8. mamabear_2_2

    Update on my post op appointment

    So glad you are on the mend! Been following this thread hoping all was well! Will keep you in my prayers as you heal up!
  9. mamabear_2_2

    I "snuck" having WLS

    This. I am still pre-surgery, but I think a lot about this. I am planning on telling NO ONE but my husband (he already knows of course). Not even ONE other soul will know. So, I feel like I will avoid part of the rude comments, etc from family whom have made my body the focus of scrutiny and conversations since I was a kid. I do worry though how I will react to the potential compliments and praise I may receive on weight loss. I’ve been both skinny and fat and I can say with out a doubt when I was thin I was treated WAY better by family, friends, co-workers, etc. it’s a really messed up thing. I worry how cynical I may become and almost spiteful to my family over any positive comments. Def considering working with a therapist before and after WLS to help.
  10. Hello friends! I am about halfway through my weight management program and am looking forward to (fingers crossed!) being approved for RNY in late June. My question for you all: I read these boards daily and I read a lot about the struggles and challenges after surgery (let’s say first six months) - I’m trying to keep a positive mindset about the first few months and was curious if you’d share besides weight loss what have the BEST side effects been for you? What can us newbies look forward to in those first six months outside of weight loss? I know a lot of this is going to be a mental process so appreciate you sharing! ❤️
  11. This! Only my husband knows (I’m pre-op still going through ins reqs) and this is why I won’t tell anyone else. I am a very private person and prefer to keep information about my body private for the most part. I don’t think it’s anyone’s business and don’t want to be the ongoing topic of conversation for my very nosy and gossipy family - we live in a very small town to boot. They all share EVERYTHiNG and my preference for privacy has been a point of contention before, so it might be tough because this is a physical change but worth it.
  12. mamabear_2_2

    Home from the hospital

    Hope you get feeling better soon!
  13. mamabear_2_2

    Surgery Done!!

    Good luck and congrats!!!
  14. Hi everyone! Im currently in month two of my six month insurance approval period (have to do six months of weight management). The first month went by quickly and even though I’m a ways out from my RNY surgery I’d like to get a jump on getting mentally and physically prepared. What advice do you all have for using this wait as productively as possible? Here’s my plan so far: 1. I’m 40 yrs old and currently around 280lb (5’9’’). And around a 41 BMI. I have sleep apnea, so insurance will allow me to have surgery as long as my BMI is 35 (or for me around 240lbs-ish). I’d like to work on losing down to around this point by my last appt which is June 23. This is the weight I can usually get to before regaining it all back. Thinking if I can get to that point before surgery I’ll be in a better situation to get to my goal quicker and it’s something I’ve been able to accomplish before (just not past that point without failing - ugh!) 2. To do this I’m planning to start tracking using My Fitness Pal and begin prioritizing protein and veggies/fruits and last carbs. Thinking I need to go ahead and get into this mindset as early as possible. I meet the nutritionist in early March and will also akin her her recommendations at that point. 3. Start establishing a fitness routine - thinking some walking until I lose a bit of weight - I have hip and knee trouble. What other advice do you have? Any other habits or things you advise I should do to keep myself moving towards being ready for this life change (mental and physical) and staying motivated in this rather depressing COVID world? Thanks everyone!!!! 😊😊😊😊
  15. Hi everyone! I’m early in my journey - just completed the required seminar yesterday and spoke to my insurance company today to confirm wls is covered - it is! Hooray! The surgeon I am planning to meet with Is Dr. Bauman in Concord, NC. Has anyone been a patient with him? I know things are a bit different with COVID, but curious how long it takes to get an initial consultation after the seminar? My insurance (BCBS) said they would not require anything special in addition to the surgeons requirements, any thoughts on what Dr. Bauman requires and how long the process may take? Thanks! 🙂

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