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  1. Samym

    Kaiser SB

    Hi! Im doing really well. Its 3 weeks and down 11 pounds. Im going to be one of those slow losers, but as long as Im losing its good. I dont have any issues eating or drinking. Yay which is what I was worried about. As for your hubby dont worry about him. You keep doing you… you are doing amazing.
  2. Samym

    Kaiser SB

    I had my appointment back in February with my surgeon and just had my surgery the 2nd of June due to the backlog from Covid.
  3. Samym


    Thank you
  4. Do I count my protein shakes and watery soups as part of my daily liquid, I am supposed to have 60/60 but not sure how to count it.
  5. Samym

    June Surgeries

    Good luck to all the Junies surgeries!! Stay strong and positive. This is an exciting time for all of is on our new journeys. ❤️
  6. Samym

    Kaiser SB

    I actually finished in December. I didnt meet with surgeon until February due to Covid. I got a call from his nurse 4 weeks ago and I get surgery on Wednesday. It took longer due to backlog and they where not allowed to do the surgery in Ontario Kaiser until recently.
  7. Samym

    June Surgeries

    Im having mine done June 2nd. Just waiting to hear what time I have to show up. Excited and nervous and feeling anxious.
  8. Hi there any surgery buddies? Having surgery on 6/2. I was super excited to do the classes, get approved right away, and finally get a date since I have been waiting since December. I got my self ready shakes, protein water, vitamins and broth. Took 3 weeks off work to recoup. Now I am super nervous and having anxiety. I read so many good post and some bad. I know I shouldn’t be doing that to myself, but like to know what to expect. How are you all coping and getting yourselves ready for surgery?
  9. Samym

    June Surgeries

    I am on June 2nd also 😬
  10. Samym

    Kaiser SB

    Oh no! I hope you get better soon. I got sick after my 2nd second one. Im glad I got it out of the way before surgery. I dont want anything else to be stressed over.
  11. Samym

    Kaiser SB

    They didnt say I had to quarantine, but I work at a bank and around a lot of people. So not sure if I should just work from home before my Covid test on 31st. I only have to do the day before surgery liquids only.
  12. Having surgery on June 2nd. Where you asked to quarantine before surgery and Covid test?
  13. Samym

    Kaiser SB

    Hi! Did you have quarantine before surgery?
  14. Samym

    June Surgeries

    I was told I would be out 3 weeks which he gave me doctors note for. Which is ok with me lets me get my routine before I go back. Im staying one night in the hospital and only have to do liquids the day before surgery. Im so glad. I was worried about having to do it for 2 weeks.
  15. Samym

    June Surgeries

    I am going through the same thing. Everyday I read about what to expect, what do I need, what can go wrong...its alot. I have my preop today with the surgeons office. Hopefully that goes well. Im excited to have the surgery. Just scared of the changes afterwards.

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