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  1. Yes, I gifted myself new Art supplies for my new Art Desk and Raycon wireless earbuds so I can listen to an audiobook while painting or drawing and maybe start a You Tube channel or something! (I am out of work due to the Covid thing. I was a Daycare Teacher) I am trying to get inspired to do something new and different with my life and not go back to the old/bad ways from BEFORE 😉😁
  2. JenaJinx

    Is dating a thing anymore?

    I really hope to date again, but yea with the whole covid thing, me being in my 40s with a teen son, it might be a challenge. But, I have gone so long without a loving companion, I want to meet someone, chat, get to know them, and when we can, meet in person and maybe have a relationship again! Also, meeting other WLS people would be great because we KNOW what its all about and what we go thru! ❤️ love to all!
  3. Hi everyone, I hope you are all doing well in this craziness we call Covid. I am 4 weeks post op in Connecticut and would really like to meet others in my area! I am in my 40s and would love to chat with people. We are all so isolated these days, It would be fun for a Zoom chat meeting or something where we can share with each other. 🤭
  4. JenaJinx

    Post-op rash

    Same here! It started about 2 weeks post op and finally resolve this week (4 week post op) I had the surgical glue, and yes it seemed I had a reaction to it. The incisions themselves were not itchy, just around them were the glue was and then most of my stomach would get hives and rash for about 2 weeks. It was itchy hell. I spoke to the doc and they said to take benedryl. They did not seem concerned either. I just hope I am not allergic to the surgical glue forever now....if I ever do plastics, I will make sure I tell them about the rash 😮😖
  5. JenaJinx


    I am 4 weeks post op right now and have lost 24 lbs. I hope to see it start going down more, the last week I didn't lose any more. But I am still just begining!
  6. I am having this issue too, I am 4 weeks post op and still not really wanting to do much. I know I should go walking and this week will start going around my neighborhood. Its always been an issue my whole life 😖
  7. JenaJinx

    November 2020 sleevers

    OH whew! thank you, my doc did not say anything like that to me. This makes me feel better
  8. JenaJinx

    November 2020 sleevers

    Hi everyone, I have a question. I haven't lost anything really since week 2 post op. What would stall weight loss? Not enough protein? not enough water? Not sure which it is because I am struggling with both at the moment. Also, not doing much in the way of exercise might be an issue as well. I am 4 weeks post op now. Any positive suggestions are welcome! Thanks Also, anyone have issues with the incision where they take the stomach out still bruising? I was watching a comedy show the other night and after laughing hard, that incision was aching abit the bruise got a little more pronounced again....weird.
  9. JenaJinx

    New England Anyone?

    Me too....is there anyone in New England? LOL
  10. JenaJinx

    November 2020 sleevers

    Hi everyone! I had my surgery on Nov. 10th and I am feeling great! On puree diet now and its so much better than the liquids. I was hungry all the time.
  11. JenaJinx

    Progress Pics

    All I can say is UGH.

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