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  1. It sounds like your husband was trying to sound witty at the spur of the moment, but the fact that this has hurt you is very valid. However, the fact that you can’t talk this out in a loving way is very concerning. Since there seem to be some very deep issues here, I would really suggest marriage counseling. You both need to feel safe and accepted when something needs to be worked out, and counseling can give you that safe space.

  2. I think I'm an unusual case. I had RNY three months ago. I can eat almost anything, as long as it's in moderation. The only time I have "dumped" is when I foolishly scarfed down a bagel from Dunkin' Donuts when I was in a hurry to eat at work before a meeting. If I had chewed slowly and mindfully, and only eaten half the bagel with cream cheese, I would have tolerated it with no issues. I love my surgery. One of my worst fears pre-surgery is that I wouldn't be able to enjoy Mexican food again, which is my favorite food on the planet. I can! But I only eat about a quarter of what I used to, and feel very satisfied. PLUS I get a ton of yummy leftovers to take to work!

    Here's my final take. The main reason why I love this surgery is that food is no longer this constant, mentally-intrusive, all-consuming desire for me like it used to be. I'm not consumed by gnawing hunger and spending all my free will just trying to keep the monster at bay. Food is just...food. I don't obsess over it. I'm not overly hungry. I just feel...normal. I still enjoy eating and a little goes a very long way. I feel like I have my life back.

  3. So don’t bariatric surgeons, bariatric nurses, and bariatric staff need work just like the rest of us? If they weren’t doing these procedures, what would they be doing to put food on their families’ tables? Are they supposed to become infectious disease specialists now just because of Covid? Docs gotta eat too! 😄

  4. I'm two weeks post-op and soft cheese was on my list of things I could eat during the soft foods stage. I had one of those Laughing Cow cheese rolls with no issues at all. I would say just nibble on just a little Velveeta and see how you feel. If it doesn't bother your tummy too much, I'd say go for it! As with everything, just make sure you measure your quantities. I love cheese to the moon and back so I can easily picture myself getting carried away. :D

  5. It's totally OK to feel nervous before a surgery. That's completely normal!

    I had a gastric bypass on 12/28 and I was feeling the exact same way. I was also concerned that I'd never be able to enjoy the foods I loved anymore. I'm only two weeks out from surgery and I feel confident that I will enjoy those foods again...but it's amazing how satisfied you'll be after smaller quantities!

    The docs and nurses at the hospital will take care of you. I was given a bunch of pain medication even before the surgery began, and they came in frequently afterward to ask if I felt sick or in pain. They put medication directly into my IV when I felt ill or was starting to feel sore. I didn't throw up once (though I did gag when they made me swallow a Tylenol pill...they gave me liquid after that). The incisions didn't hurt much either. I slept on my side that night. DO NOT HESITATE to let your nurse know if you start to feel ill or are nauseous! They are there to take care of your comfort. I had Tylenol mostly because my pain was mild, but they'll bring out the big guns if you feel your pain is high. I think they gave me some good stuff in the middle of the night when I had some breakthrough pain. Mostly, I was exhausted and just slept.

    I found the hardest part of staying in the hospital was trying to drink Water when that's the last thing you feel like doing. :D They brought in four 8-oz bottles of water and said I needed to drink them before going home. At the time, it seemed impossible...but you can do it! They also brought me in small meals (pudding, broth, Jello, apple juice) and made me sit up to eat when all I wanted to do is sleep and sleep.

  6. On 12/28/2020 at 2:10 PM, TheBlackStar said:

    Today was my follow up appointment with my Dr. I had my sleeve on 12/15. I told my dr that I’ve been walking two miles a day for the past week. He was not impressed. He said walking will not help me loose weight; sticking to the diet will. I was kind of deflated because I thought walking was a good thing. 😪

    Even great doctors can have some really crappy people skills. You should be VERY proud of yourself for being able to walk two miles. Holy cow...I had my surgery done on Monday and I can barely make it out of bed to walk in little circles and use the bathroom. He may be one of those people with black-and-white thinking: either you're going completely by his playbook or you're WRONG! :D He may just one of those people who's impossible to impress.

    You: Hey, doc! So I just got accepted into the Olympics, found out I was the world's fastest runner, and I'm going to be featured on a box of WHEATIES!

    Doctor: Yeah, OK...but I see you only drank 63 ounces of Water yesterday. I TOLD YOU 64!!!!

  7. You look ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!! You look slender, fit, and toned.

    But I 100% understand where you're coming from. In the past, I lost a lot of weight with WW and was still horrified to have my picture taken. I look back on those pictures now and I don't know what I was thinking. I looked great! I'm sure others around me also thought so too. But there's still a part of us that just can't see what others are seeing. We walk around with those fat goggles on and judge ourselves to death, not letting ourselves enjoy a single victory. I learned from that experience, though. I've learned that my self-perception will be faulty, so I should just trust how good I feel inside and what my wonderful body can do, and ignore the self-sabotaging little voice I hear when looking in the mirror. Because that little voice lies.

  8. Hello there, folks! :) I'm writing because I'm feeling nervous and chatty. My RNY surgery is tomorrow morning, and I'm sucking down some Bone Broth and trying to stay sane. I was wondering if there were any folks out there who are prior military? For those of you who are, you may know that extra weight has brought with it a special kind of shame. For me, it shorted my career. Even before that, as I struggled periodically with my weight, I always felt that I was being scrutinized in my uniform for not being the "model soldier". Even when I passed my PT tests with flying colors, there is nothing particularly pretty with seeing someone running in those horrible Army PT uniforms. If you have any jiggle, everyone will SEE it! :D

    Anyhow, I just wanted to see if anyone may have a shared experience with being in the military and struggling with weight. Five years after I've hung up the uniform, I'm still dealing with the shame, and I want to see how others may have gotten past it.

  9. Hi, Pookie! I'm in the same boat as you. I wanted to have the sleeve, but my surgeon recommended RNY due to my GERD. He said if the GERD had been caused by a hiatal hernia, he could have just repaired the hernia at the same time he did my sleeve. Unfortunately, I just have a weak valve, so my GERD is almost guaranteed to get worse with the sleeve. I wasn't too disappointed though...I know several people who've had RNY and none of them have any regrets. They look great and seem genuinely happy! After I left the surgeon's office I did my own research, and now I feel completely excited about the RNY. I have my surgery on 12/28. Bring it, I say! 😎

  10. On ‎11‎/‎11‎/‎2020 at 12:49 AM, MissTeeTee said:

    Hey I got the call a few hours ago, my date is Dec 4th I’m in the UK. Mines was supposed to be July but was cancelled due to the pandemic so I didn’t think I’d be having it this year! I literally burst into tears after I was told the date 🙈😂 this means so much to me

    I wish I were with you, MissTeeTee! My friend and I were going to visit London in September before the Black Death hit. At least now we can look absolutely wonderful in time for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee!

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