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    You Are My Sunshine reacted to Arabesque in 3 months post op status and questions   
    Everything improves & gets easier. Taste comes back. You continue to eat larger portions as you progress & a wider variety of foods. You get into better routines & your tummy is less sensitive. You also learn your body’s idiosyncrasies & needs.
    Check with your plan. I was able to eat vegetables from soft food (in stews, Soups, omelettes at that stage & then as sides & fresh). Initially from the soIid food stage, I could only eat like a small cauliflower floret or two green Beans or about a dessertspoon of steamed cabbage. I was also only eating 1/4 - 1/3 cup of food then too but by 6 months I was almost eating a cup (depending on the food). Now I eat about a regular portion size.
    Establish a routine with your drinking like how @catwoman7 does with what she drinks before Breakfast. Many find success with setting a reminder on their phone to drink. I have routine of what I drink during specific times during the day & so by around 2ish I’ve had half my daily intake. I find it easier to drink as the day passes & I drink during the night too. (Get up to pee, drink. Pee & drink again.) If I’m driving, I drink when I get in & when I get out of the car & I’ll drink when I stop at traffic lights - it’s just become habit now. I don’t count any fluids in foods (except when I was on shakes) like not in Soup - that’s just bonus Fluid. Only exception is rolled oats. Don’t count the required 3/4 cup milk to make them but do count the additional 1/2 cup I add so it’s extra runny. I easily get in 1.75L a day but often get in 2L or more (2L = 67oz).
    I don’t think you experienced dumping either (usually caused by eating. high sugar foods or highly processed simple carbs). Sounds more like the foamies which can occur as a result of eating too quickly, over eating or eating food that is too dry or coarse. (You regurgitate the excess food or food your tummy can’t cope with, usually with foamy, almost sticky phlegm.)
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    You Are My Sunshine reacted to ashleydashley in Drinking Water   
    I totally understand what's going all day and not peeing... I was told to get at least 32 oz of Water as long as I was getting 32 oz of liquids through Protein Shakes etc... But when I go to the bathroom, it's a really dark almost orange color... So clearly I'm not drinking enough water... I have a highly demanding job and don't have time to go to the bathroom during the day, but the concern isn't just that. It's that I don't have time to drink water and I honestly don't have to go to the bathroom all day. Any suggestions? I am right where you are girl week seven after surgery too...

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    You Are My Sunshine reacted to Afrankrn in October 2022 surgery support   
    Hey everyone, here's my update:

    Surgery was 10/11. I was 259.8 (heaviest weight) right before I started my 1 week preop diet. Down to 248 right before surgery. Current weight is 219.
    I'm now on a regular diet since week 6 (currently week 7 since Tuesday). I can only tolerate about 3-5 bites before I'm too full. I eat 4-5 times a day to get my Protein in and prevent myself from getting sick due to my stomach being "too empty". I'm averaging about 500-700 calories a day most days. I still struggle to slow down when eating, especially if I've waited too long to eat. Work in progress.

    I have started back the gym this week. I have made a goal of doing a 5k in the spring, and I have gotten a trainer to help me until I get situated and comfortable around the gym.
    I had the dreaded 3 week stall. It lasted 3 weeks. Broke this week. I think the gym helped.
    I still struggle to get my fluids in. However, I feel great. I have turned the corner and gained energy. My mood is better as well.
    I have decided to take a weekend trip somewhere (that part is not decided) as a reward for getting into Onderland when I get there. My reward for going to the gym 4x a week for the next 2 weeks is a new pair of shoes (I really need them because my shoes have gotten too big since the weightloss, its a bonus to use them as a reward though).
    My NSV: I can put on my shoes without wanting to be taken out by a sniper. My back pain and knee pain are gone (I hadn't had the pain long though, so it went away quickly versus someone who had longer chronic pain). I have energy and smile more!
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    You Are My Sunshine reacted to Spinoza in I’m back / Cold Feet   
    You are SO allowed to think, re-think, over-think and then whatever-think this decision. It's a biggie for sure. I hope you can get to wherever you need to be OP.
    Also - oh wow Tufflaw you are my surgery date twin! And look at our stats - mirror images!!!!!
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    You Are My Sunshine reacted to Tatt in I’m back / Cold Feet   
    It's ok to go back and forth as much as you need. You are in control of what happens to your body. Until you are 100% sure that surgery is what you want...don't do it.
    I have thought about bariatric surgery for over 10yrs. Each time I convinced myself I could lose weight without surgical intervention. My last attempt was on a Dr.'s lead weight loss program. I lost 20lbs then went thru a really bad emotional rough patch and gained back the 20lbs and found another 25lbs.
    The only time you can't change your mind is after the surgery is done. You are doing what is best for you.
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    You Are My Sunshine reacted to liveaboard15 in Reflux 2 days post op   
    I was also prescribed a PPI proton pump inhibitor for 30 days after surgery. It was called pantoprazole. I would ask your surgeon about it. It helps slow down the production of acid. The antacids neutralize the acid already there.
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    You Are My Sunshine reacted to summerset in Food Before and After Photos   
    I made a fusion out of several recipes. I don't weigh or really measure anything to the t. Here is my personal keeper:
    - tofu, one 200 g block (not too firm but not silken tofu, you might need to experiment with available brands)
    - some red onion rings
    Fry that in a bit of oil. Then add
    - turmeric, about 1 tsp and a little bit of hot Water and stir until the tofu is yellow.
    - white almond butter, about 1 tsp (I use the one with European almonds, it has a slightly less sweet taste)
    - soy skyr, about 2 heaping tsp
    Stir around again, then add
    - nooch, lightly cover the whole mass in the pan and add a bit of hot water to make it creamy and stir some more
    - add the magic dust last: kala namak to taste
    ETA: I sometimes add mushrooms to this. With the nooch you might need to find your favorite as well. Nooch varies in taste - big time.
    Interestingly enough my husband asked me for my recipe as well today 😂 (I'm going to teach him the recipe when he comes over next weekend).
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    You Are My Sunshine reacted to MyDogsLoveMe in 1-week post op; feeling all over the place   
    Just an update: just got done with my post op appointment with the surgeon and he says the clear protein water counts as liquids as does the Isopure and water. I've been doing my best to meet the requirements without using these in my liquids! I've been exceeding the requirements!

    Scared but excited.

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    You Are My Sunshine reacted to Lauren_Dew in Weight regain...I don't know where to start.   
    I'm almost 13 years out and have faced my fair share of regains (including 2 pregnancies along the way) but have managed to nip them in the bud in the 10-15 lb range. I honestly think regains are just part of the process and we all face them to some extent and i'm sure i'll face them again in the future, so this post is a good reminder for me as well! So here are my go to moves to get rid of regain:
    My go-to moves are:
    Eat Meals (don't graze) - don't skip Breakfast, even if it's small Eat Real food, not processed slider foods like chips and sweets Stop eating after dinner - get away from the kitchen after dinner. Evenings have always been my toughest time and so i make myself a cup of Decaf coffee, take it upstairs with me, and don't go back to the kitchen under any circumstances. Focus on the food, not exercise - 80%+ of weight loss comes down to food Move for Mental Health - aiming for 10K steps works for me and calms my urge to stress eat Talk to someone about mental health - overeating for me is a sure sign that's i'm heading on a downward spiral and the weigh gain and guilt and shame associated just makes it worse...see a doctor, find a medication that works for you, find your way back to a good mental health state Things i that haven't worked for me:
    liquids / Protein Shakes - it's not sustainable (and really hard for even a few days...how did we do it pre- and post-op?), it makes me unbearably grouchy, and the minute i stop the weight comes back on Counting Calories - that is a trigger for me after a LIFETIME of dieting and i don't want to go there! Excessive exercise - it's too hard to outrun a bad diet with exercise and getting hurt would be a sure way to halt my progress. One more change that has truly been life altering for me is something i did after my last regain in 2018. My weight creeped up to 161lbs. That was 20lbs over my usual set point of 140lbs, which i had maintained for 10 years post-op (i'm 5'2" and started my journey at 200 lbs). It was starting to scare me and i knew i needed to do something.
    I went back to all the things I listed above but i also did something i never had done before, i started eating plants for Protein. I cut out the meat first and then the dairy (which seemed overwhelming until i found all my own plant based substitutions), and i started focusing on vegetables! I didn't think about portions (after all, i'm a WLS patient, how much could i really eat) and i found myself shedding weight effortlessly!
    Not only did i lose the 20 lbs i had gained, but for the first time in 12+ years post-op, i hit a new set point of about 122lbs which i've been maintaining with ease for the past year! I didn't start a diet, i didn't ever go off a diet. I just focus on plants and i feel great and have never been lighter! And i know what you're thinking...where do you get your protein??? But there is more than enough protein in plants for anyone who's at least 6 months post op! The funny thing is, i eat more than i have in years, but i finally feel like i'm living the healthy life i wanted and it's easier than i ever though it would be.
    Anyway, sorry for the long post, i'm just so happy with how this has been working and i know it can work for others too! Feel free to message me if you have questions. Keep fighting the good fight!!

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    You Are My Sunshine reacted to LookingForward22 in people treating you different   
    In my 30’s -early 40’s (I’m 48 now) … I had attention (both positive and unwanted) from men even at 300-330 pounds. I won’t lie - any positive attention threw me off, but that was more likely because I had just gone through a divorce and was not very trusting. I’m remarried now and in a healthy relationship.

    I’ve had drs dismiss my concerns telling me I needed to loose weight and I recall one time a kid commenting out loud about my weight, but otherwise either I wasn’t aware or didn’t pay attention.

    I once had a conversation with a coworker / friend, she commented I didn’t carry myself like someone who was overweight … and I honestly had no idea what that meant, so I asked her. She was a little embarrassed to even have the conversation with me, but she said I carried myself with such a confidence that she never really saw my weight.

    I actually had a similar conversations with a few other people over the years and it struck me a little odd, but eventually I understood what they were saying.

    After I was in a car accident and had some mobility issues, I carried myself differently. I didn’t want those issues to be noticed or focused on so I would often be more timid in how I carried myself or move to draw less attention. It was then that I noticed I had more eyes on me… judgements about my size.

    With my current weight loss (down 91 lbs so far), I honestly don’t see a big change in my body yet… my clothes are getting to big, but I can still wear most of them. I carry a lot of weight in my thighs and abdomen, so I think I’ll feel more of a change once that changes. I have had a few people mention my weight loss, kindly… but most don’t say anything. I notice I’m walking different - bigger strides and less guarded (because of having less pain). I do think how we carry ourself makes a difference how people look at us. I think in general I am oblivious to it … and that’s probably not a bad thing (to be unaware of other peoples negative judgements).
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    You Are My Sunshine reacted to DaisyAndSunshine in Regrets ?   
    None what so ever. And like many others mentioned, only regret is not getting it done sooner.
    It's like the surgery has blew a new life within. It doesn't fix my life completely but there's a new ray of hope that life just may turn out worth living.
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    You Are My Sunshine got a reaction from kiel_d-01 in October 2022 surgery support   
    Wow, a LOT of surgeries on Halloween. 🎃
    One thing about that pre-op diet, though, is when you go through 2 weeks of liquid diet, it kind of becomes the "norm" - and I think it made the post-op part (since it's basically the same diet) easier and less of a transition. I am in no way saying it's fun at all, but it serves for more than a liver shrink. I also never want to do it again, so I feel your pain!
    Two more sleeps! Best wishes to you all.
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    You Are My Sunshine reacted to summerseeker in Regrets ?   
    Ask me this at month 2 and I would say maybe but..... Now at month 6 and 90lbs down, hahahahaha no. TBH that 90lbs down has had me smiling all week
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    You Are My Sunshine reacted to kiel_d-01 in October 2022 surgery support   
    My surgery on 10/25 went pretty well. I'm hitting my liquid and Protein goals easily every day. Before surgery I was all about the milky vanilla/chocolate protein flavors but now after I can't stand them. They just taste off. I'm enjoying the fruity Syntrax Nectar flavors a lot though!
    The incision where they pulled my stomach out has been the worst part of it. Pain meds help a little, but it's bad when trying to bend over/stand up. Manageable though. I try to get up and do a lap around the house every 2 hours. I need to start putting more effort into walking more.
    Not gonna lie though this has all been a lot easier than I expected. I had almost no gas pain at all. My brain had no problem switching from gulping down Water to sipping it (I was worried about that). food cravings don't control me anymore. My hunger is non existent. Before surgery I read so many horror stories and negative things that mine seems like a cake walk in comparison. I'm not complaining, just pleasantly surprised!!

    4 more days until I can advance to puree! Already got my fridge stocked. I think I'll try refried Beans first. 😄
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    You Are My Sunshine reacted to AnnMarie M in October 2022 surgery support   
    Hello - I’m brand new here. Surgery on the 31st and was looking for a group like this for support. The pre op diet is rough for sure. Two more days of this, I can do it but it’s sure been brutal.
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    You Are My Sunshine reacted to SimpleIntellect in October 2022 surgery support   
    Oct 31st is my VSG date! So excited! I’ve only lost 2 pounds during my 1 week pre-op diet, but I’m trying not to get discouraged.
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    You Are My Sunshine reacted to LeeBar in October 2022 surgery support   
    I'm on the 31st as well. Can't wait for this pre-op diet to be over!
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    You Are My Sunshine reacted to Tuli Rose in October 2022 surgery support   
    Mine is the 31st too. I'm mostly excited and a little nervous. I try not to let my mind spend to much time on things that could go wrong. As soon as I start having those thoughts I try to immediately stop them so I don't go down that rabbit hole. I have done my research, I know I'm in good hands and God is with me. Remembering that and taking a deep breath helps
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    You Are My Sunshine reacted to Vicky Sue in October 2022 surgery support   
    Hang in there girl. You're almost there! I'm 3 weeks post op and things are looking up. I'm still on a pureed diet, but still really not that hungry anyway. This too shall pass 💜
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    You Are My Sunshine reacted to DeeDeeMcG in October 2022 surgery support   
    My date is the 31st as well. I have spent the last two hours crying my eyes out - probably mainly because I'm on this liquid diet and I'm literally going crazy, but also because I'm just absolutely terrified.
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    You Are My Sunshine reacted to Elaine The Great! in Fat Acceptance Movement - how do you feel?   
    Oh how I love this thread! I don't agree with everyone, but how boring would it be if we all agreed on everything?
    I HATE the term "Fat Acceptance". I refuse to participate in that. I've been part of numerous conversations with various groups of people, and those who have adopted the "I'm FAT - get over it!" attitude. Fat is a label, but it is far more than just a descriptive like having blonde hair or long legs or blue eyes. It is NOT the same, at least not to me. I refuse to embrace something that is universally accepted as derogatory.
    Now, talk to me about Body Acceptance, and I'm all over that. I have been a part of that movement, and it did me far more good than chasing after that imaginary perfect workout regime or fad diet. It validated for me that it's ok to be imperfect and to take pride in how I look. I've always been a hair and makeup girl, but that was really based on the idea that if my hair was fabulous and my green eyes were glowing, maybe they wouldn't notice or care that I was 100 lbs overweight. I realized that it is ok to just love myself in the moment, and do the best I can with what I have, and to never look away from the people I caught staring at my stomach. I can now catch their eye and give them a big friendly smile, and most times, they smile back. I hope that they remember my smile and not my big fat droopy belly.
    I have also had countless debates with people on social media and in person about the fat is unhealthy topic. I have never had any weight related illnesses, and I'm 52 years old. No Hypertension, no high cholesterol, nothing. Perfect labs every year. My doctor has told me I am healthier than she is many times. So yeah, I'm not going to jump on that bandwagon and toss statistics around like I'm an expert on obesity related conditions. Of course I KNOW that they exist, I work in healthcare and I see it all the time. However, being fat is not always a precursor to dropping dead of a heart attack or stoke.
    These days, my hips and back cause me pain. This is not caused by my weight, it is caused by arthritis and the natural aging process. I'm hoping that my weight loss will alleviate some of that, and it's part of the reason I had surgery. I also need to get my ass out of this big boy office chair and move around more. I'm working on that.
    I've followed a lot of Plus Size bloggers and models, and of course I don't agree with some of the crazy things they say, but most of them are realistic about their issues and know that eventually, being overweight is going to take its toll. But for now, they are loving themselves in the moment and enjoying the fact that there are millions of people who consider them beautiful and deserving of the attention they are getting. I was reading one of my favorite bloggers pages yesterday and it linked me to a recent discussion about the use of the term "Plus Size". One designer's comments really moved me:
    "I remember the ballet instructor telling me that I would never be small enough to be a ballerina and even if I was, It would kill me to force my body to be something it never wanted to be. That was the first time in my life I ever felt ugly and ashamed of my figure, I think I was 8 yrs old. I remember crying to my Grandmother that I needed to tape my breasts down and get my body thinner so I could be a ballerina. My grandmother said, ‘Girl, these big bones and full bodies are the strength of the women in this family; they were passed down to you in your blood.’ She told me the story of my body. She talked about how I had her mother’s eyes, her sister’s broad shoulders, her cousin’s hips, and the breasts of every woman in the family. Something about that talk made me so proud that I was connected in this unique way with the women in my family."
    THAT is the message that I get from these "movements". We need to be encouraged to love ourselves and do our best. If your best is having WLS and getting healthy, then that is awesome. I think that if we are having surgery in order to love ourselves, we are going to find that being overweight wasn't really the problem to begin with. I loved myself just as much as when I weighed 327 lbs as I do now. It took me a while to figure that out, but I am glad that I did, and I have a huge appreciation and admiration for these Plus Size women who have taken on the fight to be accepted as they are, in all their big fat awesomeness.
    Here's the link to that article, if anyone is interested.
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    You Are My Sunshine got a reaction from AllenKnight in Fat Acceptance Movement - how do you feel?   
    Other people have articulated very well. I think there are different parts of the "fat movement" that get balled up into the acceptance piece.
    I like that there are more bigger bodies out there doing "regular things" like yoga, cooking, running, kayaking, dancing, living... and it's not as shocking as it may have been years before. I think that's important, especially for those people whose body is happier at a larger weight. Not everyone wants surgery or wants to starve themselves to a calorie deficit to be "thinner" when they feel good at the weight they are at. And some of them are at 200+ pounds. I think that's important to recognize.
    I'm not sure any human, unless super tall can be truly "healthy" at 400 pounds, though. But they shouldn't be barred or shunned from life because they are that weight. But, they should not be lied to by a doctor. I'll be honest, though, sometimes I question the amount of medical complications blamed on obesity as a whole just because it's easier to assign blame to.
    I've been relatively healthy as a bigger girl (especially when I was younger). I'm still able to do cartwheels at almost 50 and close to 300 pounds. I can understand how some people are happy with more padding - or don't care. But my weight is catching up to me, and I want more freedom in my own body.

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    You Are My Sunshine got a reaction from KimA-GA in Celebrating 100 Pre-Op!   
    That's amazing.
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    You Are My Sunshine reacted to KimA-GA in Celebrating 100 Pre-Op!   
    Going to Celebrate out loud today! I have lost 100 lbs from my July 2021 highest recorded weight and all in PRE op!!! 85.8 Lbs in 2022!

    Damn, this has been hard. A lot of emotional and behavioral change went into this effort. A lot of re-education about nutrition and choices. A lot of forgiving myself for getting to this weight. A lot of healing. A lot of journaling. A lot of reminding myself that I am worth taking care of.

    It also has been easier than I thought. Once I gained the confidence that I could, I did. Yes, I have had doctor support and taking Ryselbus helped, but mostly this is me making true and long lasting change. I am comforted by the fact that if for some reason I could not have the sleeve surgery on November 3rd, 2022, I would still loose weight and feel better and my LIFE would be better.

    Everyone has this in them. Its a tough road, but we can all achieve better in our lives.
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    You Are My Sunshine got a reaction from KRod6 in 1-week post op; feeling all over the place   
    I agree about adding some milk to thin out the shakes. I do that. I also add a pinch of salt sometimes. I can do about 4 oz of Protein Drink at a time.
    I also have a good broth that I generally have for "lunch" and "dinner" and I put a non-flavored Protein in the dinner one, so that helps me a lot.
    I'm just dipping my toes in puree, so I'm not really eating enough of that where it is worth putting protein in it - there's just not enough food. So, for now, I'm stuck with the shakes, clear protein, and broth. There are a ton of unflavored Proteins out there, though, that maybe you could put in a warm drink?
    I am supposed to do 2 multis a day and I do 1 chewable and 1 capsule. I tried taking apart the capsule and it was worse than the chewable!

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