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  1. You Are My Sunshine

    Preop and divorce

    Goodness, gracious that's a lot to deal with, hon, I'm sorry. I'm not dealing with divorce but I have other life stressors that I'm trying to learn to deal with. They aren't going to magically disappear anytime soon, and I'd like to have the surgery sooner than later. So I'm working with a psychologist and trying to find ways to cope that aren't bad for me. But it ain't easy. Hugs.
  2. You Are My Sunshine

    July 2021 Surgery People!

    July 20. I've had to reschedule 3x now, so I have this skeptical feeling, but that's my date!
  3. You Are My Sunshine

    ****** before Surgery?

    Jease, are we talking about MJ? I read that post 3x and I don't know what exactly we're talking about here. Maybe I'm not hip enough?! 🤣
  4. Y It's made me question everything again. I have such a hard time making decisions, but also feeling "worthy" of things. So this has made me feel a bit like I told you so, never going to happen, not worthy... I wish I were talking to my therapist this month, but I'm not (no openings). Even though I'm on the schedule for July, I certainly don't feel like I am.
  5. Yup, yup. Totally agree. It will be a year in August that I started all this, so it's been a haul. But I've learned a lot, and continue to learn in the meantime.
  6. I'm trying not to get too frustrated about this. My surgery was scheduled for May, then June, and now JULY. All good reason(s) for reschedule though. I have some chest congestion that has hung around and turned into a bit of pneumonia. It was pushed out, and then my regular doctor said to push it out a little further so I can see a specialist in the meantime. I'm dissapointed but feel very comfortable with the reasoning for it. I don't want to go into surgery with weakened lungs. But I feel my resolve busted a little bit, and maybe a bit of relief. It's 100% the right choice, medically speaking. I was half-way into my liquid diet when I got the news, and now i'm going 2 months waiting until surgery. I know it will probably go by fast, but it's hard not to think of that as a time where I would be making progress, healing, and now I'm not. At any rate, if you're dealing with this, you're not alone.
  7. Yes, that's definitely my hope - to just eat like a "normal" person. Or to have a healthy relationship with food. Like @lizonaplane said, the emphasis on food can be so strong, and that's where ours is right now. My surgery got rescheduled AGAIN for July so my husband and I have a bit more time (or he does, whatever) to figure things out. I've been paying more attention to how we treat food and each other.
  8. You Are My Sunshine

    Close to final decision

    I'm pre-surgery and careful right now who I tell, mainly because I don't want to hear their crap or feel like I have to justify to anyone. I'm fine with trusted people asking questions or giving me feedback, but not from others... I can't speak too much to that initial question. I would definitely ask them why it is their preferred choice of surgery. They should be able to explain that to you. I talked to my surgeon about my surgery choice as well because I wanted to understand her reasoning.
  9. This is what I envision life after surgery to be like, or what I hope. I know some people can't eat certain things or have aversions to certain things, so that might alter the way foods are "tasted" at times. The hard truth (for him, or for me I suppose) is that it WILL be different. But if I decided to do some crash diet for 18 months it would also be different, too. I think, for me, I keep going back to the fact that I want a change. I need to reroute my course a bit for my own sake.
  10. I was diagnosed with bronchitis/pneumonia. I definitely am NOT happy about it, but I was not feeling the greatest the past few weeks, and was worried about going into this feeling under the weather. So there's a little relief for me in that. Not the way I'd have asked things to go, but trying to look at the positives. Better orgasms are never a bad thing, either. 🤔😂
  11. You Are My Sunshine

    June Surgeries

    I was scheduled for MAY, but my surgery got postponed. A week into the liquid diet and I got sick with bronchitis, and need to be on some meds and heal. SO frustrating. So it's pushed out almost a month. They were going to do it earlier, but I think a couple weeks later is the better option. I don't think trying to heal and doing the liquid diet was the best. I'm frustrated, but in a way relieved. I was feeling "off" for a bit, and was nervous about not feeling 100% going into surgery. Just hoping for some good healing right now! I tell ya, it's weird to eat food after the liquid diet. 21 days and I'm back on the shakes. Anyway, hello June surgery folks.
  12. You Are My Sunshine

    May Surgeries - check in!

    I was told it was fine. My surgery was rescheduled to June now, so I'll have to hop in on that thread. Thinking of my May 22 twins. Best of luck! 💞
  13. Good thought... I don't know, but I wonder if the emphasis is too MUCH on food. I feel like it is, but I don't think he's there yet, mentally (emotionally). But now my surgery got postponed, so he has more time to adjust! Ha.
  14. You Are My Sunshine

    Pre-op. Clear liquid diet cheated!!!

    Pre-op or post-op?
  15. Thanks for the responses! @catwoman7 Thanks for that reminder. I tend to catastrophize in my head, and maybe he does a bit too. It is hard to reassure him since I haven't seen what I will be like, but I tell him the goal is to still enjoy life and food, just a lot less. He seems concerned with the "a lot less" when it comes to eating, but then I asked him if he thought it was healthy for me to eat and look like a linebacker in the first place. Just sayin!

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