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  1. JaysWife

    sabotaging visitor

    I know I'm late, but I just wanted to add... You are worth standing up for!!! You are worth your time and the time of others! Most of all you deserve respect! It's obvious that you have a big heart to allow them to be in your home when they are in need, that ALONE means they should be following your requests and then some! I hope you have kicked your ex completely to the curb and that you have been able to get back on track. It is so hard for a lot of us who have struggled with weight to not feel like we are deserving of good things, for me it is anyhow, but someone as kind as you deserves only the best things in life!!!!
  2. I'm 3 almost 4 months out from my surgery and my stomach hurts all the time. It's achey and makes my back ache too. Has anyone else had this? How did you deal with it? I'm going to call my surgeon on Monday but I'm hoping for some help before then because this is miserable. TIA! 💙
  3. JaysWife


    I'm 2 weeks post op. I was a wreck the night before. To the point that I wrote my family letters just in case I didn't make it lol. I definitely feel silly about that now but it's completely normal to be nervous! Good luck on your surgery!!!
  4. I'm so glad I'm not alone! This emotional rollercoaster is awful! To say I'm ready for a stiff drink is an understatement lol
  5. I am 2 weeks post op and haven't lost any weight yet. I lost 23lbs pre-surgery so I'm trying not to be discouraged but it's tough! I'm struggling with being hungry, tired, and grouchy. I know the hunger is mostly in my head. But I'm always tired and I'm not sure if my meds that had been previously working for my mental health are not working anymore or if it's just all the changes or all of the above. The lack of weightloss has been really hard to deal with. I know it's not going to just melt off but even 1 or 2 pounds in 2 weeks would have made it feel like this wasn't a mistake. If this is the dreaded "3 weeks stall" how do I get passed it? How long does it last? I'm desperate for a ray of sunshine right now.
  6. I am 7 days post up, half way through my full liquid stage. I find myself not getting full or even feeling satisfied at all at this early phase. I am sure that will change once I move onto foods with more substance, but right now I'm absolutely miserable. I'm not in pain from the surgery which I'm thankful for. I know part of it is psychological but is there anything anyone has found that is filling? I've tried strained bean soups, strained creamed soups, adding protein powder, and increasing my water intake. I'm keeping my calories low, and eating slowly. I appreciate any advice and suggestions!!!
  7. JaysWife

    Aetna denial

    I FINALLY am able to get my surgery. I'm scheduled for June 30. I had to drop Aetna to be able to get it tho. It was such a mess! But either way I am just thrilled to finally be able to get it done!!
  8. This whole process of getting my insurance to approve this surgery is a freaking nightmare. I started this whole process in August of 2020. I did everything the surgeon and insurance required of me. Got a tentative surgery date of 12/9/20. I was so excited! My insurance denied me in November. They said they needed more info and I needed more classes ( I had already done 12, I just did all of them in 2 months). So my team added on 4 more classes, once each month and resent all of my info highlighting the info ins. claimed to not have. Got a new date of March 19. End of Feb. I got ANOTHER denial because they are STILL claiming to not have all of my info. My team sent it yet again and got confirmation that it was received. I was rescheduled again and again and again, each time having to have it pushed because the ins needed more time. Always more time. It's finally to the point that I stopped scheduling because the back and forth with the ins. is endless. I got another denial last week because now it's different info that they didn't get. Stuff that was previously sent on multiple occasions but now is just magically not in my file. So my team sent it all again and the waiting starts all over. I have strayed so far off course I have gained back everything I previously lost and then some. I know I need to get back on track just in case by some divine intervention my insurance actually approves my surgery I'm not scrambling to get back down at the last minute but it's so hard. I've fallen back into my depression pit and just feel hopeless. There is no way I can self pay. I don't want to give up but that little nagging voice in my head just keeps telling me it will never happen for me. That I'm just not worth it. I wish I could afford an attorney or an advocate aside from surgical team but that's not in the cards for me either. Blah... Sorry to be a Debby Downer, I just don't have many people that understand where I'm at that I can vent to.
  9. JaysWife

    Atena Insurance picky

    Thanks! I am sending the same for you! I hope it is smooth sailing for you!!! Good luck!!
  10. JaysWife

    Atena Insurance picky

    It's through my husbands work. It's so bad even their HR department has reached out to them as well... It's a whole mess.
  11. JaysWife

    Atena Insurance picky

    I have aetna also and dear God what a NIGHTMARE! I have been going back and forth with 2 denials so far even tho I have done everything they require and then some! My provider even made the statement that they have little hope at this point of getting a favorable decision even tho my bmi is 45and has been for at least 25 years and I have ridiculously high bp. Good luck is all I can say 😞
  12. JaysWife

    Rant: The Word I Hate

    I thought I was the only one with a dislike of the term pouch. It's just weird to me. Lol
  13. JaysWife

    The Night Before Is Here!

    Good luck!! 🌟🌟
  14. JaysWife

    Gee, Thanks Mom... I think...

    A little background before I get to my real rant lol. My mom and I have a strained (almost non-existent) relationship. We only talk a few times a year. She has always been tall and thin (5'9" 130lbs) I however have always been heavy. I have been fighting with my insurance for the last 7 months to be approved for wls. A few days ago my mom calls me and asks how everything is going with the surgery. I tell her about the struggle with ins. and that I'm hoping for surgery next month. Her comment to that is the kicker. I hope everything works out so you can finally be skinny and pretty and feel good about yourself. Like WTF?? My self esteem is already in the toilet, but now I've just been reminded that because I'm fat I can't be pretty. Sometimes I wish I hadn't told anyone about wanting wls. The amount of unsolicited advice and criticism that has been more hurtful than anything is crazy. Thank God for this site. I don't feel like such an outsider in here.
  15. JaysWife

    Aetna denial

    I am still fighting with them. They have "misplaced" or "not received" the documents they need 3 times now. They FINALLY have them scanned into their system as of 3/10 but I was told it can take them another 30 days to process them. And that's just for the predetermination. I still have to go through the pre-certification process yet. My surgery has been pushed out 3 times now. I have a new tentative date of 4/7 but I'm not holding my breath for that to be the actual surgery date. It's been a nightmare in all honesty. The back and forth between insurance and the surgeons office, the uncertainty of whether I'm actually going to be approved or not, and the rescheduling of things over and over again. There have been many times through it all where I have very seriously thought about just saying eff it all and giving up. But I know this is kind of like my last hope so I keep at it. I call the insurance company every other day to try to get updates even though it's always the same thing. I was finally told that I should have an answer by this Wednesday so fingers crossed I do and it's a good one. My recommendation is to stay on the insurance company, keep records of who you speak to and when, and just be prepared for possible scheduling changes. I truly hope my case is just a fluke and that others don't have to go through all of this!!

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