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  4. Same here. I have your problem. I don't know why I feel like Im always in a hurry? I think it is from having kids and always trying to get too many things done at once. I sometimes wish I'd gotten the sleeve, because this bypass stomach is so small, I can hardly get anything into it,
  5. Thank you so very much for the idea. I might just have to go to OLive Garden today. That sounds so good. I get so tired of eating the same things. Thanks again.
  6. I am right here with you. I want to eat, but I'm scared. It actually hurts sometimes. I try some many things and then I just can't seem to stomach another protein shake, at all. I do put protein in everything I drink and eat so I can get my protein. I don't know either. I'm sorry. I have the very same problem. I hope we both get through it soon.
  7. RhondaHigdon

    Grossed out by everything!!

    I am right here with you. I am or will be 6 wks post-op on Feb 23rd, and I can hardly eat anything. I try. All that tastes good to me is jello. I want to eat. I think the food smells good and I crave certain things but I can't eat them. IDK, maybe it is still really too soon to be worried about eating. However, I'm sick to death of protein shakes. I just about can't do those anymore, and i have tried many and spent lots of money trying to find things I can eat and like.
  8. Thanks so much. I do feel much better with the exception of very stabbing pain that comes off and on under my left rib cage? IDK? I get so worried about something being wrong. I pray not. Thanks again, Rhonda
  9. Thanks so much. I do feel better, except last night I started having really sharp pain off and on under my left rib cage? IDK what this means but it hurts really bad when it comes.
  10. HI, I don't know what I was thinking. I felt good? Anyway, a couple of days ago I walked over a mile 3 days in a row and walked as fast and hard as I could. That was a huge mistake. I wasn't thinking about my stomach bouncing around and not only did my Dr, do my gastric bypass he did 5hrs worth of work on my messed up intestines. I didn't do anything the past 2 days I was hurting so bad, not to mention yesterday I ran a fever all day that didn't get above 100.4. I was going to call my Dr today, but the fever is gone, so that is a good sign. However, not only am I so sore, I have lost my apatite, not my taste. Also, I hadn't had any problem with heartburn, but today it has been so terrible I took 2 of the Omeprozole pills. That didn't even work. Any insight to what might be going on with me? I would so greatly appreciate any feedback. Thanks Rhonda
  11. RhondaHigdon

    Questions _ 2 weeks Post-Op

    As for the water intake, that is the best you can do just keep it handy and sip all thru the day in between your "meals". I am 3 wks post-op and at my one wk visit the I also had a very hard knot inside one of my incisions, and it was red and warm to the touch. My Dr. prescribed 10 days of antibiotics, but he was concerned with infection being it was so sore to touch and the heat off of it. Now, once all that got better, I made the mistake of walking way to hard and fast and jiggled all my insides and put myself down for a couple of days. As a matter of fact, yesterday on Feb 1 i ran a fever low grade all day long. I had decided that i was going to call my Dr today, but no fever now. Thank you Jesus. Anyway, just when you walk be sure and walk, not push yourself so hard until we are completely healed. I have paid dearly. Also, today I haven't hardly been able to eat anything. I have no apatite at all, not to mention major heartburn?? I hope this helps, they said my knot would take quite some time to go away. As long as it doesn't hurt when you push on it, or not red or any heat, I'd think it would be ok, However, I am NO Doctor, so please I am just telling you my experience to compare. I hope it helps and I hope that you feel better very soon.
  12. RhondaHigdon

    How long until starting exercise?

    well, I just had my gastric bypass on Jan 12th and I wish I had not overdone it. I went to a basically empty mall where I live and people go there to get there walking done inside. I am only 3wks post-op, and not mention the Dr did 5 hrs worth of work on my intestines, besides the bypass. I walked 3 days in a row as fast as I could and all the bouncing on my belly was a really bad idea. So, start slow, and make sure you are good and healed before doing what I did. I am still paying for it. The pain?? I even had a fever all day yesterday, but none today, so I guess I am fine?
  13. Well, I had just had 5 c-sectons, and in between those I had a tubal reversal. Which worked. I had 3 more children. Hence the 5 C-secions, 1 tubal reversal, Then I had a complete hysterectomy. Just so much scar tissue. I am sorry to hear that you have been so nauseated. I have been lucky as far as that goes. Only a little, a couple of times. I just did make me some of those ricotta cheese bake, and I was scared to death, but I just took my time and so far so good. I have had 2 of them. I'm scared to try anything else. I am such a picky eater. I don't like yogurt at all. I don't like tuna fish, which i can use the can chicken. Anyway, back to the surgery part when I woke up in recovery I felt like my stomach was on fire. I was begging the nurses for relief. I was in recovery for quite sometime. I don't know why, but all my Dr was giving me was Toradol and Tylenol. The following day that worked fine, but right out of surgery, not so much. Thanks for letting me know I wasn't a lone wolf. Rhonda
  14. Well, I didn't have the sleeve to start with, but I really have only lost about 25lbs and that is including the 11 days of pre-op diet that I lost I know 10lbs on. I'm not hungry persey, but I still sometimes just wish I could eat food again already, even tho it's gonna be so different. I'm sorry that you have been so nauseated. I think I have been quite lucky, as far as that goes.
  15. RhondaHigdon

    Trouble finding ready to drink protein shake

    Thanks I will give that a try, for sure.

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