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  1. it is a low dose, starting to double it after tomorrow actually since i was told to do so after the 2 weeks, and i am taking xanax along side the antideressant.
  2. did blood work 2 times, the second time especially for anemia, everything is fine. even did an insulin resistance test, and i have hyperinsulinemia, but it doesn't explain my symptoms, my endocrinologist told me that my pancreas will get better in time without therapy, she said she could give me therapy, but that in time my body would fix that on its own. even did the ANA test for autoimmune diseases, it showed nothing. but i feel worse with every passing day. i just pray i get better now, cause i have no idea how i am gonna live like this.
  3. hey, yeah everybody says its textbook anxiety / depression. but its been almost 3 months now, nothing has changed. i will hit my 2 week mark with antidepressants tomorrow, but dont feel much difference tbh. they just make me numb, make me complain less. i feel like my head will explode, i still feel the absentness, i sleep like i am in a coma, and when i do wake up i feel like i havent slept for years. its a nightmare. the only thing i havent done still is a lumbar puncture. all the other results seem great, everybody keeps telling me that i am great. but i feel like i am dying, slowly, day by day. and it doesnt matter how much food i eat or how much water i drink. its horrible.
  4. so all your blood work, even the iron was normal, ok maybe a little low, yet a hematologist saw that something was wrong and helped u? they did find something with the insulin however they wanna fix it with the diet. i dont know why, since i keep telling everyone nothing changes no matter hat i eat. i still feel so absent, it gets worse every day. i cant function properly anymore. yet nobody is concerned. they have me on antidepressants that only make me worry less, but the brain fog, the fatigue, and the general disorientation get worse every single day. i dont know how i am gonna live like this.
  5. thank you! i did go to another neuro psychiatrist that once again gave me a diagnosis of depression and anxiety, saying that that aside from the physical aspect of the whole thing, i didn't have psychological help and support either, so she gave me xanax and some other organic calming pill in order to help me. honestly, not feeling any improvements, all the contrary, it keeps getting worse, however she told me to give it time. willing to try anything at this point. and as traumas go, the life in a 31- lbs body is never easy, so i was heavily bullied growing up, however, i always thought i dealt with it.maybe not. idk.
  6. hey, so i did another blood work and once again everything seemed to be perfectly normal, with the exception of the insulin resistance test that i insisted on doing, which showed that after they gave me sugar to drink i started feeling sick and faint again, the blood work showed that the insulin had dropped significantly. this test is done in three hours, and the way it works is they take blood each hour but in the meantime they give u sugar to drink to see how your insulin and pancreas react. so i need to see an endocrinologist once more, since the first one i saw laughed at me and told me i was perfectly fine.
  7. is there any way or any tests they can do in order for them to determine for sure that this is what i have?
  8. the anxiety happens when u feel absent and feel weakness at all times, not being able to focus on anything that u used to enjoy. it makes u question how u can function in the real world like that and it comes in, heavy, relentlessly. i never used to be like this.
  9. how long have u felt like this? is the feeling constant? i am going insane these weeks, i have never felt like this in my entire life. this isn't me.
  10. i will see a psychiatrist, however, the reason for my anxiety is the fact that i have been feeling absent and not myself for weeks now. and it's freaking me out since it's not going away. if i felt my old self back, i believe i would be ok. but of course i will consult a psychiatrist.
  11. thank you for your input, i really appreciate it. i did see an endocrinologist, she literally repeated the same things that the doctors that saw my blood work said: you are a healthy young girl, eat more, drink more , find yourself a hobby ( this seemed particularly ridiculous to me since i can't even watch a movie normally anymore ) and in time u will feel better and the body will find it's balance. none of them seemed to care how i felt for days now. so like i said, i am consulting a nutritionist now, hoping to see some changes. also seeing a psychiatrist soon. hopefully i will come out of this.
  12. hey, thanks for your input, it really helped! could u tell me maybe in terms of protein what works the best for you? my nutritionist has me on a lot of fruits and a lot of fish , i just started yesterday, so i hope i will see a difference soon. in terms of protein, vitamins intake, what works the best for you? how much do u eat in a day now that u have found your balance? thank you.
  13. thank you! yeah i have lost much more than i should have in a year, which is what every doctor keeps telling me, and with not eating and drinking well through the year, it took it's toll on my body and mind. i just want a way out of this, especially since i want to get back to work and move apartments, but i can't do any of that now, since i can't seem to focus on anything for more than half an hour at the max, everything takes so much work. yeah before seeing this nutritionist i tried eating every 2 hours, these last days before i started with the regime that she gave me, not much has changed honestly, but i have faith in seeing the nutritionist now, that i will get back to myself. i can't live like this, i have even had moments when i have kept wondering was this all worth it?
  14. this is exactly how i am feeling! everyone keeps telling me you are healthy, u need to see a psychiatrist, and i keep feeling like this, day after day after day... it's maddening. i started with the regimen my nutritionist gave me since yesterday, i will keep at it, hopefully it will bring me back. honestly i just want to feel like myself again... have u tried anything else? have u seen a nutritionist?