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  1. Congrats!
    Dogmom68 reacted to Hopefulin2021 in Insurance submission BCBS   
    Girl make sure you make the doctors office check. I called my insurance and they said they sent the approval. Soon after I got off the phone with them I called my doctors office and she was like no we haven’t received anything. I was like ummm can you double check because the insurance company said they sent the approval over in the morning. She was like I don’t think so but I’ll check again and low and behold it was there! She was like oh I just didn’t see the email right away. So glad I called and made her check so call and make them check!!
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    Dogmom68 got a reaction from merbuco in February 2021 Sleeve Surgery   
    Feb 9!!!
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    Dogmom68 got a reaction from soontobefitmom628 in Day surgery and February 2 surgery date!   
    I’m scheduled for VSG on February 9 here in Tallahassee, FL. COVID numbers are very high down here but, as far as I’ve heard, my surgery will go ahead as planned. Our hospital is on “lock-down” so only one person can come in the hospital with me (my husband) and even then he’ll have to pass the screening. I’m nervous but more excited since I’ve been working toward this for what seems like forever.
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    Dogmom68 got a reaction from GreenTealael in OOTD   
    Gorgeous! You are an inspiration!
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    Dogmom68 reacted to ichabodny in SURGERY SUPPORT GROUP NEGATIVITY: How to deal   
    I've been on both Facebook and two other groups. This is the one I stay on but not for negativity reasons on one group and the other one I was attacked for telling members that there were other support groups and to try to find the ones best for you. The person was mean and posted that I should not talk about any other groups as encouragement. I apologized and said that I was only told by my Dr (who has their own weekly in face meetings) that anyone having had surgery should find as much support as they can get from groups and to just try and see which are a good fit.
    Another was a good group but I am atheist and it was largely religious. It was an awesome support group for those with largely Christian beliefs but not a good fit for me. One group on fb did begin to become judgmental in responses and not so understanding to members who were older with families that had valid concerns. The members themselves would respond with comments that were mostly attacking or sarcastic and hurtful. It was addressed but I just left the group and it was fine.
    One of my favorite groups besides this one is for a group that is specific to women past menopause and over 50. For me, that is a very good fit and I use that group as well.
    If this group you are on makes you feel the way are relaying, it's not a good fit for you. This site is actually very informative and largely neutral in answers or encouraging. I have seen very little negativity but on the rare occasion I run across it, it's addressed and then let go.
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    Dogmom68 reacted to summerset in SURGERY SUPPORT GROUP NEGATIVITY: How to deal   
    What's negative or toxic is in the eye of the beholder.
    Keeping this in mind I definitely say: yes, the WLS community can be really toxic and negative in quite a few ways.
    I simply participate less and avoid certain discussions and/or members.
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    Dogmom68 reacted to RTL1234 in Nervous   
    Being nervous is totally okay! I was nervous too! It’s a big surgery and a big change! I think I was more nervous for this surgery than I was giving birth twice!

    For me, I had minimal pain but significant nausea. I did vomit a lot the first 2 days, which was very challenging and I wondered what did I do?! But one phone call to the doctor and they added an Emend pill, it literally saved me! So there are MANY options should you experience nausea to help get you through it. After that I felt like I turned a corner! I’m almost 3 weeks post op now and have felt completely back to normal since probably 1-1.5 weeks out.
    Remind yourself why you are doing this and remember YOU GOT THIS!!!! 💪🏼
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    Dogmom68 reacted to GradyCat in Nervous   
    Of course it's normal. We were all nervous and scared before our surgeries wondering if it was a mistake, if we really needed it, how bad it would be afterward, etc.
    1. You're going to be nauseous for 24 hours after surgery. No getting around that.
    2. You MIGHT have some slight pain and some incisional pain.
    3. You WILL be able to enjoy the occasional treat or cocktail at least 2-3 months after your surgery.
    Life will be normal for you, only you'll be smaller.
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    Dogmom68 got a reaction from TheMoxieMama in Sex after sleeve surgery   
    I think this is a serious and realistic topic. Thank you for addressing it! It’s important to maintain your positive connection with your husband and having sex goes with any healthy relationship. It’s part of life! I say follow what your doctor tells you, expect patience from your husband/wife, and don’t push yourself to uncomfortable limits. Bravo for having the courage to bring this subject to light.
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    Dogmom68 got a reaction from healthy and fit @ 60 in Got my surgery date. Any January bypass surgeries??   
    I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a January surgery date. I’ve been released for surgery by my bariatric center/dietitian and I’ve had a COVID test (negative.) My endoscopy is in four days by my surgeon and then I get my surgery date! Can’t wait!!! 😁
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    Dogmom68 reacted to Lilfootie in What happened? Please help!!!   
    Have your doctor write a note - reasonable accommodation. I have one (I work on my feet with people with disabilities) - it says that due to my recent surgery I need to be able to take enough Water breaks to meet my water goals or I risk dangerous dehydration. It is for 1 yr. I was worried because of COVID and masks that I would not be able to get away to stay hydrated. You could have your doctor write something about lightheadedness- what they suggest you do and that it is a health risk. You could also apply for FMLA so that the days you fee lightheaded, you can take off and not lose your job.
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    Dogmom68 reacted to Lillimint in What happened? Please help!!!   
    Please don’t be too hard on yourself!

    I had surgery 7/23, and I still have occasional moments of lightheadedness when I’m exercising. The first time it happened it was much more like you described. I definitely thought I was seconds away from fainting. I stopped walking immediately and eventually made it to a bench. It took me a while ( hour or two) to feel back to normal. I started carrying lifesavers around with me in case it was my blood sugar dropping, but I actually think the issue was my that my blood pressure meds needed to be adjusted. My PCP has reduced my blood pressure meds, and that has helped. So that bit of near-fainting weirdness wasn’t actually an indication of something terrible.

    As I said, I still will occasionally get the lightheaded feeling, but I notice that feeling much sooner. It has never been as bad as it was that first time. I will either slow down (sometimes sit down), and I recover much more quickly than that first time. My PCP asked me to keep track of when it happens, record my blood pressure and in my next follow up in a couple of weeks I’m betting my blood pressure meds will be reduced again.

    It sounds like you had a really long day. Maybe you needed food, maybe you needed a rest, or maybe it’s time to check in with your primary care about any meds you take. I know it’s frustrating and irritating and frightening, but you can do this!
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    Dogmom68 reacted to GivinItMyALL in Hurtful reactions to progress   
    I never *started* sharing with some people... like my mother. I know how she would react, and am not willing to deal with it. If I get asked, I'm on a medically supervised diet.
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    Dogmom68 reacted to AZhiker in UGH - Thanksgiving Regrets   
    So Thanksgiving was the practice run to learn what to do and what not to do. Christmas is coming and we can all make changes that will improve our compliance with our plans. A slip up is never a failure unless one fails to learn from it.
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    Dogmom68 reacted to Jaelzion in UGH - Thanksgiving Regrets   
    Honestly, I enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner without guilt or regret. Like you, I put on some Water weight and carb weight, but I know it will come off again now that I've gone back to clean eating. For me, it's not realistic to think I will NEVER again eat holiday food. What matters is what I do next. It's super important that I go RIGHT back on plan and not use the holiday indulgence as an excuse to chuck the plan altogether. I figure it's what I do every day that matters, not what I do twice a year. So I enjoyed the food (in portions I could handle since my tummy is still small). And now it's back to the weight loss grind. I had fun. Now back to work.
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    Dogmom68 reacted to WishMeSmaller in UGH - Thanksgiving Regrets   
    You are obviously not alone! I also have eaten like crap the last two days. I have not gained weight, but I don’t feel physically well or happy with myself.

    Today is a new day and I have the ability to make better choices for myself.

    We can do this, Friends! 💕
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    Dogmom68 reacted to Horseshowmom in I’ve always wanted??!! What are yours?   
    I was thin when I was teen, but that was 20 years ago. I danced, I sang, I showed horses, heck I did beauty pageants...it all seems so long ago

    What I miss most though, not just being a horse show mom, but showing myself. I have been so embarrassed about my weight for so long I quit showing, and I was fortunate enough to have been very very good at it. It was what made my world turn from morning to night, and I miss participating as an actual showman tremendously, but not anymore. I will be back
    In the ring showing this coming year. To say I’m extremely excited is an understatement.
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    Dogmom68 reacted to Recidivist in Having trouble with motivation to exercise   
    I've said it here several times before: exercise is not the key to weight loss--it's all about the diet. I did essentially no exercise during my weight loss phase (aside from walking) and lost consistently. Exercise is great for strength and stamina, but it's not going to be what determines the success of your weight loss journey.
  19. Hugs
    Dogmom68 reacted to futureshrink in Anyone November 2020   
    We are all here for our own reasons and are on our own journeys. I have been overweight my entire life. I have been incredibly active until my hips failed. I don’t sit at home and eat bonbons I eat a very healthy diet. But I was never able to lose weight significantly without surgery. And that’s OK. Don’t be so hard on yourself. We’ve all had our struggles we’ve had our failures and we’ve had our successes. We’re here to support each other and we get it.🥰
  20. Congrats!
    Dogmom68 reacted to SabanFan in Anyone November 2020   
    You have every right to keep it to yourself. I told some of my immediate family and close friends as they see the significant weight loss. It was more so they were not worried it was something more serious. Otherwise, I don’t tell them the whole story.
  21. Hugs
    Dogmom68 reacted to futureshrink in Anyone November 2020   
    My cats have been extra needy today and my rag doll was so mad I wouldn’t play with her every minute of the day.

  22. Hugs
    Dogmom68 reacted to Neller in Anyone November 2020   
    I had mine today. No pain, but I’ve been incredibly groggy all day. Water tastes terrible and I LIKE water! I’m just hoping it is the taste of the hospital’s water and when I get home it will be good again. I managed to get broth and some Jello down. Not really feeling a restriction though. Overall, it hasn’t been as hard as I expected it to be.
    Good luck to all the folks in the future and I hope the folks who also had surgery today are doing well!
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    Dogmom68 reacted to BayougirlMrsS in What causes YOUR weight loss stall?   
    I've always thought stalls were my body's way of catching up.... When i had a stall... i would go back and look at what i was eating or Not eating..... Doing or Not doing. I would then make adjustments
    Some think.... i'll snack on nuts... well they are good for you, but when you eat a large bag of them a day... NOT good.
    Make sure you are logging your food, Water and exercise.
    Remember to take pictures and measurements.... sometimes we think we are at a stall, but our measurements reflect differently.
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    Dogmom68 reacted to DD2020 in December 2020   
    Finally I got my insurance approval for GS. Yayyyy,
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    Dogmom68 reacted to SabanFan in Anyone November 2020   
    Congrats on your date. Try making your own sugar free popsicles form the sugar free mixes like Chrystal Light. There is only one brand of sugar free popsicles at my local store so homemade works well as a substitute.