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  1. sizemedown

    Energy Drinks?? Bangs?

    Thank you so much. I needed to hear this. I was so confused.
  2. sizemedown

    Energy Drinks?? Bangs?

    I drink Bang Keto Coffee Cookies and Cream and they are not carbonated. They are delicious. Can someone please tell me why some surgeons say no caffeine? Is it forever or just while healing? I was sleeved Sept 2, 2020. I have been drinking Bang for about a month. Do some surgeons think caffeine effects your weight loss?
  3. I'm doing the same. I literally cry for no reason now and I have never been one to cry. I keep hearing what others have said about hormones. I also know that weight loss has been an enormous gift that I would never trade. And the incredibly positive mental changes I have gone through have been unreal, too. Like, just yesterday I got together with an old friend, but we are on two COMPLETELY different levels now. I had made plans for next weekend, but today I had to cancel. I just feel like I'd be going backwards. I have therapy tomorrow. I also suggest you get a therapist. The changes are a lot to handle. I once heard that stress isn't always when bad things happen. Your body experiences stress even when good things happen. Any change. Hope you get some relief.
  4. Hi sweetie! I have PCOS, too. I was diagnosed in 2002 and I only weighed around 220. I later ballooned up and had a BMI of like 60 I think. I tried tons of different things to lose weight for many years. I am not sure how to breakdown the last really hard 18 years. But I'm on oxygen 24/7. I had severe hypoxia and almost died from respiratory failure one day. All of this was a result from not staying on a cpap machine thinking I was cured from sleep apnea. Anyway, I later got diabetes. I was 404 pounds at my highest. So, in May of this year I made an appt. AGAIN to see another gastric surgeon. But this time I was pretty optimistic because I found out since I was on Medicare, they may cover the surgery. So I found a great surgeon online Dr. Chetan Patel here in Florida. He was so kind. Long story short I started working towards getting the surgery by meeting with the Nutritionist and I did everything she said. I started at 377, but I shed 47 pounds from May 22, 2020 to the day of surgery September 2, 2020. So I just had surgery like almost a month ago. I am so happy to say I had ZERO complications. Now....I've only lost 10 pounds since the surgery, BUT ask anyone on here there is a 3 week stall. It scared the crap out of me. But I am telling you all this because my Endocrinologist told me before the surgery that because I have PCOS I may need to go back on a little bit of Metformin. So, the last week I am back on 500 mg in AM and 500 mg in PM. And I have thyroid issues, too. Which in a month we will redo bloodwork to see if that needs to be adjusted. BUT LET ME TELL YOU. THIS IS THE BESTTTTTT decision I have ever made besides turning my life over to God. I feel amazing. I keep thinking. The mental changes just from having hope has changed my life. Girl. Do it. I have so much to say, but I eat like 600-850 calories a day. I get full easily. I do all the vitamins every day. If I feel hungry pretty soon after eating it reminds me to drink my water. I use the stopwatch on my phone all day long. You can't drink while eating and you need to 30 minutes between. I thought i would miss that, but my digestion problems totally stopped by doing that. And what a tiny trade off for a brand new life. I started college again 1 week out of surgery! Hello!!! Crazy wonderful life.
  5. Same here!! Same date, too. I am told by EVERYONE this is normal. So...thank the good Lord for that news! I have seen so many other changes that I must be doing something right. And I'm sure you see it in other areas, too. Right? And the changes in my moods and energy along with all the changes in my selfies lol have been awesome! How about you? Frankly, I want to throw the scales in the trash compactor.
  6. Thanks for this post. I am day 23!!! and nothing. My sirgeon said this is sooooo normal. He said "Look at your knees, I can see your knee caps now." Lol. This is so true!!! I literally have no idea where the weight goes because the scale isn't showing it. You have received great alive here. I'm especially fond of only weighing at the doctors office since I literally have so many physical changes. Look for those. I just know soon we are going to be wonderful "losers" so I'm so glad we all have eachother to bounce things off of. Hang in there! I'm with ya!
  7. Thanks for this post. I am almost 3 weeks out and I haven't lost either. Saw my surgeon yesterday and he assured me that this happens a lot. But I did lose 47 pounds before the surgery so I was really confused. Anyway, he said that I have already physically changed and I have. It's weird. Anyway. I guess we just need to hang in there
  8. sizemedown

    Anyone for September 2020?

    Your post resonates so much with me. First of all, I'm so sorry you had so much pain in the beginning. But now you are walking 3-4 miles a day??? That's incredible. I have so much energy, too now after an extremely successful surgery. I never stop moving. Its kinda weird. I wonder if anyone else felt like this? My ex even said are you ok? Lol, I'm like yes, I've never been happier in my LIFE. I totally 100% spent over 28 years in misery as well. I'm 49. I would never give up two things in my life this experience and coming to believe in God many years ago. Both of them have been incredible. Blessed? Absolutely! Way to go!
  9. sizemedown

    OMG! Never eat too fast!

    Oh man! So glad you figured out something to take. I haven't heard of Colace. I will look that up. I can't ever get to my veggies so I'm going to buy some greens powder with my water.
  10. sizemedown

    OMG! Never eat too fast!

    Muah! You are sweet. I'm so sorry you had to experience this, too. It was clearly awful, right? I was begging God like in my drinking days when I was young. It's awful, right? But glad we hopefully learned from this. At this point in my life I thank the Lord for anything that happens because we can always help others. I'll be his guinea 🐖. The constipation is annoying. How'd you fix that? Glad you are better today.
  11. sizemedown

    Anyone for September 2020?

    Congrats on the surgery and your weight loss. Hope you are feeling good. My doctor told me my liver was unusually large as well. I lost weight prior, too...47 pounds. Weird.
  12. Oh my gosh! I'm not kidding. I've read it a 100x the pain you will be in if you eat too fast or too much. I'm extremely positive and have been so blessed with zero complications. So understand me when I say DO NOT EAT TOO FAST and STOP EATING NO MATTER WHAT if you are full. I In my case, I'm in Phase 3 which for me is soft foods. I can barely get through my two ounces of protein. And forget about the 1/4 cup of veggies. I'm thrilled. I'm NOT complaining because this is good and what I want (duh). I'm just warning [emoji3544] you if you're even thinking about pushing yourself to eat what you're supposed to eat a certain amount, but can't just STOP. Just keep your logs and tell your doctor or nutritionist if it's too a major pattern. Just now, I didn't even push myself. Out of habit from my previous ways of eating I lost my ever loving mind for 2 seconds and just stuffed in a full bite. Wow! Our brains are so tricky. In recovery, I once heard someone say our brains have good forgetters. Lol. They sure do. In a split second decision you can bring a world of hurt to your life in many ways. Lots of love [emoji180] [emoji177] you guys!
  13. Thank you soooooo much! Wish I could hug you. I think l'll be one of the slow losers, but like you said, either way I'm still a loser, so yay! Lol!
  14. Well, I am getting worried. Only 8 days out, but lost only like 3 pounds. Wth? Is this normal?
  15. sizemedown

    Right Rice anyone?

    Great. That is going to be so nice. For me, when I started this whole journey, I met with my nutritionist and I told her for months I had only been eating beans...chili beans, kidney beans, chickpeas, green beans, brussel sprouts, spinach, salads, fish, plant based proteins (full of carbs) and I was so strick and couldn't lose a POUND! I was like WTH? NO white breads, ALWAYS WHOLE GRAIN, no rice, no potatoes. Girl, I was so good...or so I thought. She told me that I was getting too many CARBS in the BEANS!!!!. All beans, fruits, veggies, are NOT created equal. I cut everything out, did what she said and lost 47 pounds in like 2.5 months!!!! I know you were told it's ok and maybe it is for you, just be careful that's all. And enjoy!