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  1. I'm almost one year out and down 89#, which is 28# short of my goal weight. That said, I already look "thin", to the point that family & friends - and now me - are questioning why I'm trying to lose the additional weight. I'm 5'6" & 158#. I'm wearing a size small/medium and a size 6 in pants. I'm also planning to have skin removal surgery in the next year or so. While I'm still going to stick to my post-op diet, I no longer feel the need to continue losing. Is this a common thing?
  2. I'm almost 10 months post-op and am down about 80# give or take, which is 30# from my goal. I was stuck at about 163 for several months and am still struggling to get enough protein in. I've been in contact with my RD and she suggested smaller, more frequent meals to try to get closer to my daily protein goal. The problem is, I'm finding that since following this routine, I'm gaining weight and am now up to 169. I reached out to her again, and she is now suggesting adding a low-dose Rx med to the mix. I'm not sure how I feel about this. She wants me to eat more small, frequent, protein-packed meals yet is suggesting an appetite suppressant? Doesn't make sense to me. I've tried things like Builders Bars and can't finish one in one sitting. I've added Unjury Protein Powder to things like cottage cheese, yogurt & salsa, but that's only 22g - IF I can get the whole scoop in one day. I snack on stuff like string cheese (9g protein), but it's not enough. I walk 2 miles daily and am taking up swimming next week. I'm starting to feel like I'm never going to get over this hump. Anyone else ever been in this conundrum? On the bright side, my hair has stopped falling out and is growing back!
  3. All, I'm 8 months out and down 82.5# - still about 30# from my goal. I've noticed over the last few weeks (maybe a month or so) that I've had increased joint pain and a lot of bruising. The bruising isn't "severe" per se, but there's a lot of it. I counted 14 bruises all over my body yesterday - some worse than others. I have a big painful one on my left shin...almost as if I bumped into something, but I didn't. I also have dime-sized bruises under my biceps. Not sure what's going on. The joint pain is getting almost unbearable. Ankles, knees, hips, back, shoulders, neck - you name it - I'm sore all over. I'm still taking all my vitamins & supplements (I added liquid iron months ago) so I'm stumped.
  4. Unfortunately, the pain never got better. I ended up going to a hip specialist and found out I actually have an impingement. I'm supposed to go for 3 MRIs, but due to a hectic work schedule, my mom being in poor health and having to take her to multiple dr. appts. and just life in general, I haven't been able to go. The specialist put me on Meloxicam for pain, but it does no good. I'm sorry you're going thru this... check with your doctor. My hip pain didn't start until about 2 months after surgery, not a few days. Good luck!
  5. I'm currently down about 74lb. (give or take, it tends to fluctuate) but in the last week or two, when I look in the mirror, I think I look "fat". I've never had an issue with body dysmorphia, but I almost feel like I'm developing it. My logical brain tells me not to be silly and it's obvious I'm smaller than I was (and I'm only about 35# from my goal weight), but I can't help but think I don't look as "thin" as I should, or even as thin as I did two-three weeks ago. Is it common to develop these perceptions? I keep getting stuck at plateaus all the time too, which doesn't help. Thanks for any feedback.
  6. All, I'm 6 months out and getting so frustrated. After being stuck/bouncing between 180-186 for several months, I finally (and very suddenly) dropped to 174. No idea what I did differently to make that happen. I hit 174 about 3 weeks ago and it lasted a few days, but have since regained a few pounds and am now been bouncing between 176-179. Again, no idea what I'm doing wrong or differently. I've kept to nearly the same diet/same types of foods for months. High protein, low carbs, low sodium, low/zero sugar, lots of water, etc. Any suggestions on how to kickstart the weight loss again? I'm down about 70lbs and about 40lbs from my goal weight, but I'm starting to lose faith. 😞
  7. Congrats & good luck! You'll do great. I've found that this group has been extremely helpful and supportive, so feel free to come back and post anything! You'll get awesome feedback.
  8. I had gastric sleeve last summer (August 2020). I felt miserable for the first two weeks, then it was like almost overnight, I felt much better. I wasn't instantly pain-free, but there was a noticeable, huge improvement. I have to admit, I've been lax about hardcore workouts, but I started exercising (biking around the neighborhood, walking on the beach with my dogs, etc.) about 3 weeks post-op. I just had to take it easy. I'd say about 2 months post-op I felt 90% back to normal and probably could've done just about anything at that point. I'm now 6 months out and feel pretty great!
  9. Thank you. I can't help but be depressed. There are other things going on in my life (work & family) that are contributing factors, so this mess with my stall & my hair doesn't help. I feel like if I had a full head of hair (which was thin & fine, to begin with!) and was continuing to lose weight, it might help and feel like progress. I'm trying to stick to things as best as I can, but when the surgical staff says "stop snacking, only eat meals", it's hard! I just can't do it. I get stomachaches easily and do better with frequent snacks. I'm pretty much on a keto diet as it is. I just hope this stall breaks quickly... I have 50lb to go to get to my goal. Even if I don't fully reach it, I want to get close.
  10. Good morning all, My last post (about a month ago) was about hair loss, a major stall, and some female issues. A month later, and nothing has changed, except maybe getting worse. The female issues are *hopefully* being addressed at an appointment next week, though I'm not sure what will happen. I'm still stuck at 181 and have been for almost two months. At one point, I got down to 178 for a few days, but I suddenly shot back up to 184 and have been bouncing between 180-183 forever now. It's SO depressing! My hair is falling out at a rapid pace. I know this is a common side effect, but I wasn't prepared for it to be this bad. I literally now have small, nearly bald patches and the texture of existing hair is like fine straw. 😞 Not only that, but it doesn't seem my hair is growing at all. I had it colored two weeks before Christmas, and no new growth is visible. My surgeon's staff keeps telling me I need to be better about getting my protein in, and I need to stick to three meals and no snacks meals. Well, that's difficult for me. Even a tiny meal takes me forever to eat...can't tell you the last time I finished a hot - or even warm - meal. And I feel like I get far less protein in. I find I do better eating small snacks throughout the day. Snacks include mini cucumbers, raw bell peppers, string cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt, a couple of slices of low-sodium lunchmeat, tuna pouches, V8 juice, Builders Bars, beef jerky, etc. I add Unjury Powder (yuck!) to just about everything. I've also tried to make sure everything is SF and low sodium. When possible, I eat lots of chicken & fish, but I'm getting super tired of those things. I've come to realize I no longer enjoy food, whatsoever. I don't miss junk food (not that I ever really ate much of that anyway), but I miss going to a restaurant and ordering a meal to enjoy with my family. I take a couple of bites and am done - such a waste. My husband is a great cook, and I miss the meals he makes...I can't finish even the smallest filet, can only have a few bites of salmon, etc. I feel terrible when he cooks a beautiful, healthy meal and I can only have a few small bites. Anyway, sorry for the long post...just having a mini pity party for myself today.
  11. Wow! That really is a mystery! How crazy! Thankfully, the estrogen has kicked in and seems to be working for me, but I worried that once I'm off it, it'll come back. I hope you find some resolution soon as well.
  12. No, I'm not. I've asked the doctor/his staff about this several times, but never really got a definitive answer. When I asked if this could possibly GERD, they said it was unlikely and started pushing for an upper endoscopy. I'm hesitant to do that because the pain isn't unbearable, just uncomfortable, and I don't need any more medical bills.
  13. Thanks for all the info & tips! Most of what I eat is pretty high in protein, it's just that I can't seem to eat enough of it due to the discomfort I'm experiencing. It's not crippling pain, just very uncomfortable, like a stomachache. I love seafood and eat a lot of salmon & tuna. I also love veggies and eat a lot of steamed broccoli, sweet potatoes, assorted grilled veggies, etc. Chicken is big in our house too. I occasionally eat red meat & pork (nothing against it, just feel like I get more protein from chicken). As for shakes, the program I went thru pretty much denounces any kind of pre-made shake, and they really encourage the Unjury. I had been drinking Premier Protein shakes pre-op and they didn't have a problem with it, but post-op, I was told it's a big no-no. That said, I feel like it's better than nothing. I just feel like my appetite isn't where it should be (it's almost nonexistent) so between that and the discomfort when eating, I just can't get all the protein in...but I'm also at a stall and haven't lost anything in over a month. I don't get it.

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