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  1. Mr Alley Gator

    Does FSA Cover Vitamins?

    No Just order online much cheaper
  2. Mr Alley Gator


    There is a whole section of members here that post 100000 s of them on here - Welcome
  3. Mr Alley Gator


    I have been on the patches for a year and have had 8 blood workups they work great
  4. Post above Rocks You got this focus on the new you and the future, Nobody goes into a hospital not being jittery - I am a rough tough retired biker and my nerves were rattled. Typical emotion
  5. Mr Alley Gator

    Anyone go into surgery alone?

    Yep Drove myself there Had it done at 9 am and was back driving home the following day at 2 - I prefer to do this kind of stuff by myself. Heck i did heart stint surgery by myself. Kinda had no choice
  6. There was a member here a few months back who was 80
  7. Mr Alley Gator

    Where to go for support?

    I think you are over thinking this site. I have been on all of these sites and there is none i have found even close to this. Remember this is a world wide site so different cultures communicate differently. I can be brash at times to clearly make a point, but all of us are here for the same reason to help and support. I do not need support i never post a question but I do feel i need to pay it forward to the new members. Just like the help i got. I say give this place another chance. Nobody here gets paid to do this we are all here to help each other.
  8. Ok starting with the Cons - Yes you have to adjust your life and drinking large amounts of alcahol is over. Yes there are bumps and rough times during the journey. You have to get the surgery to save you life! Just like i had to! The reward is off the scale good and you will be happier and healthier. The surgery is a toll and you have to run the workshop, I truly feel like many here this was the best decision in my life i had made Male - Sleeved June 19 2019 at 377 pound and weighed in Dec 27 2019 at 215 Been able to hold the weight since then to now TRUST ME DO IT - AND IF YOU CANT GET INSURANCE TO DO IT PAY FOR IT YOURSELF - Take a loan or put it on a visa. Do not let money decide this for you, you have to decide to do it
  9. Mr Alley Gator

    When did you notice the scale moving?

    Going the other way - you are to new to this journey to be focusing on the scale moving I have said this a million times The scale is going to put you in a rubber room with a jacket that buckles from the back. During my journey someone here suggested i weigh myself on the first of every month, Record the progress also you will very quickly realize when you pants fall off that you are killing it. It will come so do not get discouraged if you stay on your plan. Good luck and copy this post cuz in a year you will be posting for the next scale stalker
  10. Mr Alley Gator


    OH yea welcome to the group My simple thing is this: This is a tool and you and only you have to get the workshop ready! This is a journey and it will have its bumps, but once completed I promise you will be the healthier and happier! Focus now on Vitamins and supplements and start making you own protein shakes. Get good at them because you will need them and they are key to success. I am a chef and like many here prefer to make our own vs buying them Next is the head games seach this site for head games - Get ahead of them and adjust you lifestyle now as much as you can Have fun and welcome
  11. Mr Alley Gator

    One year in....good news!

    i agree drinking is a pain in the ass - i drink also but heck like 1 to 8 on my buddys Feels good doesn't it plus much more fun in the bedroom is what amazes me
  12. Mr Alley Gator


    Yes you can just take it slow, I eat snacks now with no issue NOT A BAG OF COOKIES A FEW COOKIES WONT KILL YOU
  13. Just use the patches that is what i do for all
  14. Mr Alley Gator

    Worrying if I’m doing the right thing

    Ok love this post over and over you have two choices just like others i should cut and paste this post 1. Stay the unhealthy overweight way you are and be depressed and miserable and Die before you 5 year old makes it to graduations! Do not even bother ever thinking you will see there kids or grow old. Disease will take you out. So stop being selfish, If you want to be selfish order a URN on amazon now. OR 2. Grab the issue by the horns get the surgery and start the journey to a happy healthy life where you will live longer and be grateful you made this decision. Trust me been there done that Sorry was not trying to be brash or mean, I have been where you are and so has a ton of other members. But really that is the only two decisions you have to make
  15. Mr Alley Gator

    Pizza soft foods

    Do a pizza in a Cup - I am a chef so here you go Take a cupcake tin or small bowl. Layer the bottom with moist Bread crumbs. Soak them in Pizza sauce Now bake that for 8 min to get them a little dry but still moist Now add you meat - Of course Ground in a Food proccessor and sauce again. Now add you sprinkled cheese - and cover with a thin slice of cheese - Top with Oregano Bake again - Eat with spoon getting each layer and there you go! WWPC WLs Wet Pizza Cup