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  1. I had my gastric sleeve surgery 13 day ago. I choose Dr. Illan because of everything I read on his website and the reviews here. I have to say that he and his staff lived up to their reputation. My husband and I were both very impressed. The Covid-19 protocol in Mexico is better than the US. We flew into San Diego the day before my scheduled surgery. We were picked up at the hotel by Rene' early the next morning. We had no problem crossing the border into Mexico. When we arrived at the hospital there was a whole group of people there to meet us. They first did blood work, then chest x-ray and showed us to our room. The room was small, but had a private bath. The cardiologist came in, the Anesthesiologist and Dr. Illan. Everyone went over my medical history. They then gave me something to relax, told me it was time. I kissed my husband goodbye, got in the wheelchair and I don't remember a thing after that. The next thing I know I'm waking up in recovery. The rest of that day was a total blur. The next day I started on broth and jello. My husband ordered street tacos from Uber Eats, they smelled delicious, but I had zero desire to try them. Early Saturday they took us to the Hotel Real, Joe was our valet he got us all checked in. We went to our room and honestly I fell asleep. I ordered my broth, my husband ordered lunch/dinner. We just relaxed. Sunday we walked around Tijuana. Rene' picked us up at 2:00 on Sunday, we did need to show our passports to cross the border into the US. We were back in San Diego at the hotel by 3:00. We flew out Monday morning, If you are considering having your surgery in Mexico I highly recommend Dr. Illan and Hospital BC. He and his staff went over and above to not only see to my every need, but to also ensure that my husband was taken care of. As of today I am down 19.4 pounds. 7 pre-op, 13 post-op. I feel great. It was one of the the best decisions I have ever made.
  2. Jerzeegrl

    Pre-Op Liquid Diet

    Good Luck to you as well. That is my thinking....ease into it. TBH I've been drinking shakes on and off for years. But never for all 3 meals. 😁
  3. Jerzeegrl

    Pre-Op Liquid Diet

    My surgery date is February 18th. My liquid diet begins February 11th. But, I started drinking shakes for breakfast and lunch about a week ago. Salads with either chicken or fish sometimes soup, broth etc for dinner. I have my sugar free ice pops and jello. I've ordered my multi-vitamin and should have that this week too. I think I'm ready, or as ready as I can be. I'm nervous, but am telling myself I can do this. No one knows I'm having WLS except for my husband, obviously. My daughter and my best friend. I just don't want any judgement or negative comments.
  4. Jerzeegrl

    VSG tomorrow 8/27

  5. Jerzeegrl

    So disappointed in people

    WOW WOW WOW!!!!! why can't the people in our lives be happy for us? I've told 2 people about my WLS my husband and my best friend. At first my husband was like you don't need it blah blah... I told him I'm doing this with or without your support so... My best friend who is as thin as a rail said I love and support you 100%. BTW...my husband came around to my way of thinking real quick. So as everyone else has said, don't talk about it with them, they are not your friends and truthfully it's not up to you to find someone to cover your shift, that is your Director's job. Good luck!!! You've got this!!!
  6. Jerzeegrl

    VSG tomorrow 8/27

    Good Luck!!! You will do great. You've already come so far!! 💪💪
  7. Jerzeegrl

    BCBS Illinois

    @Bufbills I am also new here. I met with my surgeon last week and I also have BCBS Florida. Their MSLW waiting time for surgery is 6 months. So I won't be having my surgery until next year. Not sure if BCBS is the same across the board, but if it is unfortunately you won't be having your surgery this year. Your 6 months begins with the first appointment that you meet with your surgeon. I don't know about you, but I have a high deductible plan and this is the first year that I will have met my deductible, so my surgery would have been no cost to me out of pocket. But of course since it's next year I start all over again. It really sucks. I know this isn't the info you were hoping to hear, but I would make an appointment with your surgeon ASAP. Get that ball rolling. Good Luck!!
  8. @New&Improved Thank you. I'm just trying to sort everything out. Get all my appointments in order etc.
  9. @catwoman7 thank you. It's a bit overwhelming. So much information. But I'm excited.
  10. Like everyone here I have struggled with my weight my entire life. It didn't help that growing up my family fat shamed me. I became a closet eater early on, and brought that into adulthood with me. I have been on every diet out there, and as all of you here they worked for a while. I am now the heaviest I have ever been, even when I was pregnant. I am beating myself up every single day. In addition to the self esteem issues, the health issues of being overweight are a concern. I am so tired of the anxiety that I feel every time I go to the Doctor and I know I have to get on the scale. From January to March of 2020 I lost 15 pounds, I felt amazing, I was on a roll. Then Covid-19 happened, and all of a sudden I am working from home. My entire routine has changed and I am still having a difficult time finding the "right" routine. Needless to say I have gained back the 15 pounds that I lost and more. That was the moment I decided to explore bypass surgery. I made an appointment and did my research before my first appointment. I decided on gastric sleeve because I feel that is the best option for me. I have my nutritionist consult on 7 August. At the Doctor appointment, the nurse told me to start drinking 1 protein shake a day for breakfast, which is not an issue since I've been drinking protein shakes forever. My confusion comes in for the rest of the day. My surgery is 6 months out. Do I begin the Pre-Surgery diet now? 350-400 calories per meal, 150 calorie snack etc? Or should I wait until my consult with the nutritionist? Also, the nurse told me I cannot gain any weight between now and my surgery. Any advice you can provide is appreciated. 😁
  11. Going to the Doctor and the anxiety of getting on the scale. Having a new Doctor tell me if I lost weight it would help my neck and back pain. Um, yep i know that. I critique my body EVERY SINGLE day.
  12. Being the Designated Fat Friend!!!!