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  1. Hugs
    ladyJ2198 reacted to Arabesque in Not losing weight   
    Losing 10lbs in three weeks is worth celebrating. You’re doing well. Some people will lose more but it’s often because they have a lot more to lose to begin (that’s why those on my 600lb life can lose 25-30lbs a month to begin). Losing 2-3lbs a week is great.
    It is likely you’re experiencing a stall or slow down. It’s very common in week 3 (though it can happen in weeks 2 or 4) & you’ll experience more along your journey. I think of them as your body playing catch-up with the changes - to diet, activity, etc.
  2. Hugs
    ladyJ2198 got a reaction from robsey2021 in Not losing weight   
    I had surgery on the 7/14 I’m on soft foods I’m definitely just not losing I’ve been Stuck On 249 I was 259 on 7/14 I feel like I should be having better results it’s so disappointing
  3. Hugs
    ladyJ2198 reacted to Hop_Scotch in Not losing weight   
    So you have lost 9lb in less than three weeks?
    So many variables and you haven't completed your profile. What is your height, surgery day weight, did you lose a lot of weight in the weeks leading up to surgery? What is your daily menu right now, are you getting your fluids in?
    You way also want to search on here for the term three week stall, not everyone stalls at three weeks but generally as people progress through the post op food stages some will stall as their body adjusts to the weight already lost and the new foods.
    Regardless of the answers to the questions above, I think 9lb is pretty good, nothing only about it.
  4. Hugs
    ladyJ2198 reacted to Luv2cruz in Dizzy   
    I had this last week and found out it’s because I’m dehydrated. We are still supposed to be drinking 64 ounces of Water every single day. I just have not been able to do that. I have been working for the last several days to get an additional 10 ounces, so now I’m up to getting about 30 a day.
  5. Hugs
    ladyJ2198 reacted to angryspice in Tuna Fish   
    tuna 8 days post-op sounds very early tbh, but check with your team. I waited about 2.5 weeks before I tried a salmon burger. it went down fine, but I had to go very slowly or else I had some chest pain. I was able to eat the whole patty over the course of 20-30 min but it was definitely heavy in my stomach. I tried canned tuna about 3 weeks in. again, it was tolerable.
    this early out I personally would stay away from tuna. you will probably not be able to eat much or even any of it anyway. the most solid food I was eating 8 days out was pudding, greek yogurt, or 4-5 spoons of cream of wheat....hadn't even moved on to cheese at that point. I know everyone is different, but it takes like 1-2 months for those staples to heal so advancing your diet too quickly can be dangerous. you will get through this! the first 2 weeks are the hardest. stay strong!
  6. Sad
    ladyJ2198 got a reaction from NovaLuna in Dizzy   
    July14th gastric sleeve periodic hard dizziness anyone else have this? What can I do I don’t want to faint
  7. Congrats!
    ladyJ2198 reacted to Sassafras1 in Dizzy   
    I had this post sleeve too, I'm only 2 months out and still get dizzy sometimes if i get up too fast but it has gotten heaps better. More fluids was the key for me, i added some sports electrolyte tabs (wait until they aren't fizzy anymore before drinking) to my Water which helped too. I also needed to not move around too much immediately after eating anything.
  8. Congrats!
    ladyJ2198 reacted to catwoman7 in Dizzy   
    that seems to be pretty common for early post-ops. It's usually due to lower blood pressure - so like the above person suggested, try getting up slower (if that's what it is, you usually feel it more when you go from lying down or seated to a standing position). If it keeps up, check with your doctor - they may do a workup since dizziness can be caused by a lot of things (most of them minor) like low blood sugar, inner ear issues - sometimes even UTIs. But the lower blood pressure thing seems to be the most common. It often goes away after the first few months.
  9. Hugs
    ladyJ2198 reacted to Sammi_Katt in Tuna Fish   
    It depends on what your nutritionist and surgeon recommended for you. If you are allowed soft foods a week out, it'd be fine to try.
    They are guidelines, yes, but it's still safer to stick to them in the early months.
  10. Congrats!
    ladyJ2198 reacted to Lazy Hermit in Feeling no pain   
    I had my surgery a couple days ago and since then I've been on the liquid diet and I drink and drink all day without feeling any sort of limit. Is that normal? I'm starting to doubt that my surgeon even took my stomach out.

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