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    Puree Stage of Food

    Yes, I was the same way. Couldn't wait for the next phase, enough of the primarily Protein Shakes for every meal. Now I just have one for a snack from time to time to ensure I get enough protein in. And trust me they will ask how much protein you are or think you are consuming.
  2. Hi, Everyone.

    I have just started my Maintenance Diet / "Forever Diet (What I call it.) on Saturday, September 5, 2020 and I am both excited, because I can now eat normal food and scared about messing this opportunity up that the Sleeve has given me. I don't know if there are any out there who work in Food Retail but it can be challenging at times given that we are around food most of the time. 

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      Wow thats great! Congrats😀

  3. HLMaciejeski06172047

    August Date!

    I recommend getting a Bariatric Bear or Moose from Teddy Tech inc. because you are going to need something to help you manage the pain and keep you company at night. Me, I have a moose with a T-shirt that says that he will help me "bear" my surgery. Be sure to do your 5x of walking in the hospital (this is how many times they wanted me up and walking) each day, do your breathing thing 10x an hour to make sure your lungs are working properly after surgery, and try to get in and document how much of the liquids you are getting in each time they bring you a tray (work on getting in as much as you can so you can go home and not stay an extra day because they will be checking your liquid intake). Do not be afraid to tell them you need anything, your IV machine needs attention (ie: thing is beeping), that you are done using the bathroom (they might monitor your urine for color and frequency). And most of all, relax because you are going to need as much rest as you can get in the hospital since they will be checking on either you or your roomate frequently.
  4. This is my second day on the Soft Diet and so far so good except I threw up yesterday because I did not listen to the signal my body was giving me regarding Breakfast, which is that I should have just stuck with just the 1 egg Scrambled egg and not try to eat some fruit (1/4 cup) afterward. I AM doing better today and everything is staying down. Before the surgery I was on the Liquid Diet for 1 week drinking Carnation Breakfast Essentials Light Start (5 packets, 5 cups 2% milk and 1 Tablespoon Whey Protein Powder) everyday getting 40 oz of that in and 24 oz from drinking either Water or Crystal Light. And doing that once I got home on June 19, 2020, when I was asked to get in 8 oz of liquid within 45 minutes of being home and continue the Liquid Diet until June 27, 2020, when I started the Pureed Diet that that went okay for me as well as the Liquid Diet except kind of getting tired of everything being chocolate (because they only have chocolate Carnation Breakfast and Protein Powder at the store near where I live) and to think I am a chocolate lover getting tired of having something that is chocolate. Exercise so far has been walking around the apartment, walking around the neighborhood some, walking to the store or pharmacy from where I live and climbing stairs to do Laundry since I have been home from surgery even though I make sure that I do not lift no more than what I am allowed to lift and not pushing myself when I am starting to tire out from walking.
  5. HLMaciejeski06172047

    June 2020 surgeries

    I probably like some or most have you had a surgery planned for sometime prior to June (For me, it was April 29, 2020.) and then COVID-19 came along to postpone it until a later date (Mine was June 17, 2020). Everything went well as far as the surgery went and the time I stayed at the hospital. We (myself, the surgen and surgical team) were not certain that the surgery was going to happen on June 17, 2020, until my surgeon's office got confirmation from the higher ups that they could go ahead with surgeries planned for June. When I was told to was a go, I was told on June 4, 2020, and instructed to start the Liquid Diet on June 10, 2020; do the COVID-19 Test on June 14, 2020 (Short but still not a fun test to have done sticking a swap up your nose); drink 1/2 a bottle of Gatorade the night before along with the 40 ounces of Carnation Instant Breakfast for the Liquid Diet and the other 20 ounces of fluids required each day; and on the day of the surgery drink the last 1/2 of Gatorade up to 2 hours prior to when you are due to have the surgery that day. After the surgery, I was in the hospital for roughly 2 1/2 days and instructed to log my Liquid Intake (water, jello, carnation instant breakfast, and broth) for each meal time; day after surgery and the day after, walk 5 times for the day and blow 10 times an hour into the Incentive Spiromenter. I must say that I did accomplish most of that before I left for home on June 19, 2020. I continued the Liquid Diet of Carnation Instant Breakfast and other liquid until I guess you could graduated to the Pureed Diet that I started on June 27, 2020. I can say that so far I am doing okay: with the diet; getting out and walking as much as my body will allow me to walk and the medications prescribed by the surgeon as well as my Primary Care Doctor. If they prescribe "gabapetin" for you keep in mind it tastes something like the blue-green Vicks cold medicine (Yuck!), so I suggest you take it carefully and quickly as possible. If you are able to order and pack a Bari-Buddy stuffed animal (I got mine from Teddy Tech Inc.) for the stay at the hospital, please do so because that first night you are going be hurting each time you make a move. Sorry that that this post was long but I felt that I should reply and let you know that you will not be stuck on the Liquid Diet forever even though it does indeed get tiring having only the same liquids day in day out.