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    First pre-op meeting, questions

    Well, without getting too much into it, I have a history of having a few "micro-psychotic" incidents and that is why I was declined. I am well-medicated today and haven't had any episodes for over 2 (!!) years. But as far as I've researched there is minimal risk for me, since I am well-treated. Unfortunately I don't have a job, that I could have a health-insurance through because I am a student still. But I have a good father, who will lend me the money (is this the correct term in English??) so I don't have to deal with a bank and interest and everything
  2. Mettemorphose

    First pre-op meeting, questions

    Yes It's a port-manteau of my real first name and "metamorphosis" Thank you so much! I had the blood work done about a week ago at a local, public hospital that the private one works together with, but there will for sure be an EKG done - I hadn't thought about that. It was very upsetting being declined, but I won't let that get me down. And skål to you too!
  3. Hello! All new to this site, so forgive me if these questions has been asked over and over again, but I couldn't find it with the search function. I'm going to a private hospital this Tuesday (30th of June) to have my initial doctor-nurse-dietician meeting. I don't know how it is in your countries, but here I was turned down by the public health because of past psychiatric problems and now I've turned to the private sector instead. I was wondering what to expect of this first meeting. I've been told by the hospital that they will need to check for hernias by palpating the belly and also something about my legs having to be felt as well. I'm meeting my surgeon, the OP nurses and the dietician that will do the initial plan for diet and for follow up and then get my surgery date. I've been told that this meeting on Tuesday will be around 3 hours long. 1) What would you wear for this exam? I'm comfortable in almost anything. 2) What questions should I ask, if they don't cover them? What did you want to know at this first meeting? 3) On the hospitals website it says that weight loss pre-OP is not necessary in all cases, can anybody shed a light on that? 4) What should I expect from the first meeting in general? I'm very nervous, because it's a big and EXPENSIVE decision.