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  1. Sara_Lee

    All I can eat is 2 bites

    You look amazing! Glowing and happy. Your before pic, you look beautiful and happy too. Yes I too worry I'm losing weight to fast. I did this surgery because I had sever back pain and a herniated disc. I never want to be stick thin, and I want to be healthy, so I get your fear. The tightness is the restriction, and don't worry it will get better. Two bites also made me full but now at 8 months in, I can manage eating half a sandwich (it takes time though). So it will get better, just hang in there. Some ppl even miss this period, I am not one of those people.
  2. Sara_Lee

    Today's endoscopy- update

    i'm so sorry to hear that. I myself had two endoscopy and found out I had a stricture both times. The first time I had to have a surgery as it was a large stricture. Second time I had a balloon to stretch my stomach. I also had acid reflux, mines have gotten better. I used to have to take 2 pills of panto, and that worked. Before that, I would wake up needing to vomit. It was horrible, so I feel your pain. But IT WILL get better, so hang in there. I was in the hospital on and off for 3 months and it was a scary time, but I eventually got better, the first few months of VSG is horrendous. I wish you all the best on your journey, soon you will be happy and content with this decision, its so worth it.
  3. I feel sorry for you as I know what you are dealing with. Having three surgeries back to back is so hard, I can only imagine. I had to do a endoscopy and had a 2 days rest and then went in for surgery. I think you can get PTSD from all of this, and it hurts to know that this is a elective surgery. We all went into this with high hopes and dreams of changing our life for the better and instead we dealt with more trauma. I had a spinal surgery in 2019 and I developed a drop foot, which was a complication from the surgery, which I still deal with. I have struggled with depression prior to this and it just hurts. I have went back to the ER and I get good support there but where I live it is overrun with covid patients, so it isn't the best place to go. My surgeon is very kind and I have his number. He comes to see me in the hospital every morning. I am doing a bit better but I still stay in bed most of the days. Your advice is great and I agree that I need to get back to a routine. I am less emotional now, I also think the meds they us on make us more emotional. I wish you a speedy recovery!
  4. Yes, he wanted to switch me to gastric bypass. He made my stomach too small. I also have H pylori, which I don't understand was overlooked. He is a kind man and his aftercare was great, but I still have depression from the whole thing.
  5. I'm sorry to hear that. I drank a tall glass of water yesterday and woke up feeling okay. I was terrified I would vomit. I think getting liquids in is more important than even food at this stage. What are you drinking? I need to up my nausea meds because they are useless right now. I really hope this is not the new normal. Did your surgeon tell you that a bypass is better?
  6. Thank you. I haven't spoken to him. I feel nauseous in the morning when I take the ppi. I just gag, not really vomit because its on a empty stomach. I am going to wait until Monday and speak to him and my family doctor. I am keeping food down. Is this abnormal? I thought nausea was normal the first weeks after the surgery. The ER are overrun with covid where I live.
  7. Hi everyone, I really need some advice from people with similar situations. I had my surgery on Nov. 17. At first I was doing well, and I went home. Then I could barely keep anything down, not even water. I went back to ER for dehydration and then was again sent home. I still was feeling extreme nausea. Then a few days later I went right back. The doctors kept telling me I was not tolerating the VSG surgery and that I should consider a Bypass. I do not want a bypass and that got me depressed. They told me not everyone can tolerate a VSG. Which makes no sense because there are complications with the Bypass as well. Anyways then ended up doing a endoscopy and found a stricture. I was operated on again and this was resolved. Afterwards I still wasn't tolerating food, so they put me on picc line because I was malnourished. Then they told me if I don't start eating they would have to put a food tube in. I finally began eating (poorly, but I am managing). I was sent home. The problem now is that I can't tolerate protein shakes or any medication. I am going to ask my family doctor for patches. I am eating and its staying down but I feel like crap. I am so nauseous in the morning that I gag when I take my ppi. I also sleeep 12 hours a day. I love sleeping because its my only escape. I don't know what to do, should I go back to the ER? They told me if I feel nausea that I can go back. I have had nausea for the last 3 days in the morning. Please help. Does it get better?
  8. You are almost there, mine is Oct 26th, I haven't even started the preop yet. We have similar stats although you are 2 inches taller than me. Lets keep each other posted. Hope it all goes well for you.
  9. Yes I couldn't agree more, and if you focus and get it done now, it will be out of your way. You will be on track to a new you. My surgery is booked Oct. 26 and I start my pre-op in a week. Also good news is I successfully defended my PhD and it is out of the way for now (revisions I will do after). I feel its time. You will get through this. Do you have a date set?
  10. Thank you all for your replies. i am booked on October! I wish you all good luck on this journey!
  11. Aww thanks so much! You are too kind. i will take your advice, I think I am just nervous. This post and this forum overall has given me the confidence to tackle this. I got this! HUGS and good luck to you on your journey!
  12. Sorry I should add that following the spinal surgery I went from 215 to now 240 in just a few months.
  13. Hi everyone, I am having a lot of anxiety regarding my decision to do this surgery. I had my surgery set in July and I chickened out, then September, now finally in October. Here is the thing, I am in my final year of my PhD studies and it is very stressful. I am not eating healthy and just the thought of all the work needed to do this surgery is stressing me out. I had a spinal fusion surgery in February and I have been dealing with chronic back pain. I suffer from depression because of it. I feel like doing the surgery now is too overwhelming. But I feel a lot guilt for not prioritizing my health. What if I put of the VSG surgery and my back gets worse in a years time? My worse fear is that if I get the surgery, I will blow this opportunity because of bad timing. Should I wait until my studies is over in a few weeks? Or should I just do the surgery? Ideally I want to finish my studies and then get the surgery when I can commit to a healthy lifestyle, right now I can barely get out of bed in the morning. This has been going on for a year. I would really appreciate any advice or people with similar situations. Please let me know what you think.
  14. Sara_Lee

    July 2020 Surgery anyone?

    Hi everyone my surgery date is July 9th, 2020. My starting weight is 232. I am starting my preop on July 25th. I am excited but also not really thrilled about doing the preop shake diet.

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