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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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    kellym1220 reacted to Judy1107 in July 2020 Surgery anyone?   
    Honestly, I think you made the right decision. Everyone's case is different and you could very well do absolutely fine! I had quite a bit of nausea and pain for the first 18+ hours. You may do absolutely amazing with minimal, even no pain or nausea! But, why take that chance? I will be praying that things will open up very soon and you will be able to have an uneventful surgery!! Also praying for your daughter's recovery!!
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    I actually have been weening myself off of caffeine...I have 3 pods every morning and cut back to two caf, one Decaf and now I'm at two decaf, one caf and next week, no caf at all. But Premier Protein makes an awesome coffee creamer substitute! Good luck!!
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    Thanks for all of the information! I'm getting a gastric sleeve on 8/17. I am learning so much, pre-op, post-op and what to bring to the hospital. I need to find some comfy pajamas and a body pillow! I will definitely prep the SF Jello and Protein shots...I ordered the little cups for them today. I am a researcher and planner (although it's usually cruises and vacations...not surgery!) so I want to read and know everything. Good luck everyone!!
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    Hi gang. Making an attempt to check in again. First let me say I know that I’ve had a rougher time than most so if you’re reading mine and it concerns you don’t think that my experience is the normal. I still find getting on electronics makes me queasy and I’m thinking that’s because of all the meds I received in the hospital. So I’m dictating this on my phone please forgive the grammatical errors and wrong words.

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