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  1. He did, but I can’t remember. I go Wednesday for my recheck and all ask what the % is.
  2. I’ve bought the unflavored unjury protein powder and mix it in w my mash potatoes, soups, anything really. I’m not big on shakes or smoothies so I found that, that works pretty well for me.
  3. I finally had my surgery on 6/24, (postponed from 4/1, thank u Covid). This surgery went 100000 times better then, then my first surgery in 11/2016 w the sleeve. I had a completely different doctor, hospital staff & support system thru my doctors office, this time. I woke up w achey pain, nothing to severe. The incision where they went in for the hernia and a lower right abdomen one were kinda sore, but nothing Ice packs couldn’t help. Came home the next day, & still nothing to severe pain wise to use anything higher then Tylenol. I’m nervous, to get over the recovery period and on to losing weight. (The sleeve was a fail for me and only lost 40lbs on it). But also excited and ready for this next chapter & life style change. :)
  4. Jeep_girl1313

    Revision completed

    Ur welcome. That’s good that your starting to feel better. The tubes are what I’m worried about. 😳idk y. My mom had drainage tubes when she had surgery and they grossed me out, so that probably why & what’s making me the most nervous.
  5. Jeep_girl1313

    Revision completed

    I hope you feel better soon. Hang in there, it takes time to get better. 🙂 I hv my revision on June 24, and I’m starting to get kinda nervous. I have a hiatal hernia to hv fixed and then gastric bypass. Do they put drainage tubes in ur stomach for a revision?
  6. Jeep_girl1313

    Any new surgery dates yet?

    Mine was 4/1, & I finally got my new date last week 6/24. Going sleeve to bypass. I’m kinda nervous. But it will be worth it. Good luck to all, and hv a safe & happy Memorial Day weekend. 🇺🇸
  7. Jeep_girl1313

    Food tracker

    I had my info data breached off there last year. So I’m alittle nervous about using that one again.
  8. What’s a good food/calorie tracker that you use or have tried? I’m going from sleeve to bypass in a month.
  9. I’m going from the sleeve to the bypass, and my doctor said becuz it’s medically necessary my insurance will cover it. Which mine is w acid reflux and a hiatal hernia, that needs to be fixed. I would talk to ur doctor.
  10. So sorry to hear that happened. I’m a bit nervous for my surgery which is the revision to bypass and hiatal hernia and acid reflux, I had my gallbladder bladder out in Dec. I’m glad u are doing better and caught it in time. ❤️
  11. Jeep_girl1313

    New surgery date

    Thank you. Same to you; good luck and 🙏. ❤️
  12. Jeep_girl1313

    Any new surgery dates yet?

    My surgery date was 4/1. But I just got my new date 6/24. Hoping it doesn’t get changed again. 🤞
  13. Finally, got a new surgery date no thanks to Covid-19. Was suppose to go from sleeve to gastric bypass, along with fixing a hiatal hernia on 4/1, which I so need. I’m over pain & acid reflux. So fingers crossed 6/24, is it. 🤞🤞Not how I wanted to spend summer, but it’s better then not at all, looking at the positive side of it. Who knows where I live summer could be cancelled to. 🙂
  14. Sorry to hear that I got this far and it got cancelled. I’m also In Michigan. 🙂