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  1. Sabs211

    Oily Stool

    I'm usually fine on cheese, i have string cheese as a snack i never thought to use water. I thought my pan was non stick... at least it was supposed to be 🤣 trust broken 🤣🤣
  2. Sabs211

    Oily Stool

    Ah ok. I'll try without
  3. Sabs211

    Oily Stool

    What would have been the fatty part in an omelette? The cheese? Should i try egg whites only?
  4. Sabs211

    Oily Stool

    I'm 6wks post op now, and this evening after dinner (i had a few bites of a cheese and spinach omelette cooked with low fat cooking spray not oil), i went to the bathroom and it was mostly oil coming out. Last time I experienced this, i was taking Orlistat weight loss pills I know our digestive tract is completely changed after surgery, but is it normal to be so oily so soon after? Would it have been what i ate? I didn't get dumping, no nausea etc. Just went to the bathroom about 2hrs after eating. Just wondered if anyone else has had the same thing Thanks xx
  5. Sabs211

    How Fast is Fast Track

    Best decision you'll ever make. I'm 5wks post op mini bypass. Couldn't be happier.
  6. Sabs211

    How Fast is Fast Track

    Some people on a bariatric support group I'm in have said fast track is as quick as 2wks.
  7. Instead of it following the natural curve of the stomach, it's more vertical.
  8. I read the surgeon report and it said mine was the lesser curved pouch. Maybe that's common with the MGB?
  9. Mine is 150cm too haven't had any dumping etc yet and I'm 5wks out
  10. Sabs211


    I saw this on my Instagram if you are interested https://shaperlotus.com/
  11. Sabs211

    Go to meal

    I have chicken breast strips in the freezer i can cover in paprika and breadcrumbs to cook in the oven when I'm ready for solids 😊
  12. Well done. I'm almost 5wks (16th March) post op from a mini bypass and barely losing weight. It's so depressing and I'm struggling bad I've lost 19lbs since surgery and 129lbs total since January 2019. started January 2019 at 400lbs, 290 at surgery and 271 today.
  13. Sabs211


    I stalled last week and was so disappointed i had a mini tantrum, screaming that it wasn't worth it. Then i found this and it explained so much!
  14. The hardest thing I've had to come to terms with is losing my coping mechanism. I used to eat to feed my emotions but now that's not an option I'm lost. Wish i had a bit more therapy as i did 15wks but it wasn't enough. Speaking to a therapist Tuesday morning 😊 The stalls really demotivated me and disappointed me too. I thought I'd have lost more weight by now 😪
  15. Oh thanks! I was due for a thyroid test in March but had my surgery 16th and COVID-19 shut all blood clinics so need to wait to see if it is. Hopefully get some answers 😊 I was stalled last week and gained 1lb and only lost 1.5lbs this week. It's really getting me down.

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