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  1. May I ask why you changed from Oasis of Hope to Mexico Bariatric Clinic? I am considering both and trying to decide which one. Thanks


    1. sweetsmith78


      I choose oasis of hope at first. Seems to be a good hospital paula the coordinater was great.. When I booked the first time. I had to cancel do to covid here in michigan..i was impressed they returned my full refund.. So I do know it's not about the money..so I rescheduled. then I had to cancel again for unseen circumstances..lost deposit that time I didn't even inquire.. So when I was looking to reschedule yet a 3rd time. Mexico bariatric center was able to get me in with in 2 weeks.. That's all they focus on is the bariatric surgery. With an icu...i can't really say any thing bad about oasis of hope .. Mexico bariatric center seemed to be more thuro With paper work .i can say they have a few drs very in different pricing.. Was a bit confused on that part.! Mbc seems to have more details relating to the surgery...surgery on the on 5.th And leave on the 8th. Getting nervous. I'm starting the starvation diet today.. I totally pigged out last night on junk food.. Oh dr lopez from mbc will be doing my sleeve.

  2. sweetsmith78

    June 2020 surgeries

    Yea! One day apart looking forward to our success stories!
  3. sweetsmith78

    June 2020 surgeries

    first I was going to oasis of hope now im going to mexico bariatric center arrive on 5th . surgery the 6th come back on the 8th..are you have binge eating issues ..i sure am..ugh. Where are you haveing yours done?
  4. sweetsmith78

    June 2020 surgeries

    How are you doing?
  5. We are having are surgery on the same date..im curious about your anxiety level?
  6. sweetsmith78

    MAY 19th is my date

    I had to reschedule . I go in on the 6th! I will for sure let people know...Dont seem like people share thoughts right after surgery. Unless im not looking in the rite forum.
  7. Binge eating before sugery? 

    I'm having sleeve done on the 6th. I'm stuffing my face with every kind of food imaginable . Any one else having this issue? Is this a part of prepairing for what to come?

    1. summerset


      It's called "food funeral".

      IMO it's kind of normal as people are very often being told "You can't have this food after WLS and don't even think about having that food after WLS!!"

  8. sweetsmith78

    June 2020 surgeries

    Sleeve.. Im a women traveling alone. In hopes to find someone to run around with after our surgery. Rather it's shopping or beach.
  9. sweetsmith78

    June 2020 surgeries

    I had to cancel my surgery for unseen circumstances. Now I have a new date. June 6th leaving the 5th..going to mexico bariatric clinic...i believe things happen for a reason. So far they seem to be more thuro on their process which makes me feel more confident in my decision.
  10. sweetsmith78

    Oasis of hope hospital

    DWell so far I know it's not just about the money. They have us put a deposit done when we schedule. They refunded me in full. I know many places won't do that..paula one of the coordinaters have been. Great with me. All ways answer my questions with in an hour..im pretty confident so far...i leave the 25 have surgery the 26. Come back the 28..pricing is pretty good too. It's not a low budget or high-end. . in the middle..
  11. sweetsmith78

    Any new surgery dates yet?

    Please tell me your experience .
  12. sweetsmith78


    I my self have 80 to 90 lbs to loose..my date is soon
  13. sweetsmith78


    Scheduling your surgery soon . im assuming you went thru the process all ready..
  14. sweetsmith78


    Out of pocket or thru insurance?
  15. sweetsmith78


    Where are you thinking of having this surgery.? What kind of surgery