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  1. It will get easier day by day. You will find your self questioning your self thru out this amazing journey. I love food? I miss eating.. Is my only 2nd thought. Stay positive. Get a sippy cup..learn how to take very small apps.. Stay positive.
  2. sweetsmith78

    Apple cider vinegar

    Trial n error .
  3. sweetsmith78

    It's back??

    I had my sleeve done 8 months ago. Im maintaing weight now. I'm ok with it. I could go another 20. To be realistic, I understand the last few pounds are the hardest. But in my mind it's a protective fat layer in case i become sickly for some reason. I do not want to look anorexic. My appetit come back for about 2 months. I watched what I ate and excersized Daily. As of now im a bit concerned. I hope to get some in put on this matter.. My appetite in the past few weeks is gone! I have to force my self to eat and when I do. I'm very nauseous. What is going on??. Like I said hunger came on full force now all a sudden not hungrey and nausea when I do eat. What's your thoughts on this?
  4. sweetsmith78

    1st month stall?

    Oh yes the famous stall. I was at a stall for weeks. I'm talking 6 weeks. I increased protein and water.. The stall broke then started loosing again.. Change things up a bit. Stalls are normal.. For now I'm at another stall over a month again. Mention im 6 months out of surgery. The ups and downs of the battle...keep your chin up weight will come off!
  5. sweetsmith78

    Fairlife is awesome!

    Fair life taste light not chalky or overly sweet. Don't bother my stomach making me feel like I have to use the bathroom. Low sugar and low carbs. 30 grams of protein...ill pay a little more for a quality pritein.
  6. sweetsmith78

    7:14 Sleeved

    Yes! I have Very slow weightloss 2lbs a week..at least it's coming off..they say slower weightloss is healthier , more apt at keeping the weight off..im happy at 2 lbs a week. Of course I wish it was more..those 2 lbs a week add up quickly. My surgery date was in June . as of today I have lost 47 lbs..very slow but effectively.
  7. sweetsmith78

    How Soon Is Too Soon for Reset?

    I was in a stall for 4 weeks. I ended up taking in more protein that seemed to help. The scale drove me crazy, pics are your best friend. Stay positive the changes will happen.
  8. I'm 4 months out. I stay away beef or any tough meat due to pain. We are still pretty early in recovery. Especially 6 weeks, weigh your food. Eat and drink smaller portions. When I was 3 months. I though I was never going to be able to drink or eat with out pain. Was thinking I made a huge mistake. As time is moving on I find it less painful. Still not able to eat salads in which im craving badly. Just take it slowly. Things get better with time.
  9. sweetsmith78

    Gastric Sleeve - Outpatient

    Yes, I.v fluids! Good point.
  10. sweetsmith78

    Gastric Sleeve - Outpatient

    I would stay in the hotel. It's a long day mentally and physically. Plus if something goes wrong your close to hospital. I can't believe this is an out patient surgery! Would at least give my self 24 hour safety net...good luck.
  11. sweetsmith78

    How much food

    How much food are you guys eating between 5 and 8 months?
  12. sweetsmith78

    Dr David Vasquez Tijuana Mexico

    Please do your research. You should beable to read reveiws Outside of the company.. Don't mean to be a downer. Research research research.
  13. I have no appetite. knowing I'm hungry,so I eat. Start to feel sluggish, then nauseas. Some times I loose my meal some times I don't. I'm loosing weight faster now then in the start of this process. But I'm afraid its not a healhy way to loose weight . I feel something is going on. Just dont want to be a hypochondriac. Im glad I ran into your post. Hopefully we can get some insight..i can tell the differance between being to full vs, dumping syndrome., ECT. Are you able to describe your feeling after eating?.
  14. Give your self sometime. Your body is adjusting. Make sure to drink you fluids and protein drinks. If I don't get my protein in, I stall.. Stalls are very common. After the stall you should have a drop in weight. Keep positive. Don't step on the scale everyday. Try once a week or you will drive your self batty.😜
  15. I'm so tired of protein shakes and plain water. What do you guys add to your protein shakes and water. For a change in flavor?

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