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  1. 10 minutes ago, Mello1 said:

    Hey all. Day 8 post op. Been so hungry and been difficult to get all of the Liquid Protein in, but getting the Water in. Finally can sleep on my sides-somewhat; helps to sleep better due to back issues. First day of taking Vitamins and will have some full liquids later today. Will bubble wrap myself and attempt a short walk (probably just around the parking lot).


    The wrap should help a lot. I used it quite a bit. I just sleeping on my side yesterday, so you are doing very well in that category.

    I am surprised that you have an appetite, but everyone is different. I too had a hard time with meeting hydration and Protein goals. I finally found a good unflavored Protein Powder. It's by Isopure, its unflavored and I added it to my unsweetened applesauce this morning and couldnt taste it. Last night I had Soup, and couldnt taste it in the soup either.

    Everyone says walking helps...keep it up!!!

  2. 1 hour ago, asnirak said:

    We are almost surgery twins too! I was the 11th, also down 17 pounds! And today is my first food, for lunch I will have 2 oz of ground turkey with gravy. Not that exciting I know but I am pretty excited about it! No stall here yet but I’m expecting it. Bypass here, and all my glue is gone.

    I’ve never lost 17 pounds in my life, no matter what I’ve tried, so I am overjoyed at how well this is working so far.


    Congratulations, on the lost so far. I think the lack of appetite is the most interesting thing so far.

    I was reading my guide in preparation for sat (15 days =real food for me). I'm thinking fish, but I have some meatless ground beef (which I think is tofu) that I might try. I will have to remember to make it moist though...

    You mentioning gravy reminded me of that.. thank you!!!

    Did you rub the glue in the shower? I have been gentle around the incisions, I think I have a good about of glue left.

  3. 7 hours ago, ronjsteele1 said:

    Had surgery 3/12. Right under the radar of when cancellations started to happen. I had surgery at Blossom in Las Vegas and saw my local MD for follow up today. He removed my steri strips and pronounced me well healed.

    I ate my first real food in three weeks today and that was glorious. I’m looking forward to getting this show on the road weight loss wise. I’m down 17#’s since surgery. And starting into the 3 week stall that others have talked about.

    Hoping for a quick return to normal so everyone can move on with their surgery plan.


    We are almost surgery twins. Mine was the 13th. Did you have bypass or sleeve? I have the glue on my stitches. What did you eat?...did it feel funny going down? I'm so courious...lol.

  4. 7 minutes ago, Casey2020 said:

    I was supposed to have my surgery Friday but they called me Thursday afternoon and cancelled cause of the Coronavirus. They said they hope to be back on track by April 17. I was on that liquid diet for 3 weeks. I'm dreading doing that all over again.


    Considering the time you were suppose to be on the liquid diet, what are their recommendations for prep? If they didn't give any, I would call and ask. Just to make sure you are good to go when they give you a new date...you know.

  5. 32 minutes ago, Margaret 5161 said:

    I am now 16 days out from sleeve surgery. As tired as I am of liquids I find I’m very hesitant to start moving on to the puréed. I feel great no issues just hesitant. Anyone else have that issue and suggestions to get started? Thank you.

    I'm only 9 day post op, but I prep new foods with hesitation. I was provided a very inclusive binder for weight loss surgery. It includes macros, examples of receipes to use at each stage, and examples of a daily menu to mimick at home to meet nutritional needs. I use it as a guide,to say oh...I can have this and that, eventhough I have no appetite.

    I downloaded a bariatric cookbook yesterday, it includes options for each stage. Most is for the pureed and general diets, but I picked it because it tells which recipe is okay for which stage. And reviews say that people have been using it years after their procedures to stay on track. There are some a few taboo things in their bypass people can't eat, but sleeve or band people can so you have to know your personal dog's and don'ts. It's called "fresh start bariatric cookbook by sarah kent if you want to check it out.

    The reviews were mixed, I checked b&n and Amazon. I figured it was worth a peek. That's if you are into receipes. I'm usually not, but I knew I would need a little help with this nutrition stuff.

  6. 15 hours ago, Slimmy-mommeee said:

    I had that feeling one day in the middle of my belly...it was so weird. It came from me trying to get dressed too fast.But I remember reading others having the same experience. I used my Abdominal binder or the little heart pilllow from the hospital. Hopefully that belly band will help you. But I would strongly advise you to take it easy and give your body time to heal. If you are feeling pain your body is telling you something. I promise after 2 weeks you will feel much better but still need rest. Whenever my abdominal area starts aching I stop and have a seat. Also I was still taking Tylenol 5 days post op. My first week and half was really really tough for me. I experienced alot of pain and slept alot. Please just take it easy. You'll be up and around in no time.

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    Thanks...I was super tired last night, and I today I've been taking is easy. It's hard to rest, but you are right, the body needs time to heal.

  7. @Mello1

    My lower right is where I feel it most too. I bought a belly band from Amazon to make it easier to hold in that area. I am 5 days post op now. I still have no appetite and I try to get in as much fluids as i can but it's no where near the recommended amount. I was in a lot of pressure pain in the hospital. I took the pain meds for about 2 days but that was it. I started doing more little things around the house like sweeping and laundry. It takes me longer but I feel better moving then laying down.

    I heard many people like the as popsicles, so I'm going to see if I can get my hands on some tomorrow.

  8. @ansirak

    I have been worried about my breathing as well. I try to get up and move when I can. I find myself fearing coughing from my dry throat. My husband keeps the little container by my side of the bed full with poweraid zero, Water and a Protein Shake. I dont have much of an appetite. I try to get in liquids as I can I may je up to 8 or 10 ounces day. I'm just not hungry. They had pizza and Pasta today, the pasta smell was intoxicating. I licked a little of the sauce off his fork...after that some broth did the trick and I was okay.

    Does broth work for you? I have found ham broth and chicken bouillon to be amazing!!!!

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