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  1. LMH41

    How long is DS surgery?

    Mine was 5.5 hours as a revision but that was due to excessive scar tissue from other surgeries.
  2. I cannot thank you enough for your words of wisdom.  I have carried them with me and it has helped me thru some tuff moments.  Again, thank u🤗

    1. LMH41


      Anytime! It’s the least I can do!

  3. LMH41

    Post op diet

    Hi everyone. My surgery date is 02-20-20. I liked the date. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I’m on protein shakes and clear liquids and get my staples out next Thursday, so I’m right there with you all. Anyway, I had the RNY back before it was cool or before much research had been done about it—nearly 14 years ago. It was amazingly successful. I was on my treadmill in 18 hours. I went from 261 to 155 after a tummy tuck (the extra skin gets gross). But over time, I slowly was able to tolerate anything I wanted, and ultimately ended up back at 267. So I was approved for a revision for DS (duodenal switch) surgery. This experience was not like the last quick laparoscopic one. Last Thursday I came out of the OR with a 13” incision down my abdomen recovery has been awful. I’m in no rush to move onto soft foods, because I remember being at the 5 year mark and unable to lose weight when I wanted to for the first time. My Dr. told me to go back to the post-op Diet for a month and it really worked. Then I tried it at the 10 year mark and it didn’t do anything. So as much as it sucks having family around you able to consume everything, just know that your 1-month weigh-in is going to blow your socks off unlike anything you have experienced, so my advice is to enjoy the journey. The longer you can tolerate the liquids, the faster your initial weight loss will be. And although you will lose a lot of weight throughout the first year, you will never lose as rapidly as you will during the first 30 days post-op. And you only get one chance at that. So, as hard as it may seem some days, be patient and don’t rush this opportunity. Congratulations to everyone. Here’s to a new and improved life!
  4. TGIF DS comrades! Just home from the hospital yesterday after a week in the hospital. RNY 13 years ago was successfully laparoscopic and I was home on my treadmill the next day. Not so with the DS. Multiple complications, 5.5 hour surgery plus other procedures, severe blood loss, a drain out my side and a 13” incision from above my breastbone to my pubic bone, as well as a several severe intestine/colon-related issues. I planned on 3 days in the hospital and ended up with 6-8 weeks out of work. I am scared, I can barely function right now, let alone keep track of the 8 million rules about water, protein and vitamin intake. Just looking for some support from anyone who has been through this! Many thanks and sending you all warm wishes today and always! PS: Is there an app for this forum for easier access?