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  1. Mine too, that's why I am trying to keep it this way someone wrote here that his sex life got hurt due to uncontrolled farting. Another person wrote that going to the restroom 4-5 a day and leaving really bad odor is a problem. So im asking if this is something beyond regular poop smell.
  2. Reading this forum, i get the feeling that ALL people that went through a DS get this issue and they all mention it as a major discomfort. Is it? All?
  3. SAMMY1970

    Vitamin issues after DS

    MsMocie, DS has the best weight loss and the most sustainable one. But it has two negatives: smelly body "outcomes" to say it politely, and the need to take vitamins for life. But...the fear if gaining all the weight back is worse.
  4. SAMMY1970

    Vitamin issues after DS

    I agree and wish i could. I lost 73 and regained 30. Not a big jump. Just step by step, little by little. Sleeve expanded and allowes for regular meals now so its harder. Tried to lose it back, but i think i need to see someone weekly for the support and long term work on ur goal. Even at the lowest point, i wasnt at the target weight. I will schedule a surgery for the summer and will try my best till then.
  5. SAMMY1970

    Questions about DS surgery

    You got me on the part of sparying your butt
  6. I know DS is more complicated to operate, but I am less worried it. I am 5 yrs post sleeve and gaimed back half of the loss in the last year. Feel bad. Look bad. Domt feel good about myself. Am considering resleeve or DS revision and I am only worried but Vitamin deficiency with DS. It looks like a more suatainable option. I am worried about future ability to take regular pills when I am old and need them. Worried about mulabsorbtion of minerals. Can you please she your life stories after DS and your experience with the above issues. Im a male 51 years old